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How to Create a Viral Cat Video: 6 Simple Steps

Wondering what goes into making a viral cat video? Check out our seven tips, plus some insight from a pro.

Written by: Jessica Kim

Last Updated on January 22, 2024 by Catster Editorial Team

woman taking video of her cat

How to Create a Viral Cat Video: 6 Simple Steps

Cats have the power to attract billions of views online. A simple web search of viral cat videos will lead you to an endless supply of entertaining cat videos. While many of these videos become viral out of luck, there are some things you can do to create a viral cat video. So, if you have a cat with star power, you may be able to do a few things to boost their chances of being seen by millions. Here are some helpful tips that you can use to create a viral cat video.

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Before You Start

The good news about going viral is that you don’t need fancy equipment to record your cat. Many viral cat videos are organic and candid footage of cats doing funny, cute, or weird things. You really just have to make sure you know how to use your camera to capture clear videos of your cat. Take some time to play around with your phone camera settings to see how you can get the images. Test the exposure settings to see which ones create the best lighting. Make sure also to check to see how much you can zoom in on your cat before the video becomes too grainy or pixelated.

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The 6 Simple Steps on How to Create a Viral Cat Video

1. Be Ready at All Times

Cats are unpredictable, and their curiosity can land them in some funny situations. Since it’s difficult to tell when a cat will do something funny, it’s best to have your phone ready at all times. Make sure your phone’s default screen has a button that quickly opens up your camera app so that you’re ready to record as fast as possible.

woman photographs a stray cat with a smartphone
Image Credit: Serhii Ivashcuk, Shutterstock

2. Record Vertically

Most people will view your video on their phones while scrolling through social media or opening a link that was sent to them. Therefore, the most optimal and natural way to view videos is vertically.

Try your best to record videos vertically rather than horizontally. While horizontal videos will capture a wider range of scenery, most people won’t flip their phones sideways. This means that the image will appear smaller, and it will be more difficult for people to see what your cat is doing.

3. Hop on Trending Challenges

Staying updated on viral trends can help you create a viral cat video. Many people will create their own twist on a trend to make their video stand out. By joining these trends, your video has a higher chance of being viewed by more people. Some common types of trends your cat can be a part of are dance challenges, viral audio clips, or viral songs.

You can also try creating your own challenge with your cat video. For example, if your cat is making noises in the video, challenge viewers to create a caption for the video or stitch their own reactions to your cat.

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Image Credit: Lario, Shutterstock

4. Edit Your Video

Average social media video clips are between 10–17 seconds long. Every second counts, and you don’t have much time to capture your audience’s attention before they choose to scroll to the next video. Therefore, your video has a higher chance of going viral if it’s edited rather than just posting the full, unedited version of it.

5. Create a Cat Social Media Account

If you enjoy taking photos and videos of your cat, you may want to just start a social media account for your cat. Having a collection of videos can boost the chances of people finding your account and viewing your content.

Creating a cat social media account is certainly playing the long game. However, it can be a good investment and help widen your reach and increase the chances of people sharing your content.

6. Share Your Video With Friends

Make sure to upload your video to popular social media accounts and share the video link with your friends. This makes sharing much easier than sending full video files to them. Encourage your friends to share the video link with others to spread the word about your cat. Make it as easy as possible for people to send your video to others.

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There isn’t a specific formula for creating viral cat videos, but you can do some easy things to produce a video that many people will like. You can edit clips and hop onto viral trends to boost your chances of getting more views. Creating a social media account for your cat and actively sharing your videos can also help spread the word about your cat. Lastly, make sure to have your camera ready at all times because you just never know when your cat will do something that will end up skyrocketing their internet fame.

Featured Image Credit: MariaBorovkova, Shutterstock

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