3 Books for Cat Lovers


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It’s time to again show you the cat-themed books that have caught our attention recently. One presents life lessons learned from cats, another features cats in hats, and the third explores the science of the feline mind.

Life Works Itself Out (and Then You Nap)

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We can certainly learn a thing or two from our feline friends, and this book — a runaway bestseller in Japan — by Keiya Mizuno and Naoki Naganuma gives us all the lessons we need.

Inspirational quotes coupled with photos of cats ranging from heartwarming to hilari- ous cover the important aspects of life: work, communication, relaxation and adventure among them.

Some pearls of wisdom include: laugh at least once a day; don’t fear conflict; go out
of your way to see the world; dance your own dance; it’s good to splurge from time to time; and surprises are everywhere.

If you need a lift or just some lighthearted life advice, who better to turn to than cats?

$14.99. Touchstone Original Paperback

Cats in Hats


We all know that cats have nine lives. But have we ever stopped to consider how
many HATS they should have? This fun book by Kat Scratching (haha) presents 45 fabulous behatted kitties — pith helmets, top hats, witch hats, Viking helmets and fezes. But wait — there’s more! Each photo is accompanied by both a hat fact (“The tall, pleated style of the modern chef’s toque hat originated in France in the 19th century) and a cat fact (“The British Shorthair was the inspi- ration for John Tenniel’s original illustration of the Cheshire Cat in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland). So, if you like cats, hats and fun facts, this is the book for you!

$9.99. Thomas Dunne Books/St. Martin’s Griffin

The Inner Life of Cats


Ever wondered what your cat is thinking, feeling and understanding? This book might have some answers. Thomas McNamee, an acclaimed nature writer and Guggenheim fellow, blends the latest animal behavior research with the tale of his evolving relationship with his own cat, Augusta, to illuminate what drives cats to do the things they do and how they have taken over such a significant space in our world — and our hearts. This deeply researched book helps us understand how our cats experience the world and what they are trying to communicate to us.

$27. Hachette Books

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