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20 Silly Cat Pics You’ll Love (Updated in 2024)

Written by: Misty Layne

Last Updated on February 12, 2024 by Catster Editorial Team

big shaggy cat is very funny standing with grooming tools

20 Silly Cat Pics You’ll Love (Updated in 2024)

There’s no doubt about it: cats are silly creatures. They get themselves stuck in precarious positions, make hilarious faces, and love getting into everything around the house. Their silliness can be a lot of fun, and it can also be downright adorable!

To celebrate feline silliness, we’ve put together this awesome list of silly cat pics you’ll love. Whether it’s a kitty making faces at their owner or one who’s found themselves in a ridiculous position, silliness abounds in these photos. Enjoy these delightful cat pics!

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The 20 Silly Cat Pics You’ll Love

1. Silly Sleeps

This silly kitty got caught using an unusual headrest while they slept! We certainly can’t say this looks comfortable, but this cat seems happy. We suppose that if it makes you sleep better, then sticking your head through some bars is absolutely fine (and we admit, it is the absolute cutest!).

2. Dollies

This cat is being very patient while their parent dresses them up in a tiny hat for a photoshoot. And though the hat on this cat is adorably silly, that’s not why this counts as a silly cat pic. Nope, that would be because George the Cat is trying to wake up his doll friend, Darla, for the photos!

3. Silly Faces

Alright, this is one of the silliest, dopiest kitty faces we’ve ever seen (and we’ve seen a lot). This kitten is so cute, but the way they’re sticking their tongue out at us makes for one truly silly cat pic. Plus, look at those big eyes! This cat and his silly face are officially our fave.

4. Tall & Smug

Well, would you look at this impossibly tall cat? Look how smug they are because of their height! This feline definitely knows how cool they are (you can tell by the grin on their face). We’d probably feel the same way if we were as cute as this kitty, though. (Also, we adore everything about this photo, from the smug look on their face to how they have their front paws situated.)

5. You Can’t See Me

We give this fabulous feline an A for effort in hiding themselves among the Nerf bullets. After all, they blend in with some of them (some being the operative word). More likely, Bullet the Cat just wanted to hide out with their namesake! Whatever their motivation, Bullet is super cute and silly.

6. Dishwasher Kitty

This silly cat pic involves a very helpful feline who has decided to wash the dishes themselves (and in the dishwasher at that!). We’re sure this cat’s parents were grateful for the help; plus, look how cute this cat is licking away inside the dishwasher! They are definitely one silly, silly kitty.

7. Crafty Cat

Look at this crafty cat making their way out of the craft supplies! Felines love small spaces, and this cabinet of craft supplies is the perfect place for a silly cat to nap or play. (We bet it’s super cozy in there when it comes to naptime, too.)

8. Which Is Which?

We’re seeing double here! We’re pretty sure the mask on the wall isn’t a cat, but they certainly look alike when this kitty stands in front of it. Just look at how well the cat matches up with it! This silly cat found the perfect way to blend in.

9.  The Princess

What kitty wants, kitty gets, and this feline wants to be a princess. This cat (seemingly named Gadget) found the perfect box to hang out in—the one labeled “Princess”. We think Gadget is undoubtedly lovely enough to make a wonderful Disney princess kitty (and the box is a perfect fit). All hail Princess Gadget!

10. Silly Cat Tongue

My, what a long tongue you have! This pretty kitty has quite the tongue, which they’re using to make extremely silly (and adorable) faces. We’re pretty sure this was their response to “Get out of the box now, please.” We think they’re cute enough to stay in that box as long as they want.

11. The Zoomies

Cats get the zoomies, and while it can be a bit nerve-wracking to watch them try to climb walls, it’s also adorable. When itty bitty kitties get the zoomies, though, it’s the cutest thing ever and, as this picture shows, downright silly. This zoomie kitty got caught mid-leap with their fur all ruffled, making for one extremely silly photo.

12. Pizza Cat

Um, kitty? You seem to have pizza on your head. We aren’t exactly sure what was happening pre-photo, but whatever it was, it ended with this kitty wearing a slice of pizza on their head. What makes this picture even funnier is we can’t quite tell how this cat feels about the pizza hat—are they staring into space, pondering all their life decisions, or simply being patient with their silly human and waiting to eat that pizza?

13. Picky Kitty

Felines can be picky, like this cute cat that refuses to drink water from anything but a faucet, the toilet, or a person’s glass! It’s definitely some silly cat behavior, but the photo of them drinking out of a faucet is even sillier. Just look at that happy little kitty face!

14. Cool Cat

That is one cool cat! This fashionista feline looks extremely cool in their sunglasses. But their tiny fangs sticking out are what really make this photo fabulous. We bet this silly cat had a grand time looking cool and basking in their humans’ affection.

15. Snow Kitty

Uh-oh! This silly cat didn’t realize it was snowing and insisted on going outside. However, they quickly regretted that decision, as you can see from this pic. Still, Callie the Cat looks quite lovely with all that snow in her pretty fur!

16. Bathtime Kitty

Excuse us while we squeal in delight at this silly cat! This may be the most adorable after-bath photo (and portrait) we’ve ever seen of a feline. Wrapped up in a towel to dry? Check. Bath cap? Check. This is absolutely the way to go when it’s time for a bath.

17. No Thank You

We’re not sure what the best thing about this silly cat picture is. Is it the bowtie kitty is wearing? Or is it the kitty’s face clearly saying, “No, thank you,” to the dog sniffing at them? All in all, this is one fantastic silly cat photo!

18. Check for Cat Arm

Here’s one feline who likes to live dangerously! As you can see from the sign hung inside the refrigerator, some kitties enjoy sticking their arm through the gap to reach for all the tasty treats inside the fridge. It was smart of their humans to put up the sign to keep the kitty safe!

19. Christmas Spirit

Somebody’s in the Christmas spirit! This silly cat has climbed the Christmas tree (likely to destroy it, as is the way of felines). It looks like they’ve made it pretty far up the tree, and they look adorable, peeking at their human through the decorations.

20. Naptime

That’s certainly one way to block everything out when you need a nap. This adorably silly feline decided to nap with their face buried in the blankets, all while keeping their little arms all spread out. We’re definitely trying this next time we go to bed!


Silly cats abound, no matter which way you look, and we love them for their silliness. There’s no shortage of silly cat pics to be found online; the ones we’ve gathered here are just a few of the very many. So, if you love silly cat pics and need more than this, you won’t have any trouble finding them!

Featured Image Credit: Popel Arseniy, Shutterstock

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