6 Things I Do With My Cats’ Ears


Cats’ ears are magical. I swear they might be my favorite part of a kitty’s body. Wait — maybe paws are my favorite … but their bellies are so cute, too! How could anyone be expected to choose just one favorite part of a cat’s body. Impossible! Today, however, I’m focusing on the ears, which will be called my favorite part just for the sake of this post.

My Cosmo and Phoebe are usually neutral about my hands on their ears. They’re definitely more agreeable to my touch while they’re snoozing, so that’s when I tend to go in for my fix. That doesn’t, of course, mean I avoid their ears during awake time. No way, man. Here are six things I do to my cats’ ears, which are my current favorite body parts.

1. Smooth move

Cosmo's a total Slick Rick, right? Right!
Cosmo’s a total Slick Rick, right? Right! Photography courtesy Angie Bailey.

This is a no-brainer, and one that most every cat lover does on a daily basis. Really, it’s just part of the general petting process. You start with your hand flat against the top of a kitty’s head and then stroke to the tip of his tail. Although I do sometimes engage in the full head-to-tail pet, I’m partial to the simple ear-smoothing process. It’s like I’ve started the whole shebang, but then hit the pause button before it goes any further than the ears. I like to smooth them back and just hold them there. Why? I have no idea, but it’s wildly satisfying.

2. Boop!

Phoebe reluctantly indulges me while I "boop" her ear.
Phoebe reluctantly indulges me while I “boop” her ear. Photography courtesy Angie Bailey.

It seems like I use the word “boop!” quite a bit while I’m touching my cats. Like any other mostly sane cat person, I engage in a decent amount of “nose-booping,” but I also enjoy a nice ear “boop.” Hows it done, you ask? It’s not rocket science — I simply hold the ear down a bit, and then let go and say, “boop!” as it pops back into place. It’s one of my treasured hobbies.

3. Secret-telling

Cosmo's the best secret-keeper, even if the "secret" is nothing but nonsense.
Cosmo’s the best secret-keeper, even if the “secret” is nothing but nonsense. Photography courtesy Angie Bailey.

Do you tell your cats secrets? I do. Sometimes the words are nonsensical, but my kitties don’t give a rip — at least they’re not saying they do. I could be completely wrong, and I’ll never know. But really, it’s not at all about the secrets; I just like leaning my lips into my kitty’s ear. It feels nice, so I’ll keep on keepin’ on with the odd practice.

4. Fuzzy fingers

Don't tell me you can resist those little hairs!
Don’t tell me you can resist those little hairs! Photography courtesy Angie Bailey.

You know those little hairs inside a cat’s ear? Those are fun to touch, right? I can’t be the only one. I like to lightly rub a finger along the hairs for as long as they’ll allow me. This is one maneuver that’s best performed while a cat’s dead asleep. I don’t think the hair-touching tickles them, but it seems like it should. If I had long ear hair, I’m sure it would tickle if someone were stroking it with their finger. Imagining myself with long, flowing ear hair is a little unsettling. Moving on …

5. Pure adoration

Adoring the ear-cock from afar. Still good.
Adoring the ear-cock from afar. Still good. Photography courtesy Angie Bailey.

If my cats won’t let me near their ears, I don’t let their crankiness deter my adoration. I can absolutely love the pointy little suckers from afar, watching them move positions between upright, slightly cocked, and full-blown airplane mode. Yeah, they think I’m weird, and they’re not totally off base with that assessment. So be it.

6. There’s the rub

The best. That is all.
The best. That is all. Photography courtesy Angie Bailey.

Ah, the ear rub. Who doesn’t get a charge out of placing a silky little feline ear between their fingers and giving a little rub? This is one ear-related move my cats typically don’t mind. In fact, Phoebe’s been known to melt into the rub, rolling her eyes back and relaxing her fuzzy body right into the process. I suppose it’s the equivalent of us humans receiving a massage, so I totally get it. My cats are all about the ear rub and I can’t get enough of touching those sweet ears, so it’s a win-win!

What do you like best about your cat’s ears? Tell us in the comments!

Thumbnail: Photography courtesy Angie Bailey.

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