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25 Funny Woman Yelling at Cat Memes | Hysterical & Silly Jokes

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Last Updated on November 16, 2023 by Christian Adams

The world of memes is a strange place, full of fundraising politicians, successful babies, and distracted boyfriends. But is there anything funnier (or stranger) than a confused cat meme?

The woman yelling at cat meme is particularly hilarious. An angry, tearful woman combined with a confused cat? Add an uneaten plate of salad and you have a recipe for death by laughter. In honor of this great meme, we’ve collected 25 of the funniest woman yelling at cat memes on the internet. Enjoy!

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What is the woman yelling at cat meme all about?

This meme (like so many others) is a combination of pictures. It first appeared in May 2019 on Twitter:

And the meme went viral from there, quickly making its way across computer screens worldwide. So what’s in this lady yelling at a cat meme? On the left, there’s a screenshot of two women from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. On the right, a confused-looking white cat is sitting in front of a plate of salad. The cat was later identified as Smudge the Cat, a rescue cat who likes to have his own seat at the dinner table — and doesn’t seem to like salad. The combination? Hilarious.

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The 25 Best Woman Yelling at Cat Memes:

1. Family Size

2. Elevator Etiquette

3. Weather

4. Who Was That?

5. The Future

6. Lego

7. No Safety

A classic use of the lady and cat meme: purposefully reading ambiguous signs wrong. No safety, smoking first is probably what they meant, right?

8. Bosses

9. Smudge the Cat

A twist on the usual Smudge the Cat meme: the real Smudge the cat, looking a whole lot more photogenic!

10. Oh Em Gee

11. Not For Sale

12. Speak

What’s really funny is that she thinks she can convince her cat to do anything. Training a cat? Good luck!

13. Regifted

14. Bernie

An internet specialty: combining two different memes into one super meme! Here’s the Bernie mittens meme in place of good old Smudge the Cat.

15. Be Afraid

16. What Ghost?

17. I Insist

Hard to willfully misread this nonsense sign…

18. Happy Birthday

19. Haha

20. All Men

21. Give Up

22. 2020

23. Macbeth

24. Girl Scout Cookie Wars

25. Merry Christmas

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We hope you laughed at these woman yelling at cat memes! But really, how could you look at Smudge the Cat and a Beverly Hills Real Housewife and not laugh? This cat meme with lady drama breathes life into any argument, from how to read a sign to whether Christmas begins in November.

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