What Life Lessons Have You Learned From Your Cat?


One evening as I stood watching all of the cats that have come into my life over the past few years, I remembered when most of them were kittens and the others were very young adults. They had their routine down to science. They’d all show up at the same time to eat their breakfast, sit and groom themselves, and then leave to explore or rest in their favorite places. The evening would roll around and it would all start over again. They’d eat, they’d groom themselves, and then wander off to rest in their favorite spots.

Most of them prefer sleeping outside in the sunshine during the day and then calling it a night in the driveway by our garage or in their heated beds in the garage when it turns colder. I would like to say that I helped train them in this routine, but I did little more than set the food out twice a day around the same time. I did make sure that I showed them their beds and allowed them to watch as I changed the towels on a regular basis. But overall, they figured most everything out on their own. It made me wonder, what life lessons have my cats taught me?

One of the first? Free will is not a bad thing. As humans, we often get a label of being a rebel or a nonconformist if we don’t follow the rules that others have established for us. However, we all have a special path to take and a purpose for being here on this Earth. We all have the free will to follow that purpose in the fashion that resonates best for us. Cats show us the example of free will every day. We often label cats as aloof or nonsocial if they don’t come when we call them or do things the way we would like for them to be done. They usually will adhere to our wishes because they want to make us happy. However, it might not be in the manner that we try to dictate.

My cats have also taught me the benefits of being social in life. This has never been too much of a problem for me. I always like to be where the action is, meeting new people and trying new things. However, being social also involves just being in the same place and space with the ones you love. Being with your immediate family can be just as rewarding as being out with the crowd.

Momma Kitty will usually be waiting near the entry of the garage, where the food dishes are located, each and every night. She will sit patiently waiting for one of her furry family members to arrive for dinner. One by one they come strolling down the driveway or through the yard. With each appearance Momma Kitty will get up, walk toward them and have a lengthy rubbing and purring session. Once everyone has arrived, she will escort them toward the food dishes and they all eat together.

If one of the family members is a little late, she will wait for them, greet them with love and show them to the food. This shows that she is the grand matriarch of the kitty family and explains why her waistline is much bigger than the rest of the kitties.

Cats have also taught me to be fascinated by all the things around me, no matter how small. It is rare nowadays for us to slow down long enough to notice the birds singing in the trees, a bud on a plant that is preparing to bloom, or the fresh crisp smell of a fall day. My cats, however, are fascinated by all of the sights and smells around them. A bug moving on the ground is endless entertainment for my cats. They have even gotten to the point where they’ll leave the bug alone while it walks by them. They greet every day with a childlike fascination with everything going on around them.

I’m sure the list of things my cats have taught me can go on and on. The list is far grander than what I have taught them. The lessons they have taught me will remain with me my entire life.

What life lessons has your cat taught you? Share your comments and pictures in the comments!

About Tim Link: All American guy, loves to rock out to Queen while consuming pizza and Pinot Noir, prefers to associate with open minded people who love all critters, considered to be the literal voice for all animals ÔÇô Author, writer, radio host, Reiki Master, Animal Communicator and consultant. www.wagging-tales.com

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