What Noises Totally Freak Out Your Cat?


Have you ever wondered why some noises will freak your cat out and other noises don’t? I’m not talking about firecrackers or cars that unexpectedly backfire. Those types of noises scare the heck out of me, so it stands to reason that they would scare the fool out of my cats and send them running for the hills. I’m referring to the more common everyday noises like garage doors being raised or lowered, car doors closing, a bag rattling, lawn mowers, and shuffling feet. These are all things that scare some of my feral cats.

I’ve also noticed that some of my cats seem scared of everything and others don’t pay much attention to anything. They don’t seem to get scared and they really can’t be bothered to move from the area where the noise is emanating.

My kitty, Natasha, is always cautious of every noise around her. She has a particular sensitivity to the noise the large plastic trash bins make as I wheel them to the curb and then back to the garage. Before I move them, I explain to her what I am doing and that all is well. I slowly move them out of the garage, pulling them in the opposite direction of where she is sitting, take the long way around to avoid her, and then gently place them at the end of the driveway. However, my cautiousness seems to go unnoticed. She will still run to a nearby tree area, hunker down until she is almost lying flat, and watch with wide eyes while I complete my task. Meanwhile, Momma Kitty and Rusty will visit the food dishes or lie in the driveway, still grooming themselves as if nothing was happening.

Momma Kitty has an issue with bags. We are big into recycling at our home. Each week, we usually have half a bag of trash and 16 gallons of recyclables, which get placed in a large rolling bin. Our recycling company takes most items except Styrofoam and plastic bags, which we take to the local grocer who will recycle them for us.

Each time I bring out the plastic bags, Momma Kitty hides under one of the cars in the garage. Now, keep in mind the bag container is a good 15 feet away. I usually have to hide the bags from her view, casually walk around in the garage, and then gently place them in the container. Of course, I think I’m being clever in my efforts. Momma Kitty knows better and will hide anyway.

Most of my kitties will scatter when the garage door opens and my car pulls into the driveway. Rusty will pop his head up from lounging on the driveway and then lay back down when he sees it’s me. Often, I have to put the car in park, get out, and walk toward him while asking him to move. He will then yawn, stretch thoroughly, and then slowly move aside to the grass. I then get back in the car and approach the garage. The funny thing is, none of the cats scamper away if the cars are parked in the garage and I have entered the garage from the house and then pop the garage door open. They usually come running toward me when this happens, figuring I have food for them.

Nothing seems to faze my boy Ash. He will walk across the yard or fence when our dogs are barking their heads off in the backyard. He will visit the neighbor’s side yard and walk across the hoods of their cars, even though they aren’t big fans of the cats. He is the only cat I have that will come running when I clap my hands together and yell for him. He doesn’t even mind the lawnmowers that much. When he hears them being turned on, he will casually move to the wooded area of our house, where he knows they won’t bother him.

I guess that cats are just like us when it comes to loud noises. Some of us love quiet meditation music and others love heavy metal music. Rock on!

Do loud noises scare your cats? Do they freak out about certain noises? Share your stories and pictures in the comments!

About Tim Link: All-American guy, loves to rock out to Queen while consuming pizza and Pinot Noir, prefers to associate with open minded people who love all critters, considered to be the literal voice for all animals ÔÇô- author, writer, radio host, Reiki Master, animal communicator and consultant. www.wagging-tales.com.

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