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35 Wholesome Cat Memes – Cuddly Felines to Brighten Your Day

Written by: Christian Adams

Last Updated on January 9, 2024 by Catster Editorial Team

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35 Wholesome Cat Memes – Cuddly Felines to Brighten Your Day

From Grumpy Cat to Piano Cat, it’s no secret that the internet loves cats. If you need a little pick-me-up today, check out these wholesome cat memes that celebrate the humor and love we get from our relationships with these feline companions.

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The 35 Wholesome Cat Memes

1. Dramatic Cat

This poor cat looks devastated that their food is spilled all over the floor but cute. I think we have all been there when we have dropped food that we were looking forward to eating!

2. Sock Ransom

Cats can be mischievous creatures—but this is one of the reasons why we love them so much! Even when they’re holding our socks for ransom to get treats, it’s all worth it.

3. Drive-Thru Cats

This cat doesn’t need an owner. They can get that tuna “sammich” order on their own, but it is still charged to the owner’s account. Chances are they have ordered some things online with that account as well!

4. Cats in Stock

It’s not on the grocery list, but who wouldn’t take this precious cat home? It would be great if all grocery stores had a fuzzy feline on the shelf for some cuddly therapy while you grab things for dinner!

5. Safe Space

Everyone needs space and alone time—including cats! This cat was lucky enough to have someone designate this box as a safe space for them.

6. Cats Are True Friends

The meme says it all—cats are our loyal companions and always there for us. Even though they tout themselves as independent, some cats look forward to cuddling with their favorite human.

7. Happy Caturday

These three kittens are having a blast on Caturday. When you have cats, every day is Caturday! Now, go do something special for the cat (or cats!) in your life.

8. Judgmental Cat

Cats are a little judgmental, but this one got his very own perch to own his superiority. Hmm, is anyone else inspired to make a judgment couch for their cat?

9. Cat Burglar

These matching cat masks look precious on both the adult and kitten. They’re ready for Halloween. Or maybe they are ready to rob a bank? Either way, they are adorable!

10. Riddler Cat

Play a game with the Riddler to get access to the toilet. Seems like a fair trade. But we bet if YOU played this game with THEIR litter box, they might fight you!

11. Gossip Cat

If cats could talk, they’d probably spill the tea just as much as we do. And you know what? We are here for it!

12. Cardboard Box Cats

Nothing excites cats quite as much as a cardboard box. Cats could be presented with the highest quality cat bed on the market, but most will still gravitate towards the all-mighty cardboard box!

13. Nine Lives

Nothing warms people’s hearts as much as seeing pets show affection to another furry friend. These cats love each other as much as we love them.

14. Cat House Rules

Have you ever met a person who did not like cats? We know; it is hard to imagine. Print this meme out and hang it on your door to avoid this awkwardness. This is a good mantra for all cat people.

15. Teach a Cat to Fish

The funniest memes are the ones that ring true, like this sentiment about cats and their expectations for their humans.

16. The Big Catch

Sometimes, we lie to the ones we love to spare their feelings. Look at his face—he is so proud! How can he be told the truth?

17. Judgy Cat

He’s absolutely judging you. In fact, he is judging you SO well you may start to second guess what you did over the weekend.

18. Strange Lunch Date

You have to love cats this willing to share with the “forbidden cat”. Since cats are quite picky about who they hang out with, the possum has passed the vibe check!

19. Senior Cats

While kittens are adorable, there is something so endearing about older felines. Senior cats need love and companionship, too! Imagine the stories they would tell if they could speak in a human language.

20. Happiness Is…

The meme says it all. Happiness is the love of a cat. Go on and replicate this image. Grab a coffee and book. Sink in your favorite chair with your cat on your lap.

21. Cat Hair

We make concessions for our pets, including cat hair everywhere. If it’s not everywhere, they’ll jump in to help.

22. Extended Warranty

If this cute kitty was contacting us about our extended warranty, we’d probably answer.

23. Innovation

Cats have no sense of personal space, so we must improvise. This meme shows that we can find a balance between working and spending time with our cats.

24. Portion Control

Even though you have given your cat treats morning, noon, and night, they still want more. Who could resist that face, though?

25. Cappuccino Cat

We have to admit, it had us fooled for a second. But this shows us that coffee and cats are a perfect pair!

26. Ron Perlman Cat

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Is there a cat breed that you think could be your doppelgänger?

27. Breakfast Time

You may try to sleep in, but they always know when it’s time for breakfast. Even if you locked your bedroom door, they could probably find a way in!

28. Battle Cats

Uh-oh, what did you forget to do? Was dinner late? Is the litter box dirty? Did you pet them the wrong way? These cats look like they mean business.

29. Bad Day

Misery does love company. But we get it. Sometimes, even cats just need to let off some steam!

30. Date Approval

You always have to get approval from family, friends, and the cat. Remember, they are just looking out for you (and maybe themselves as well!).

31. Sphinx Cat

It’s no wonder the Ancient Egyptians worshiped cats. But remember, if your cat sees this meme, they might start comparing themselves to the gods and goddesses of ancient Egypt.

32. Cat’s House

Dogs have masters but cats have staff. But are we okay with this situation? Yes. Yes, we are!

33. Kitty Toes

There’s no stress that kitty toes can’t solve. Looking at cat feet is a free form of therapy!

34. Cat Hair

When we leave the house, we always want to make sure we look neat and tidy. If we see a stain on our shirt, we will change it. But cat hair? Eh, we don’t mind! We’ll choose the cat hair any day.

35. Can Opener

The sound of the can opener is the universal call for all cats. Even if you try to open ANY can quietly, you better believe your cat will come running!

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We hope you liked these wholesome cat memes! Whether silly or sweet or funny, these memes are sure to capture the attention of any cat lover.

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