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10 Thoughtful Ways to Memorialize Your Cat

Written by: Rachael Gerkensmeyer

Last Updated on February 29, 2024 by Catster Editorial Team

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10 Thoughtful Ways to Memorialize Your Cat

Once adopted, a pet cat adapts to the household dynamic. It doesn’t take too long to create an initial bond, and the bond just keeps getting stronger and stronger as time goes on. So, when a beloved cat passes away, whether unexpectedly or due to old age, it’s usually a painful time for all household members.

One great way to deal with the pain, effectively mourn, and keep your cat in your life forever is to figure out how to memorialize them in a way that you and your loved ones will appreciate for a lifetime. Here are 10 meaningful ways to consider memorializing your beloved feline family member.

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The 10 Ways to Memorialize Your Cat

1. Design a Memorial Stone for the Garden

sleeping cat statue on a memorial stone
Image Credit: A.Luna, Shutterstock

If you own a home and have a garden or common area where people gather, you can create a memorial stone and place it in the yard where it can be easily seen. The memorial stone can be as small or big as you like and can be created using various materials, including marble, granite, and even bronze.

Consider placing the stone at the entrance of your garden or installing it as a focal point of your outdoor fireplace.

2. Keep and Wear Your Cat’s Ashes

Another way to memorialize your cat is to have them cremated and then keep the ashes to remember them. Choose a unique urn to keep most of the ashes in, then place a small amount of the ashes in a locket and superglue the locket closed. You can make as many lockets as you like if family members want to keep a little near their hearts.

3. Create a Collage

collage of cat pictures in frames
Image Credit: Natalliaskn, Shutterstock

If you spent a lot of time taking photos of your kitty, you should have all the material you need to create a special collage that showcases all the fun times you have with them throughout their life. For your home, consider filling up a large picture frame with various smaller photos that highlight your cat’s life.

You can hang the frame in any room of the home that you see fit but consider the room where your cat spent most of their time. For friends and family, you can utilize a free collage maker and share your kitty’s memories online where everyone (or just those you approve) can see them!

4. Have a Painting Made

Why not bring your cat’s memory to life through a professional painting that depicts their looks and personality? Let the artist you decide to work with know your cat’s favorite activity, provide photos that best depict your kitty’s physical characteristics, and then let them do their work.

You should be left with a beautiful painting worthy of hanging over the most intricate fireplace mantles yet endearing enough to hang out in a quaint family room where everyone spends most of their time.

5. Plant a Tree

Man planting tree in garden
Image Credit: Africa Studio, Shutterstock

If you have room for it on your property, consider planting an ornamental tree in memory of your cat. You can install a little plaque in front of it with their name on it so everyone knows just why the tree was planted in the first place.

Choose a shade tree you can sit under during hot summer days and look through photos that remind you of the life you shared with your furry friend.

6. Have a Piece of Custom Jewelry Made

Another fantastic way to memorialize your cat is to have a piece of custom jewelry made that you can wear occasionally when you want to feel closer to them in the coming years. A simple option is to have your cat’s name etched into a basic bracelet or ring.

Another option is to have a photo of your kitty printed inside a locket or on a charm so you can see their face whenever you’re out and about.

7. Make a Donation

animal shelter donations
Image Credit: Veja, Shutterstock

If you want your cat’s life to benefit other felines, consider memorializing them by donating in their name to an organization that you support. Whether it’s the humane society or a local cat rescue organization that needs support, any donation can make a big difference in the lives of cats who aren’t as lucky, loved, and wanted as your kitty was. Consider making a small donation each year on your cat’s birthday.

8. Host a Memorial Service

One memorializing option that often gets overlooked by cat parents is the hosting of a memorial service. It’s common for humans to have memorial services for other humans, but not so much for our pets.

Something as simple as a small gathering in your backyard to talk about your cat and remember their positive qualities may be enough to help you grieve and work through your pain. Of course, you can always hold the service at a church or other establishment if you prefer to make things more formal.

9. Have a Replica Made

cat replica
Image Credit: Nuttha_ch, Shutterstock

You may want to make it seem like your kitty is still hanging out in your home once they’re gone, in which case you can have a replica of them made and put the replica in a place where your cat was known for hanging out.

You can set up a spot in the corner where the replica can sit atop your cat’s favorite bedding. Just ensure the replica is kept where kids and pets cannot mistake it for a toy and try to handle it.

10. Sew a Quilt

Why not cut your cat’s bedding and cloth toys into patches and then use them to sew a quilt that can be used on your couch or bed? The quilt will remind you of your kitty every time you use it, and it can be passed down to other family members as time goes on so that the cat is never forgotten, even after you pass away later down the road.

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Choosing a Memorial Option

How you memorialize your lost cat should come down to your personal preferences and emotional needs. You may find it important to memorialize your kitty in multiple ways, like hosting a service and having a painting made. No matter what you decide, the steps you take to memorialize your kitty should be a special experience that is never forgotten.

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