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50 Funny Cat Memes: Best Memes for Cat Owners

Written by: Christian Adams

Last Updated on February 3, 2024 by Catster Editorial Team

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50 Funny Cat Memes: Best Memes for Cat Owners

Cats are one of the most entertaining pets we can have. So what happens when you combine them with the instant gratification of a funny meme? Pure bliss. Whether you are looking for a mid-day chuckle, or in need of a serious pick me up – you have come to the right place. These funny cat memes are truly amusing and therapeutic in all of the right ways.

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Funny Cat Memes | Classic & Relatable

These funny cat memes are laugh-worthy because they are classic examples of cat behaviors. If you are a cat owner, you might even find these to be quite accurate and relatable.

1. Jedi mind tricks brought to you by irresistible cats

2. When your cat has been training their whole life to unlock the dog door

3. I am the Captain now

4. Summoning the dark lord

5. When you are the funniest person you know

6. Hi, my name is Greedy

7. Just Do It

8. Would you rather he tell you how he feels?

9. Anyone else find their human talks to much?

10. Cats are like, “You’re my best friend… BUTT”

11. Fire the LASERs

12. When your cat knows how to throw a rager

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Funny Cat Memes | Featuring Dogs

The relationship between cats and dogs usually goes one of two ways – they are mortal enemies or the best of friends. Either way, these funny cat memes capture the hilarity of both situations perfectly.

13. Your know your cat is hangry when …

14. Silent but deadly

15. When you’re cat is not fond of dress up

16. Mama bear comes in many forms

17. When your pets are a destructive dynamtic duo

18. But I will also stalk to you if you ignore me…

19. What do you mean you’re not our parents?

20. A living seat warmer


22. Sneakier than Houdini

23. When your kitty just wants to be part of the pack

24. They will find you, always

25. What is the return policy?

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Funny Cat Memes | Birthday Party Animals

Here to bring a little light to your birthday, are a bunch of cats! Nothing says happy birthday quote like these funny cat memes.

26. Cuteness goes along way in this biz

27. And then you won’t see me for the rest of the day

28. That’s a lot coming from a cat

29. You don’t look a day over 20

30. The face you see as soon as you wake up on your birthday

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Funny Cat Memes | Fat & Sassy

Just like your cat’s personality, these funny cat memes are also large and charge. We can’t help but laugh at how round these next felines are.

31. Yo Mama

32. The exact reason I don’t own a scale

33. At least he’ll have fresh breath

34. It’s called “trail mix” because you have to hunt for the good stuff

35. The more, the better

36. My bed is my (lack of) motivation station

37. Why’s your breath smell like bacon then?

38. Lemme at em!

39. When KAREN is a bigger pain than your hunger pangs

40. Don’t good things come in threes?

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Funny Cat Memes | Christmas Spirit Animals

No one has holiday spirit like cats! They are sure to be lurking among the presents, eyeing down the decorations, and plotting war against your tree.

41. You mean it’s already been a YEAR

42. Calm before the storm

43. The earlier the better

44. The christmas tree is the ultimate cat toy

45. Christmas Level: Expert

46. When your cat can’t accept that holidays ALSO bring joy to your life

47. At least he was kind enough to wave goodbye

48. Christmas 1, Cat 0

49. Making sure your tree base is solid enough to catch your cat

50. This is better than the real thing, anyway

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We hope that you got a few laughs out of our favorite funny cat memes. There really is no better way to brighten up your day by catching up some feline funnies.

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Feature Image Credit: Dave Francis, Pixabay


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