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10 Best Diabetic Cat Foods in Australia in 2024: Reviews & Top Picks

Written by: Lindsey Lawson

Last Updated on January 15, 2024 by Catster Editorial Team

Beautiful feline cat eating on a metal bowl

10 Best Diabetic Cat Foods in Australia in 2024: Reviews & Top Picks

Beautiful feline cat eating on a metal bowl

The world of pet food is a challenging one and it’s easy to get lost in the mess. As owners, we’re just trying to pick the best food for our precious companions so they can live happy and healthy lives right by our side.

If your cat has been diagnosed with a medical condition like diabetes, it can be even more overwhelming trying to find the right food to suit sss needs. The diet and management of your cat’s diabetes should be overseen by a veterinarian but we’re here to give you a list of some of the best cat foods for your diabetic.

We’ve gone over the reviews and seen what other cat owners have to say about every option. Here’s a look at the foods that made our top 10 list.

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A Quick Look at Our Favorites in 2024

Image Product Details
Best Overall
Applaws Chicken Breast with Liver Applaws Chicken Breast with Liver
  • Chicken & chicken liver are the first two ingredients
  • No fillers or additives
  • Rich in protein and moisture
  • Best Value
    Second place
    Fancy Feast Petit Cuisine Fancy Feast Petit Cuisine
  • Affordable
  • Rich in moisture and protein
  • Low carbohydrate content
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    ORIJEN Original Cat Food ORIJEN Original Cat Food
  • Great dry food option
  • First five ingredients are animal protein
  • Sourced from free-range chicken & turkeys
  • Best for Kittens
    Applaws Tuna Natural Wet Kitten Food Applaws Tuna Natural Wet Kitten Food
  • Tuna is the primary ingredient
  • Rich in protein, taurine, and moisture
  • Great for growth and development of kittens
  • Tiki Cat Grain-Free Sardine Cutlets Recipe Tiki Cat Grain-Free Sardine Cutlets Recipe
  • Sardines are the first ingredient
  • No grains, gluten, or carbohydrates
  • Rich in moisture and protein
  • The 10 Best Diabetic Cat Foods in Australia

    1. Applaws Chicken Breast with Liver – Best Overall

    Main ingredients: Chicken breast, chicken liver, vegetable gelling agent
    Protein content: 12.5 %
    Fat content: 1%

    Appaws is a popular brand that is known for using great quality, natural ingredients in their pet foods. The Applaws Chicken Breast with Liver gets our pick for best overall pick for diabetic cats because it’s rich in both protein and moisture and free from additives and fillers.

    Wet food is great for diabetics because it’s lower in carbohydrates than dry kibble and it is typically much more appetizing, making it easier to keep your cat on a routine feeding schedule. Real chicken breast and chicken liver are the first two ingredients, which are healthy protein sources for cats and are rich in omega fatty acids. The moisture content in this recipe is 84 percent, which is higher than most.

    This food is highly regarded among many cat owners because even the pickiest of eaters will lick the bowl clean every time. It’s also mentioned this particular food contains less gel than some other brands.

    • Chicken and chicken liver are the first two ingredients
    • No fillers or additives
    • Rich in protein and moisture
    • Low in carbohydrates
    • Pricey

    2. Fancy Feast Petit Cuisine – Best Value

    Fancy Feast Petit Cuisine

    Main ingredients: Meat, wheat gluten, cod, minerals, thickener
    Protein content: 10%
    Fat content: 1.3%

    If you are looking for cat food that will give you the best value for your money and will work well for diabetic kitties, Fancy Feast Petit Cuisine is a choice worth considering. In addition to being affordable, this food is also rich in moisture and low in carbohydrates.

    The meat comes from a variety of sources including pork, chicken, poultry, and poultry meal. We do prefer more specific protein sources rather than “poultry” and “poultry meal” and wheat gluten is an ingredient we can live without, this food comes highly reviewed by many cat owners.

    This food is rich in protein and is highly palatable, so the cats absolutely love it. You shouldn’t have any trouble getting your diabetic cat to take well to this food.

    • Affordable
    • Rich in moisture and protein
    • Low carbohydrate content
    • Contains wheat gluten
    • Unspecified meat meal

    3. ORIJEN Original Cat Food – Premium Choice

    ORIJEN Original Cat Food

    Main ingredients: Chicken, turkey, whole mackerel, turkey giblets, flounder
    Protein content: 40%
    Fat content: 20%

    Orijen Dry Original Cat food gets our pick for premium choice because it features fresh animal protein as the first five ingredients. This recipe includes chicken, turkey, whole mackerel, turkey giblets, and flounder for a well-rounded, protein-rich diet.

    We typically like to pick wet foods for diabetic cats since they are lower in carbohydrates than dry kibble, but when it comes to Orijen, the quality is top-notch. For dry food, the moisture content is much higher than most at 10 percent.

    To top it off, the whole animal ingredients are sourced from free-range chicken and turkey, wild-caught fish, and cage-free eggs. As the quality would suggest, this food is a bit on the pricey side when factoring in the cost per kilogram. As far as the picky eaters go, this is a dry kibble that is typically well-received.

    • Great dry food option
    • First five ingredients are animal protein
    • Sourced from free-range chicken and turkeys
    • Rich in protein
    • Dry foods are higher in carbohydrates
    • Expensive

    4. Applaws Tuna Natural Wet Kitten Food – Best for Kittens


    Applaws Tuna Natural Wet Kitten Food

    Main ingredients: Tuna, sunflower oil, vegetable gelling agent, vitamins, minerals, taurine
    Protein content: 10%
    Fat content: 1.5%
    Moisture: 84%

    Applaws also make this great wet food for kittens. Most cats get diabetes later in life but whether your kitten is diabetic or not, this food is a great option. Tuna is the primary ingredient in this recipe, which is a natural source of protein, taurine, and many other essential vitamins and nutrients.

    This recipe is geared specifically toward the growth and development needs of your brand-new kitten. As with most wet foods, it is rich in moisture at 84 percent and has a super low carbohydrate content.

    The biggest complaint about this food was that some owners felt the gel content was excessive and they didn’t feel they were getting what they paid for. Applaws isn’t an inexpensive choice, but they typically have a better quality than some competitors and you can save money by buying in bulk.

    • Tuna is the primary ingredient
    • Rich in protein, taurine, and moisture
    • Great for growth and development of kittens
    • Lots of gel

    5. Tiki Cat Grain-Free Sardine Cutlets Recipe

    Tiki Cat Grill Grain-Free, Low-Carbohydrate Wet Food with Whole Seafood

    Main ingredients: Sardines, sunflower seed oil, locust bean gum
    Protein content: 11%
    Fat content: 3%

    Tiki Cat’s Grain-Free Sardine Cutlets Recipe features wild-caught sardine cutlets as the first ingredient and provides a complete and well-balanced diet for all cats, diabetic or not.

    It’s high in protein and supports healthy muscle growth and maintenance. It’s also rich in moisture and omega-fatty acids for healthy skin and coat. This wet food is free from grains, gluten, and carbohydrates to help support a diabetic’s dietary needs.

    The biggest complaint among fellow cat owners was that some of the pickier eaters turned their noses up to the food, causing it to go to waste. It seems the chicken recipe from Tiki was a bit more popular in terms of palatability.

    • Recommended by veterinary professionals
    • Sardines are the first ingredient
    • No grains, gluten, or carbohydrates
    • Rich in moisture and protein
    • Some cats didn’t like the taste

    6. Zealandia Deluxe Venison Pate


    Main ingredients: Deboned Venison, water sufficient for processing, lamb liver, lamb lung, lamb green tripe
    Protein content: 11.4%
    Fat content: 3.0%

    Zealandia is a New Zealand-based company that offers quality cat foods. This venison pate is slow-cooked in broth and free from any growth hormones or antibiotics. Not only does it feature deboned venison as the top ingredient, but it also has lamb organs for a whole-prey approach.

    This food is rich in protein and high in moisture while being low in carbohydrates. The added salmon oil is a great source of omega fatty acids that support healthy skin and coats.

    Zealandia is very appetizing and great for diabetic cats. You should have no problem convincing them to eat this right up. It is fairly expensive, which is typical of high-quality foods with premium ingredients.

    • Deboned venison is the first ingredient
    • Rich in protein and moisture
    • Added salmon oil for healthy skin and coat
    • Low in carbohydrates
    • Appetizing
    • Expensive

    7. Dine Desire Tuna Fillets and Prawns


    Main ingredients: Tuna, prawn, whitefish, gelling agents
    Protein content: 9 %
    Fat content: 0.2%

    Dine Desire makes this preservative-free canned cat food that is sure to entice any cat. The top three ingredients include tuna, prawn, and whitefish so the aroma is sure to lure them in. Dine Desire features different textures for their wet food and this recipe features chunks in gravy.

    According to the reviews, many cat owners are left satisfied because their cats have no trouble eating it right up. This food is tasty and full of moisture so it should make it easy to keep your diabetic on a stricter eating regimen.

    The biggest complaint about this Dine Desire recipe is that some cat lovers prefer to avoid tuna as a primary protein source, so they prefer cat food that offers up alternate animal protein. This food is pricier than your average kibble but you can save money by buying in bulk.

    • No preservatives
    • Aromatic and appetizing
    • Tuna, prawn, and whitefish are the first three ingredients
    • Full of moisture
    • Pricey

    8. Dine Melting Soup Tuna and Chicken Wet Cat Food


    Main ingredients: Tuna, chicken, gelling agents, flavors
    Protein content: 6%
    Fat content: 0.1%

    Another recipe from Dine that we recommend for diabetic cats is the Melting Soup Tuna and Chicken Wet Cat Food, which comes in 40-gram pouches. In this recipe, your cat is served up tuna and chicken as the top two ingredients and it comes in a texture they are sure to love.

    These pouches aren’t meant to be fed exclusively; they can be added to your cat’s regular food to help entice them to eat through the rich flavor. It also gives them a good source of protein and moisture while being free from carbohydrates. These pouches are easy to open, so you can avoid the mess and while they are a bit expensive when compared to some other foods, it’s not so bad when you are using them as a topper instead of an exclusive meal.

    One thing is for sure, this is a great way to encourage your diabetic cat to eat by adding it to their normal wet or dry food.

    • Tuna and chicken are the first two ingredients
    • Adds flavor and aroma to your cat’s diet
    • Rich in moisture
    • Entices cats to eat
    • Not a full meal
    • Expensive

    9. Fancy Feast Adult Royale Tuna Banquet with Prawns


    Main ingredients: Tuna, prawn, gelling agents, vitamin E
    Protein content: 12%
    Fat content: 0.3%

    Fancy Feast Adult Royale is a blend of tender tuna chunks in a savory broth. It is a very appetizing food that gets great reviews for being beloved by the felines. There are no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives in this recipe, but it’s intended for supplemental feeding rather than exclusive meals.

    This food is rich in protein and a great way to add moisture to your cat’s diet. For diabetics, it is low in carbohydrates and can help owners stay on track with the feeding schedule.

    Fancy Feast is affordable and many cat owners rave about how much their kitties love the recipe. There were some reports of cats turning their nose up to it, though.

    • Rich in protein and moisture
    • Entices cats to eat
    • No artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives
    • Some cats didn’t like the taste

    10. Felix Doubly Delicious


    Main ingredients: Meat, meat derivatives, cereal, fish vitamins, minerals
    Protein content: 11.5%
    Fat content: 2.5%
    Calories: 82%

    Felix Doubly Delicious offers this wet food that comes at a reasonable price and gets solid reviews from consumers. This food is very well received by the cats and there seems to be no trouble convincing them to eat this food.

    Rather than giving specific meat sources, meat and meat derivatives are the first two ingredients. While we prefer specifically sourced animal protein, this is fairly common in lower-priced foods. While this is a wet food that is naturally lower in carbohydrates, there is cereal listed as the third ingredient, so that’s something to keep in mind, too.

    There’s no doubt that this food is full of moisture for proper hydration and rich in protein. It’s another great choice for those on a budget who need something their cat is sure to love.

    • Affordable
    • Rich in moisture and protein
    • Cats love it
    • Made with unspecified meat and meat derivatives
    • Contains cereal

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    Buyer’s Guide: Choosing the Best Diabetic Cat Foods in Australia

    Shopping for cat food is difficult enough, but shopping for your diabetic cat comes with a few more considerations because of their special dietary needs. Below we’ll give you some information on choosing the right food and feeding your diabetic kitty.

    Choosing the Best Food for Diabetic Cats

    There is no specific type of food that is crafted for diabetic cats but there are certain guidelines to follow that meet the dietary requirements of diabetics so that you can more effectively manage the condition:

    Talk to Your Veterinarian

    Before you make any decision on what food to feed your diabetic cat, you should first consult your veterinarian. After your cat is diagnosed and you are briefed on the treatment and care requirements surrounding the disease, it’s a good idea to get optimal food recommendations directly from the veterinarian overseeing their care.

    Low Carbohydrate Content

    Foods that are high in carbohydrates will lead to sudden spikes in blood sugar, which will increase your cat’s need for insulin. Cats are already obligate carnivores that get their needed nutrients directly from meat sources, so it is healthier and natural for them to eat little to no carbohydrates. Many commercial foods are heavier in fillers, which include carbohydrate sources like corn and grains. It’s not only ideal to avoid these in any cat’s diet but especially for those who suffer from diabetes.

    Siamese cat eating dry food from a bowl
    Image Credit: catinrocket, Shutterstock

    High Protein

    Foods rich in animal protein are essential for a cat’s health and well-being. Since these tiny carnivores rely on meat for all their needed nutrients, it is best to feed them a high-protein diet that comes from premium animal sources.

    Fresh or Canned Food Is Ideal

    Since dry kibbles require a higher carbohydrate content to form the food, fresh and canned food options are the ideal food types for diabetic cats. Canned and fresh food do not require carbohydrates for their texture and are naturally much lower or free from carbohydrates entirely. This doesn’t mean your cat cannot be fed dry kibble but be sure to look for those that are free from unnecessary fillers and have a higher protein and lower carbohydrate content.


    Your cat’s food needs to be appetizing and easy to eat. Diabetic cats must be kept on a stricter eating schedule, which is much easier to obtain when they genuinely enjoy their food. Most canned and fresh foods are more likely to be gobbled up in one sitting compared to dry kibbles, allowing for a regular feeding schedule.

    Be Mindful of Portions

    Portion size is just as important as the type of food you are feeding your diabetic cat. Obesity is a common cause of diabetes in felines and portion size will not only ensure they are getting the correct amount nutritionally but to help maintain a healthy weight. If you have any questions about helping your cat shed those extra pounds, reach out to your veterinarian for further advice.

    Cat eating wet food from white bowl on wooden floor
    Image Credit: IMG Stock Studio, Shutterstock

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    How to Feed Diabetic Cats

    Feed on Schedule

    Not all diabetic cats will require insulin injections and the disease can be managed with diet alone. With those that do take insulin, most will receive two insulin injections twice daily that are approximately 12 hours apart, you will want to feed your cat on a specific schedule. It is typically recommended to offer food right before the insulin dose so that it can be adjusted according to the amount of food that was eaten.

    This is something that should be planned out under the supervision of your veterinarian. Even for those who do not require insulin, a regular feeding schedule can help manage the disease more efficiently.

    Be Consistent

    Once you have established the type of feeding and insulin injection schedule, it’s important to be consistent. Life can get busy, and schedules can be hard to maintain, but this is very important for the successful management of your cat’s diabetes. Even if your cat doesn’t need insulin injections, consistency is key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

    Image Credit: Stely Nikolova_Shutterstock

    Limit Treats

    While it is already important to offer treats sparingly and not in excess, this is especially important for diabetic cats. Not only can treats potentially spike blood sugar, but they can also interfere with your cat’s appetite, which may throw them off their normal feeding schedule. Treats should make up no more than 10 percent of your cat’s diet and the best options are from whole meat sources to ensure they are not filled with carbohydrates.

    Never Make Dietary Changes Without Talking to Your Veterinarian-

    It’s very important that you never make any changes to your diabetic cat’s diet or insulin dosage (if needed) without talking to your veterinarian first. Effectively managing diabetes involves a balance between how diet affects insulin levels. Making changes can significantly impact your cat’s blood sugar levels, which can be fatal in some cases. Managing your cat’s diabetes is not something you should do without a medical professional.

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    The reviews on these cat foods speak for themselves. You’ve got Appaws Chicken Breast with Liver, which is a great overall choice, Fancy Feast Petit Cuisine for those on a budget, Orijen Original Cat Food is a top-quality dry kibble, Applaws Tuna Natural Wet Kitten Food is great for the little ones, and then there’s Tiki Cat’s Grain-Free Sardine Cutlets Recipe that comes highly recommended by veterinary professionals. Regardless of what food stands out to you, be sure to consult your veterinarian about your diabetic cat’s diet.

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