5 Baby Things That Can Be Used By Your Furchild!


Hello my furriends! I’m back from my vacay and I feel just FAB. Was such a relaxing trip fur reals, you know we can sometimes stress out but my momma bought me a calming collar and honestly I almost didn’t notice that I was in a strange place!

Anyways back to this furrday column, I have been helping my momma with my brother’s baby shower registry and I’m very surprised on how many stuffs look super fun fur us! EveryPAWdy complains that babies grow so fast and they leave all the stuff practically new, blah blah blah, well I have the purrfect solution fur it … GIVE IT TO US! Brace yourself and take a look to my top five baby stuffs that can be reuse as furchilds stuffs!

1. Changing table

I know babies are SLOW learning to go use the kitty box or whatever it’s called! But eventually the changing table will be OURS, you can have fun with this purrject, you can change the color, you can choose some cute fabric fur the pillows, etc. Put it against a windows and BUM the purrfect bird watching spot, or if you are into sun bathing, you got all that practically fur free!

2. Baby clothes

Fur many this is not a surprise, since I have been very outspoken about my secret little pleasure fur shop in the baby department. Baby clothes are cheaper than furchild clothes; also fur girls the clothes are supercute, they almost make me wish that I was having a sister (almost!). Take a look of some of my FAVE baby outfits.

3. Baby swing

Seriously SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! Baby swings look soooo fun, I’m dying to try one, you guys have no idea. The great news is that I hear that babies grow fast and I’m not growing any more; just PURRfect! If you want any proof, just take a look to the following video.

4. Bath tub

Okay this is not MY FAVE but is one of my mommas. She said I could take my showers there, I guess is better than the sink! I do have a better idea though, what about a kitty box? I know could be kinda huge but when you are sick you just want easy access and room! Also if you rescue a kitty momma, it could be a comfy and secure place fur her and her kittens, you would need to put some towels and VOILA!

5. Playpen

Picture this: playpen + ball with bell + kitty = hours or fun! I actually have a special furchild playpen, but believe me it’s the same concept. Now picture as a kitten nursery! It’s easy to clean and the kittens will be safe at all times. Anyways, if you watch the video (1.15 min) you will see the kitty there totally having all these ideas.

Fur the record, is not that I’m already trying to steal my baby brother stuffs, I’m just always full of good ideas and I’m all about reuse/recycle lol. Also my momma always says that we kitties are babies FURever and my momma never lies (at least to me). Have a superPAWsome weekend my furriends and leave me COMMENTS. Fur get in touch follow me in Facebook, Twitter and furriend me here in Catster. As always please check out my website fur find a lovely purrsian looking FUR YOU, let’s save a purrsian today!

About Luna: Luna is a Fashion Diva Extraordinaire, she have been a Catster columnist for 2 years. She have been featured in many publications and was even mentioned in FORBES.com. She likes to shop and help Persians Cats that are homeless. She lives with her momma and daddy and is expecting a baby brother… she is not very happy with the future new addition to the family but is hanging in there.

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