11 Cat Emergencies That Need Immediate Vet Attention

Some cat emergencies come on suddenly and are overt, but others start off vague. Here's how to recognize an emergency situation and when to bring your cat to the vet ASAP.

vet examining cat
Make visiting the vet with your new friend a top priority once you bring him home.

In my role as an emergency veterinarian I treat some very sick cats. And I also meet some cat owners who feel very guilty. They wonder whether their cats might not have gotten so sick if they had recognized earlier that a problem was developing. Although some cat emergencies come on suddenly and are anything but subtle, it is true that many other cat emergencies start with vague symptoms.

It is certainly true that early recognition of subtle cat emergencies will improve the chances of a good outcome. But owners should not feel guilty if they fail to recognize these subtleties — cats don’t come with warning labels, and a person who doesn’t know the symptoms can’t be expected to recognize them (and, by definition, subtle symptoms are hard to recognize). For instance, I owned cats — including males — for 25 years before I knew that any urinary irregularity whatsoever in a male cat could be an emergency.

Cat with mouth open — trilling, meowing or making another kitty sound.
One way to determine if it’s a medical emergency or not? Examine your cat’s gums. Photography by annadarzy/Thinkstock.

Some helpful hints for determining cat emergencies that need your vet’s attention ASAP

The following list is designed to help you recognize cat emergencies that always warrant an immediate trip to the vet. However, it is not exhaustive, and you may find yourself in an ambiguous situation not covered on the list. If you are wondering whether you need to get out of your pajamas and head to the emergency cat vet in such a situation, there are some guidelines you can follow.

One useful indicator of cat health is the color of the gums. Lift your cat’s lip and look at his gums now. They should be pink and moist. Check them regularly, and you’ll get a sense of what they look like normally. If you suspect your cat is sick and the gums are pale, grey, blue or bright red, then your cat most likely is in trouble (although you should be aware that your cat might still be in trouble even if the gums are their normal pink color).

Remember as well that you are always free to call your cat vet or your local emergency clinic to talk about any ambiguous situation. The staff should be able to offer guidance.

Finally, remember that when in doubt it is always safest to have a vet evaluate your cat. A physical exam that reveals nothing wrong causes no harm; doing nothing about a critical situation can lead to a fatal outcome.

Now let’s list some of the most common and serious cat emergencies:

An orange cat with his mouth open — sneezing or hiccuping.
Difficulty breathing is usually a medical emergency in cats. Photography by Valery Kudryavtsev/Thinkstock.

1. Difficulty breathing

This is the most urgent emergency any individual — cat, dog or human— can face. Death occurs after three minutes without breathing, so cats with breathing difficulties are on the edge of disaster. Breathing problems in cats can be hard to recognize at first. Symptoms to watch out for are heaving sides, breathing with the mouth open, coughing, wheezing, abnormal respiratory noises, and the catch-all appearance of “breathing funny.”

2. Abnormal urination in male cats

This has the potential to be a symptom of one of the most serious cat emergencies any feline faces: urinary obstruction. This condition, which is fatal if not treated, occurs when cats are unable to urinate. For anatomical reasons, it occurs almost exclusively in males.

Cats with the condition suffer agonizing pain, and then rapid progression to kidney failure, potentially bladder rupture, and high blood-potassium levels that cause cardiac arrest. Initial symptoms may be subtle: Affected cats may urinate outside the litter box, strain but produce only small quantities of urine, vocalize, or groom their genitals excessively.

Therefore, any male cat with any urinary irregularity whatsoever should be checked by a vet immediately. Be aware that female cats with urinary irregularities should also  see the vet. They are not likely to die from the problem, but they are likely to be suffering from discomfort that warrants treatment.

3. Signs of severe pain or obvious distress

Bring your kitty to an emergency vet immediately if you notice this one. Pain itself always warrants treatment, but it also can be a sign of more serious problems such as urinary obstruction (see above) or aortic thromboembolism (see below). Symptoms of pain and distress include vocalizing (howling), panting, hiding and overreacting to contact with a painful area.

4. Sudden paralysis of the hind end

While we’re on the subject of pain, this is one of the most truly painful cat emergencies: aortic thromboembolism, or ATE. ATE is a complication of heart disease in cats in which a blood clot lodges in the rear (usually) legs. It causes sudden paralysis of the hind end. Affected cats usually will pant, vocalize and show other signs of distress. It requires immediate veterinary attention.

A black cat eating dry food from a bowl.
Have a cat that won’t eat? It might be time to see the vet. Photography by aleg baranau / Shutterstock.

5. Stopping eating and/or drinking

A cat who won’t eat often means serious trouble. It is not normal for any individual to go a full day without eating when food is available, and not eating can be a symptom (kidney failure, complications of diabetes and intestinal obstruction) and a cause of (fatty liver) major health problems.

6. Protracted vomiting and/or diarrhea

This is among the cat emergencies that require immediate veterinary attention, especially when blood is present. Almost all cats occasionally yak or have soft stools, and such incidents usually aren’t emergencies. But cats who vomit repeatedly or have blowout diarrhea should see the vet immediately.

7. Known ingestion of toxins

Ingestion of toxics such as lily or antifreeze should be treated immediately. Rapid action can dramatically improve outcomes in many different types of toxicities.

8. Profound lethargy or collapse

This is among the cat emergencies that should trigger an urgent trip to the vet. Profound lethargy often manifests as “not moving,” hiding in one room for a protracted period, and not reacting to stimuli (such as the can opener or the dog) in a normal fashion.

9. Seizure

Although a solitary seizure is not likely to be life threatening, owners should be aware that seizures often come in clusters that get worse over the course of several hours. They also can be a symptom of exposure to toxins such as mold or low-quality flea control products. Cats who suffer a seizure should go straight to the vet.

10. Major trauma

This should always trigger a veterinary visit. Owners of cats with gaping wounds or massive hemorrhage usually know this intuitively. However, sometimes cats who have fallen from height, been hit by cars, struck by garage doors or attacked by large dogs can have major internal injuries yet appear unharmed after the incident. Any time you are aware of such an occurrence, your cat should be checked out.

11. Fights with other cats

Cats who have been in fights with other cats should see the vet sooner rather than later. Cat fight wounds are relatively easy to treat with antibiotics if they are caught early. If a delay occurs, an abscess may develop that requires anesthesia and surgery.

The bottom line on cat emergencies that need immediate vet attention

Cat owners should remember that the above list is not exhaustive; it is not possible to list (or even imagine) all cat emergencies. I wish to reiterate that if you are in doubt, you should call a vet, or simply go to the vet.

This piece was originally published in 2016.

Thumbnail: Photography by DoraZett/Thinkstock.

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129 thoughts on “11 Cat Emergencies That Need Immediate Vet Attention”


    My male cat keeps laying down whenever I pet him it’s probably nothing but he usually doesn’t do it

  2. I’ve noticed that my female cat sneezes quite often while the male cat doesn’t. I do not let them out. Can cats catch colds or is this another type of condition which can be simply treated?

    1. Tiffany Sternala

      Cats can have allergies; this could be the case. If it is, your vet can suggest an over the counter remedy.

      1. Thanks very much for this info because my female cat has been doing the same thing. I will contact my vet and tell this. Hopefully the medication won’t be too expensive.

    2. I just went through this with my male cat back in February. It was a type of Herpes virus. We have 9 indoor cats, and occasionally one of them would sneeze for a day or two (Allergies probably). However, after sneezing for about a week, I made an appointment with the vet. First the Vet gave us an oral antibiotic, which did not go well. He would spit it out, or vomit it up, each time he was given the medicine and he was not getting better. So, after talking to the Vet, she said to bring him in and she could give him an antibiotic shot instead of the oral med. After the shot, he was better in two days.

      Also, I wanted to thank Dr. Eric Barchas for this article. I learned the hard way that you need to get emergency help with a male cat with urinary issues. We noticed on a Sunday afternoon that “Boo” (A 5 year old healthy male) was struggling in the litter box. He seemed a little slugish, but he was still eating and drinking. By late that evening we went down fast. First thing Monday morning I was at the Vet waiting for them to open at 7:30am. They took him into surgery immediately, but it was too late. If only I had seen this article a years ago, Boo would still be alive. Please take your male cat to the vet ASAP, at the very first sign of a problem.

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  4. Also, may not be an immediate emergency situation, but dont just accept weight loss in an older cat as a sign of aging. My older cats developed ckd, lymphoma, and hypothyroidism. Weight loss was always the first sign.
    The lymphoma was the biggest heartbreaker. I suspect my cat had underlying IBD for years that flew under the radar. Her occasional vomiting, diarrhea were diagnosed as hairballs, teeth in need of cleaning, etc.
    Her bloodwork always showed up as normal, she had a good appetite, and otherwise seemed normal.
    If you feel as if something is the matter with your cat, keep looking for answers. I keep thinking that if I’d gotten her on prednisolone sooner, maybe we would have had more time together.

    1. I am so sorry. My 14 year old died from lymphoma & he threw up a lot for YEARS. I took him to the vet a couple times a year and it was always “stress” or IBS, until it wasn’t.
      I am so grateful my mom noticed his significant weight loss. I was thinking it was just old man body.

  5. It caught my attention when you explained that cats need to see a vet if they fight with other cats because an abscess can develop and require surgery if their wounds aren’t treated. My husband and I want to adopt a tabby cat from a local shelter because we think it would help my mental health to have a friend to keep me company at home. Since we haven’t had a cat before, your advice about when to take it to a vet for treatment will be really helpful for us!

    1. Having a pet of any kind will help people with their mental health. Having a cat will help with mental health and also give you thousands of hours of amusement as you learn about them and try to figure them out. You’ll find yourself a member of a large community of feline aficionados. There are numerous social media groups etc. And they are so cuddly and lovable and loving. I personally prefer cats adult cats. Their personalities and skills are fully developed. I hope you find your purrfect match.

      1. Yes, especially if you have TWO cats. After a three year old that I adopted from a neighbor was killed by a car, my girlfriend went online and found two 8 week old kittens at a veterinary hospital and we immediately jumped in my car and went out and got them. And I made a vow to her and myself never to let them out. And yes Janet, I totally agree and I’m so glad I got them both because my two are ten now and they still frolic and play with each like they were still 8 weeks old and they make me laugh all the time!

    2. Elizabeth Guarena

      U GOTTA GO 4 IT !!
      I for 1 Know 4 a fact that having cat CAN & WILL DO MIRICALS 4 Ur Mental Healt !!
      U’ll B amazed how easy they’re 2 care 4!! & how much Joy a cat will bring into Ur Heart & Life!!
      GO 4 IT!????????

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  8. You might want to add drinking water in excess on a regular basis..this can be a symptom of diabetes…I didn’t notice this in an outdoor cat in time to treat before he lost the use of his back legs, a symptom of diabetes…fortunately, after insulin treatments, his leg condition reversed…his glucose level must be monitored closely though and when I notice him drinking more (he now lives indoors only) , I take him into the vet right away…

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  13. I have a male cat that is probably barley a year old. He was doing fine acting like a normal cat then one day he wouldn’t walk or eat or even drink water. He would just lay there. And now he is having seizers every ten to fifteen mins. We don’t know what to do and we don’t have money for a vet :(

    1. See a vet anyway immediately and explain your situation. They will work out a plan. Don’t let your cat continue in this situation. It is paramont to abuse.
      When people decide to take on a pet, they should be prepared for the unexpected expenses that may occur. One of our rescue cats, at about 5 months old, stopped eating and was throwing up and was lethargic. As it was a weekend after hours to take him to a vet, we took him to the animal emergency room. With blood tests, an EKG, IVs and xrays, the bill came to $1, 040 because it was after hours and an emergency visit. That kind of money is hard to come by, but our cats are family members and we expect to take care of them like family members. So when a family member is sick, we take care of them and find a way to pay the expenses. He was diagnosed with an irritable stomach for unknown reasons, took him home with specials instructions for is care, and within and day or so, he was back to normal. Thank heavens.

  14. our two male cats were fine the day before but when we came home one day the one wasn’t moving and was curled in the litterbox and the the was walking int a corner and meowing and shaking. My main concern was the one in the litterbox when I got to it I thought it was dead because its breathing was very light and it was frozen in place and not responding to me touching it I picked it up only to realize that it had it’s claw hooked in its lower eyelid I quickly removed it from the litterbox and carefully removed its claw from its eye. It then tried to hide and when we would pick it up it would start swiping it claws widely and thrashing. It wasn’t responding to the food and water we put in front of it. I checked on the second to see if it was okay but it was shaking and the left side of its face was involuntarily twitching and when I set it down it had no balance and instead of going for the food like it normally would it was almost as if couldn’t see but once it knew where the food was it bean drinking and eating and it seem to be looking a little bit better. The original was barely eating and drinking and just sitting but it did’t like to be moved or toed and just laid on the floor. We still don’t know what happened to cause this.

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  16. Mélodie Pelletier

    Hi there! I have a 3.5 year old male cat that hasn’t had any known precedent health problems. For the past two years now, every 3 to 4 months, he get super whiny and howls like he’s in pain: it’s always months apart, only for one night, and always around 11pm. He’ll howl for hours and then be fine in the morning. I brought him to the vet and I was told he was in perfect health, but it still occurs. I was told to bring him while he has an episode, but it’s always at night and they’re aren’t any overnight emergency vets where I live… And he always ends up fine in the morning, so they can’t see anything wrong. I was just curious about if anyone’s ever had any similar problems with their cats as well… Thanks for any information you can give me!

    1. Hi there —

      Thanks for reaching out! We suggest staying in contact with your vet. These articles might provide some insights: https://www.catster.com/cat-behavior/cat-meowing-at-night

    2. I have heard that if they cry at night it may be a sign of a thyroid issue. Please ask your vet if they checked that with the blood work. I don’t know if it’s normally done.

  17. My cat is very ill..started with her sneezing, having watery eyes and what looked like trouble swallowing. Brought her to the vet, he diagnosed her with an upper respiratory infection. Treated her with an antibiotic and sent her home. At first she seemed to be getting better, but about a month later the symptoms came back and she progressively got worse. Not eating or drinking, lost weight, lethargic. The day I was bringing her back to the vet, she vomited a lot of blood. He did an xray on her and said her intestines had a lot of gas, her blood work came back with elevated white blood cell count. He gave her a cerenia injection and fluids under her skin. Gave me prescriptions for Metronidazole – 50mg and Sucralfate 1gr. Both to be given twice day for 7 days. She has had no improvement.. has vomited what looks like mucus a couple of times. I have been feeding her a little by syringe and she is drinking a little bit of water. He has no answers for me and I am afraid I am going to lose her.. Do you have any type of answer?

    1. Hi there,
      So sorry to hear you’re going through this. We suggest keeping in contact with this vet or maybe searching around for a different vet to get a second opinion. These articles might provide some insight, too:

  18. I got a 4 month old kitten that has diarrhea and her gums are white but I have no money to take her to the vet and scared she won’t make it overnight is there anything I can do

    1. Hi Brandon,
      Please get your cat to the vet ASAP. Here are some articles on how to handle vet bills:

  19. My kitten have been infected with Feline Corona Virus and it has been two weeks since she was diagnosed. Slowly her health has been deteriorating but we are trying our best.

  20. Thanks for pointing out that you should take your cat to get emergency attention if they’ve gone a full day without eating. My cat didn’t seem interested in his food this morning, and when I came home from work he still hadn’t touched it. I’ll definitely follow your advice and take him for emergency care right away!

  21. Thirteen months ago I rescued a 5 year old kitty whose human was going to take her to the animal shelter. He didn’t want her anymore. I brought her home to live in my bedroom with me to see if I could give her a happy life and heal her spirit. She growled, hissed and swatted if I got anywhere close to her for the first four months or so. She always glared at my hands with big eyes. Then all that died down and she relaxed some, but not enough for me to reach out to pet her. Just three weeks ago she came and rubbed against me and allowed me to pet her head. It was a wish come true. Then last week she quit eating and drinking completely. I took her to the vet where she freaked out when he held her to take her temperature and weigh her. She was terrified and sooooo angry. There was no way they could handle her to take blood or X-rays. She had a 105 fever, but has never thrown up. The vet guessed it might be liver failure, but couldn’t say for sure without tests. I am in a dilemma about what to do with her. I don’t know if she is terminally ill or if she could be helped. I don’t want to watch her starve to death. After a week of not eating or drinking, she still looks alert when she is awake, but stays lying down on the bathroom floor. Please give me some direction on what to do. I love her and we have come so far. I want her to live if she can, but I don’t want to put her through the horrible stress she went through at the vet office.

    1. Hi there Sandra,

      We are sorry to hear about your kitten. We suggest bringing her back to the vet for further tests. Here are two articles that talk about easing stress before and during vet visits:

      How to Ease Your Cat’s Stress Before and During Vet Visits

      7 Ways I Help My Cat Avoid Fear of Visiting the Vet

      Here is an article on what to do when your kitten is not eating but we still strongly suggest taking her to the vet for testing ASAP:

      Cat Not Eating? 8 Things to Try When Your Cat Won’t Eat

  22. I have 6 young cats not 100% on how old and i feed them friskies dry cat food. Anyway one of my cats was laying on the floor in what looked like raw egg without the yolk it appeared around the tail and rectal region as well as mouth chin and neck. And it was laying next to a puddle of a clear with a slight yellow hint to it. The cat was doing fine all day and when it tried to walk away it could barely hold its hind end up the legs seemed very wobbly and unsteady the cat also appears to have lost all weight as well. I dont have the money to take to the vet. What can i do? Should i take it in or take it to the humane society? Will my cat live?

    1. Hi Chandal,

      Thanks for reaching out. Your cat seems like he needs medical attention ASAP. Here are some links that might help you find affordable vet care, but please do not delay.

    2. Please take all of those kitties, as soon as possible, to your local no-kill pet shelter. If you are unable to transport them, find someone who will. You could also call and ask for a pick-up. Most shelters will do that. I volunteer at the county pet “care” center in my area. If they go to a shelter like the one I work in, the shelter will do everything in their power to save your cat and treat anything in the others. They will then find them good homes. PLEASE do not keep these animals! You CANNOT afford to take care of veterinarian bills. This is unfair to these creatures. It’s especially unfair because they could find homes where they can be appropriately cared for! The kitty who is sick sounds like it will not survive. He may have something contageous that the other five may “catch.” Then they will die too. In addition to general health care and emergencies, these kitties need to be spayed and/or neutered. That will be expensive for you too. Please help them find homes where they can thrive!

  23. Our 2 year old male cat got outside last week. He was gone for 4days and it was very hot outside. He seemed perfectly fine when he came home until a day later he started to breath very deeply and has lost interest.

    1. Hi Tiffany—
      We suggest contacting a vet ASAP. This article might help provide some insight: https://www.catster.com/cat-health-care/cat-panting-why-does-it-happen-should-you-be-concerned

  24. It was helpful when you said that the cat needs to be taken to the vet if they are not moving for a prolonged period of time or do not react to stimuli. My pet Vivi is showing the latter. For something whose name means life, she sure is a limp little thing recently. I am worried since she does not even react to her favorite food anymore. I will bring her to the vet ASAP and hope that it is not too late.

  25. Hi, we have 3 kittens and they are 1 month old. One of them im seeing that have difficulties in standing and or lifting his head. He cries for sometimes. He doesnt want to drink milk from her mom. Im afraid that he had some injuries. Last time we carry her, she can stand a little like her brothers. But today, she turns to a paralyze kitten. She cry when her head is down to floor and she felt comfort when her head is lifted in a elevated wood. I love this kitten she have black little paws. Do you think she have some head injury or just weak because she cant drink milk. Im so worried but i cant do any because i cant afford paying vet for check ups or for medication for kittens.
    PS: their mom is a daughter of a cat of our neighbor. Our cat give birth last year and her first 4 babies died after a week. Then again last month she give birth and got 3 kittens. Our cat and his sibling stay in our house because we feed them. They are not registered. Cats in our place come and go but dont live inside our house.

    1. Hi Mae—
      Please get this kitten vet care ASAP. Something serious like fading kitten syndrome might be at play:

  26. I give my cat Lactaid milk but only about a teaspoon. He always wants some when I get it out for myself. Is this ok? He doesn’t vomit when he drinks it.

  27. My cat is old and is seemingly dying, but we don’t want to take her to the vet because we know she will have to be put down. She is in no pain

  28. Kathryn Kendal-Reed

    My 7-year old Abyssinian, Sullivan, had his first seizure on Tuesday evening and we took him to the emergency vet. They gave him medicine to calm him and told us to go to the regular vet in the morning. Before the vet office opened yesterday, Wednesday, he had another 6 seizures in about 1 1/2 hours. He had a 7th seizure on the way and then a final 8th seizure in the arms of the technician on arrival. She gave him oxygen and diazepam. His temperature began to drop and steadily went down to 94 degrees despite the many towels and blankets, hot water bottles and a hot air blower. He was unconscious. He began to make a recovery after I just talked quietly to him and he also had some antibiotics. It took most of the day, but his temperature went back to normal. Today, Thursday, he is home with me, but he doesn’t seem to know his name or me and as yet, I haven’t been able to get him to eat or drink anything. The vet had no diagnosis other than he must have eaten something poisonous, but we don’t know what. He is very unsteady on his legs and his head moves from side to side a lot so he just stays in one spot. Do you have any guesses as to what’s going on?

    1. Hi there — So sorry to hear about this! We suggest keeping in touch with your vet and keeping a close eye on Sullivan. Hope he feels better!

  29. My cat has seizures and he bites himeself
    To the point were he has a deep cut on him my mother refuses to take him to the vet and I fear for his life.

    1. Hi there — Sorry to hear your cat isn’t doing well! If your mom won’t take your cat to the vet, could you take your cat to the vet? Or, maybe you could call or email your vet to ask for advice on how to handle the situation. Best of luck.

  30. I have at lest 6 moths old male cat.his eyes turn into pale and his lips also swollen I’m very worried about him and there is no vet nearby.please tell me how I cure this desease? I’m very worried about my cat please help me sir .i shall be thakfull to you if you tell me the cure of desease ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  31. I took in a stray who wal little more than skin and bones. Took him to the vet who nurtured him etc. Turns out the reason he was skin and bones is that he has lesions in his gums. He gets a monthly steroid shot which seems to last about 3.75 weeks. After that he sometimes wakes up from sleep howling and gyrating. Other than that he is happy and learning how to be an indoor kitty. My question is this; should I ask for an increase in his dosage or just hang in there?

  32. My cat is only 5 and he is my biggest love bug. He is always right there when i get home and up in the morning. Last two days he hasn’t come to me at all. Not even when i call for him or open a fresh can of tuna. I found him hiding behind the couch and he’s been there for two days. He hasn’t eaten either. I put my finger on gravy and stuck it in his face and he turned away. Didn’t want treats either. But these are all minor issues. The huge thing that worries me is he can’t walk on his hind legs. He does a zig zag walk. Tips all the way to one side gets back up tips all the way to the other side. Then gives up and just drags his hind legs behind him. But doesn’t get very far. I took him to the vet and they did x-rays and blood work and everything looks normal and sent me on my way. Why can’t anyone tell me why he all of a sudden can’t walk. My poor Kitty. Worries me most is he’s not eating and his blood showed that. They did the following tests $500 later and i still have no resolution for him:
    ANP1 & CBC
    Toxopladmosis Antibody

    1. Hi Cari—
      So sorry to hear about your kitty and that the vet visit didn’t provide much insight. Perhaps try to find another vet for a second opinion? This might help if your cat won’t eat:

      1. you know what? You all keep saying VET ASAP! VET ASAP but the frigging vet has no answers and then this poor gal is out 500 bucks and you want her to go to another? For christ sake people I do not even have insurance to see my own doctor!!! I once paid 700 dollars for some stupid vet to tell me absolutely NOTHING!!! The cat got better on her own!!! VET ASAP is terrible advice!!!!! They overcharge emotional grieving people and d nothing to help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. My cat is about 9 yrs old. He is a big, greedy tom cat, lol… now, as of today, he won’t eat, he just puts his mouth to the water, but won’t drink. I’ve suspected weight loss for the past few weeks, but wasn’t sure, now I can tell. Then, about a week ago, his breath started to smell like death! Please help….

  34. Hi. Usually my cat sleeps in the bed and basically attacks me when I wake up and stands by the food dish until I give him wet food. He started out in the bed, but when I woke up he was sleeping on the couch in the living room. I put some wet food from a new can on the plate, which he usually he devours. I even took it over to the couch where he was. He got up, took a bite or two, and just laid back down. He was super lethargic and sleepy. How many days do you think I should wait to take him to the vet if this pattern continues. Thank you in advance.

    1. Hi,
      Take your cat to the vet STAT. The same thing just happened to me and I waited 24 hrs, the cat still wasn’t eating so I brought him to the vet and he ended up being admitted for 2 days with pancreatitis and elevated liver enzymes. He is doing much better now thankfully ???? Good luck!

      1. My cat is going through the same thing right now. Day 6 and I took him to the vet who said he couldn’t see anything except for a high temp of 39.8 so I bought medacam but can’t even treat him because he has to eat with it. Now my other 2 cats are starting to show signs of getting sick too

      2. This happened to my 16 yr old cat today but they wouldn’t admit her because she wasn’t thrilled to be there… they gave her some meds and I’m trying to care for her at home and has me worried sick. Is your kitty still ok?

  35. Hello, My 8 month old fur baby body is limp he can walk but won’t. His eyes look really crazy and his breathing is shallow. He is the alpa cat in a home of 3 feline and is normally very active. He will eat his food (wet) but won’t drink water. It just happened out of nowhere. I would hat e to lose my only son????. Please help!!!

    1. Hi Jasmine —

      We suggest seeking a professional medical opinion ASAP. Best of luck and hope your kitty feels better!

  36. It was really helpful when you said that not eating for a whole day when food is available is a sign that my pet needs serious medical attention right away. My cat has this habit of skipping meals, especially if there’s a prey, like a mouse, that she’s chasing after. However, this time, it has been a whole day that she’s not eating or drinking anything, and she’s not even doing anything. Now I know that it’s serious. Thanks. I’ll bring her to the pet hospital right away.

  37. Help, my nieces female cat, that has been fixed for awhile, she is about 7 years old, she is a indoor cat, after Thanksgiving, she just stopped eating and drinking, all she does is lay in the floor, they found her under the couch in a puddle of urine, they took her to the vet, they give the cat an iv for awhile, then sent her home, the cat now gets in the kitty box, and just lays, still does not eat or drink,,, please any help of why she is like this?

  38. Help the vet put my cat on buprenex after he has been in pain from a few crystals . He was doing fine then all of a sudden today he stopped drinking water like He used to and nothing in cat litter box. Is that normal ? This started this afternoon

  39. My 4 month old kitten has been sneezing for about a day and woke up this am wig green gunk n her eyes. By 6pm her eyes are leaking brown gunk and I think her third eye lid is swollen and half way closed from the bottom up. Its also deep red. Any idea what this is. I can’t find a vet open now but am taking her first thing in the am but I’m worried sick about her. Please help.. My email is jennifernicoleking82@gmail.com

  40. My cat is almost 4 years old and didn’t have any major issues so far. 3 months ago she suddenly stopped eating and was vomiting a bit so we took her to the clinic to find out the reason behind. They found a “shadow” in her intestines, something that they couldn’t really give a name for, but surely wasn’t an object neither hairs. They kept her there and gave her the appropriate medicines for this thing to desolve and they treated her in every possible way. After few days they ran the exams again and whatever was there, had disappeared. The cat was fine, she was eating again, playing.. everything back to normal. Now, a week ago she started vomiting again and she didn’t want to eat. We took her to the clinic again, they ran more exams and did more testing, they did x-rays, ultrasounds, blood testings, checked her teeth, but this time they couldn’t find anything whatsoever. All exams came clean and they even operate her in case they could find an explanation, but nothing. We took her back home so she can feel safe and in her familiar surroundings but she still wouldn’t eat. Although she seemed hungry and was approaching her food, and although we tried different kinds of food, she would approach it, smell it, even lick it but then pull back. I’m trully starting to feel hopeless. I don’t know what else to try. If you have any idea of what might be wrong please don’t hesitate to tell me. Thank you in advance.

      1. My cat has not eaten for 6 days. Only a little water in her own. I give her some food in a syringe. Vet thinks she may have FIP.

  41. I noticed that my brother’s cat has blood in his stool while I was cleaning its litter. I’m wondering what may cause it. I started to get worried so I wanted to make certain if this is an emergency so I can take him (the cat) to the vet. Thanks!

  42. About 2 yrs ago my male cat kept going into the litter box, was straining but could not go.
    I called my vet (this was on a Thursday) and the technician said I could bring him in the following Monday. A couple hours later, I called back and talked to a different tech who said to bring him right in. I did and the vet said he had a urinary blockage and probably would not have survived the weekend. Eclipse spent 3 days in the hospital and come home feeling fine and has not had any more problems. Had I listened to that first tech, I probably would have lost him. I learned to never wait.

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  45. I lost my car recently & still not sure as to what was wrong with her I would love to share privately a video of her the day before so you can give me your opinion so we can have closure of some sorts as to why she just suddenly died within a 48-hour period thank you
    Ms.Aldita Barnes

  46. My cat has quite hard stools and doesn’t produce one every day. Cou
    Could l mix oil in his food, and which oil would be best? I tried olive oil but he doesn’t like it.

    1. You should get your cat checked by a vet as soon as possible. Chronic constipation can lead to a condition called megacolon, in which the cat’s colon is so stretched out with poo that the muscles can’t work to push it out. As you can imagine, this can be painful and potentially life-threatening.

  47. we have a 7 year old indoor male cat. He has two cat boxes which are cleaned daily. Why would he begin to poop on furniture…couches, bed?

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