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Health is wealth, both for our feline friends and their two-legged owners, who can be spared eyebrow-raising veterinary expenses with annual check-ups, proper exercise and diet. Our cat health and care section provides expert advice on everything from cat grooming to parasite prevention, cat dental care, alternative treatments and more. Learn the basics of cat first aid and read up on the tools you should have on hand in the event of an emergency. Whether you’re curious about heartworm treatment, plants that are toxic to cats or the proper way to trim your pet’s nails, we've got your back when it comes to cat health.

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How to Find Out What Your Cat is Allergic to

Allergies are not quite an "easy" fix. The only way to to determine if you're allergic to something in your food is to go on an elimination diet where you eat one novel protein (something you've never had before) for three months because you can be allergic to certain proteins in addition to grains. And it takes that long for a food allergy to clear your system. If you're clear after that you can start adding in one new protein source at a time to see if anything sets you off. The best way to diagnose allergies is to eliminate all other possibilities. There are allergy tests but they're expensive and some vets don't feel that they're accurate. In any event, this is serious and will require a vet visit.

Paula K., owner of a Breed Unknown

Don't Get Too Alarmed

As long as the hairball is mainly hair, I would not worry. It is a normal part of being a cat. I give my cats Petromalt, which they absolutely love and lick right off my fingers. Give it 2-3 times a week until hairball symptoms subside and then lower it to once or twice. Brushing and bathing can also help remove the loose hair and can help reduce hairballs. I have also heard that Vaseline, butter, and canned pumpkin can help reduce hairballs (although I am not sure of the proper amounts on these last few).

Ellie C., owner of a a Domestic Shorthair

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