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Top 8 Funny Cat Websites on the Internet

Written by: Kathryn Copeland

Last Updated on May 15, 2024 by Catster Editorial Team

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Top 8 Funny Cat Websites on the Internet

Cats can be gorgeous, majestic, and charming—but they can also be silly goofballs! Watching them can be incredibly satisfying, as you get to enjoy so much cuteness combined with so much fun!

We rounded up the best websites that feature funny cats, so if you’re having an off day or feel like you need to take a short (or long) break from whatever you’re doing, try out one (or all) of these websites!

cat + line dividerThe Top 8 Funny Cat Websites on the Internet

1. Cat Bounce

Cat Bounce

The Cat Bounce website is exactly what it sounds like: You get a bunch of tabby cats on a colored background (which changes colors when you refresh the page) that bounce all over the place!

You can click with your mouse or tap with your finger and drag up the cats, let them go, and watch them bounce!

2. I Can Has Cheezburger

I Can Has Cheezburger

You can’t have a list of funny cat websites without the classic I Can Has Cheezburger. It was created in 2007 and became one of the most popular meme websites at that time (it had 1.5 million hits a day in 2007).

The website is full of hilarious cat memes and ones of other animals. It also includes the well-known Lolcats.

3. Simon’s Cat

Simon’s Cat

Simon’s Cat is a cute series of comics that most cat owners can relate to. They are drawn by Simon Tofield, a British artist and cat owner.

The website includes comics and short animated movies, which can be found on YouTube, along with paraphernalia that you can purchase.

4. The Cat Site

The Cat Site

The Cat Site offers so much for the cat lover! There’s a forum where you can discuss your cat, and you can check so many articles on everything from cat care and cat health to cat behavior.

There’s also a section labeled Cat Fun, which is full of hilarious photos and articles all about our beloved cats.

5. Random Funny Cat

Random Funny Cat

Random Funny Cat is full of funny stuff, including videos, memes, and articles, such as cats posing like male models.

It also features serious topics, but you’re bound to spend most of your time enjoying cute cats and having a laugh.

6. Buzzfeed


Buzzfeed has something for everyone, including a large section devoted to “Funny Cats.” It includes photos of cats being their usual cute selves—or being funny and weird. They’re cats, after all!

7. OwlKitty


If you’ve never watched an OwlKitty video, you’re in for a treat! OwlKitty is a black cat from Portland, Oregon, whose owner is Tibo Charroppin, a filmmaker and self-proclaimed wizard of Photoshop (and we must agree!). He places OwlKitty in scenes from movies like “Titanic” and “Godzilla,” and he does it incredibly well! The videos are brilliant, hilarious, and of course, adorable.

8. Catleidoscope


The Catleidoscope isn’t exactly hilarious but it is quite mesmerizing! When you move your cursor across the screen, it changes before your eyes, and you can even change the cats to use in the kaleidoscope pattern. The same creators of Catleidoscope also came up with Catcordion, which enables you to play the keyboard with your cursor. You can also use your cursor to resize the window, which plays the accordion.

The only flaw with these websites is that they only work on a computer/laptop and not on your phone.

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Tips for Finding Funny Cats on the Internet

There aren’t many websites that are just about funny cats. But many cat-centric websites do include funny cat webpages. If you already have a few favorite sites devoted to cats, be sure to look for their humor sections. You can also find thousands of YouTube compilation videos of cats being funny and/or weird.

It isn’t too hard to find funny stuff on cats—sometimes it just takes a quick Google search!

3 cat face divider


America’s Funniest Home Videos is likely one of the first platforms where people discovered that cats were hilarious! The TV show came before the modern internet, but once the online social world took off, so did the popularity of cats. Much of this popularity came from their hilarious antics but also a general appreciation for the adorableness that is a cat.

When life is difficult, you’ve had a hard day, or you just want the excuse to waste time (although we would argue that you are never wasting time when looking at cats), watching videos or checking out hilarious memes about cats can absolutely make things seem a bit better.

Featured Image Credit: Fusso_pics, Shutterstock

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