2-Month-Old Kitten: What to Expect


By your kitten’s eighth week she is able to eat solid food on her own. Her motor skills are developed and already she has the ability to turn in mid-air and land on her feet in the event of a fall. While it is preferable that kittens spend 12 weeks with their mother and littermates, many kittens are adopted out by their eighth week.

Your kitten’s second month is prime time for socialization, as it is during this period that her impressions of humans and other animals are formed. During the socialization phase, be sure to introduce your kitten to different people of all ages so that your cat will become comfortable with a broad range of types.

Here’s what you should be thinking about with a 2-month-old kitten:

┬╗ How to Help Your Kitten Make the Transition into Her New Home
Imagine that you’ve just been taken away from your mother and your siblings, with whom you’ve spent your entire life. You got tossed in a cage, bounced up and down inside that cage while hearing loud sounds you’ve never heard before, and now you’ve landed in a whole new place all by yourself. Make the right preparations ahead of time to make your cat’s arrival easier┬á┬╗

┬╗ What to Expect at Your Kitten’s First Vet Visit
If you’ve never had a cat before, that first vet visit can be just as anxiety-provoking for you as it is for your kitten. But if you know what to expect before you get there, you’ll feel better and your relaxed state will have a positive effect on your kitten, too. Here’s what to expect »

┬╗ A Primer on Kitten Vaccinations
Vaccinations can be a contentious subject in the cat community. Immunizations have been developed for almost a dozen illnesses that affect cats, and there’s a lot of debate on just how many of these vaccinations are really important for your cat’s health. Check out our primer on kitten vaccinations »

┬╗ Five Household Hazards for Your Kitten
Nothing can prepare you for just how many crazy things your kitten will get into, but there are five common household items that, although they seem perfectly harmless to you, can injure or even kill your kitten. Be wary of these hazards »

what to expect in the 3rd month ┬╗

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