5 Pieces of Celebrikitty Cat Art Created by Intense Fans


Famous Internet felines such as Grumpy Cat and Lil Bub are making serious bank these days thanks to book, movie and merchandise deals. In fact, Tardar Sauce herself is second only to noted cat-entrepreneur Hello Kitty when it comes to turning her famous face into Friskies — quite literally, in that the sourpuss recently signed an endorsement deal that makes her a spokescat for the cat food brand.

While Grumpy and Bub are busy doing their thing, let’s not forget about some of our other favorite internet cats, like Maru, Snoopy, and Catster’s own Luna the Fashion Kitty. These kitties are still large and in charge, with fans paying tribute to them in limited edition pieces, which capture them like only a true fan can.

1. Maru in a bag painting

Maru, perhaps the internet’s first, and most easily recognizable feline star recently welcomed a new sister, but if anything, the furry distraction has just made me love the adorable Scottish Fold even more.

While famous (or infamous) for his diehard addiction to boxes, artist Miss J drew inspiration for her oil and wood masterpiece from one of Maru’s lesser known features, “Maru’s new fashion.” In the 2011 clip, the fashion forward feline crafts a couture dress out of a paper bag, which she then translated into this eternal piece of cat culture history.

2. Snoopy Cat Custom Kidrobot

Remember Snoopy? The wide-eyed Exotic Shorthair from China has been overshadowed by some bigger names lately, but his hilarious memes live on as a testament to his undying adorableness.

MemeGifts is an Austrian Etsy shop that specializes in turning some of your favorite kitties into custom mini-figures. Lovingly hand-painted cats in the collection also include artistic interpretations of Grumpy Cat, Lil Bub, and Sam the Cat With Eyebrows. Do you have your own famous cat that you’d like to immortalize in plastic? They offer a custom service that will turn any Kidrobot Mini Trikky into the feline of your choice.

3. Minion Tribute to Colonel Meow

I will never be able to choose a favorite Internet feline, but admittedly I go in waves of having intense admiration for each one. Currently, I am in the midst of a heavy online cat crush on Colonel Meow, the impossibly fluffy Himalayan-Persian mix, who recently set the Guinness Record for being the furriest cat in the world!

A scotch drinking, world domination seeking gentle-cat with his own pack of minions requires only the finest of tributes, and it doesn’t get any classier than this incredible signed print of an original oil painting by Aja of Sagittarius Gallery. The painting captures the Colonel’s angsty look perfectly — from his unbelievable mass of fur to those wild yellow eyes — and I, for one, would be proud to hang it on my wall.

4. Luna the Fashion Kitty Fine Art Print

Catster’s own feline columnist, Luna the Fashion Kitty, has no shortage of opinions on everything from Miss America to New York Fashion Week and even babies, but I’m sure one thing she would definitely agree is that this drawing of her by Jamie Shelman of The Dancing Cat is totally major.

The world’s most foremost feline fashionista (step aside, Choupette Lagerfeld!) shines in her signature pink tutu and a hot pink crown fit for a princess like herself. Her baby blue eyes really pop, and of course, Shelman didn’t forget that little pink tongue that we all know and love. It’s nice to know that even if I can’t dress my cats up in the latest fashions, at least I can still bring a little piece of Luna home with me.

5. Shironeko Cat Art

Shironeko, also referred to as “Basket Cat” because of his penchant for chilling in baskets with vegetables, flowers, and other assorted fauna precariously perched on his tiny head, is an inspiration to anyone, like me, who hopes to improve their meditation practice. We can all take a page out of the calm feline’s playbook and learn that when life gives you tomatoes, just make it into a cool hat.

Artist Linda Bachrach of HawaiiCats created this serene tribute to the Zen puss in the style of Etegami Japanese folk art. The soothing 8×10 framable print is the perfect addition to any cat culture collection or to hang in a space where you need to remember to keep your kitty-cat cool.

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