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Health is wealth, both for our feline friends and their two-legged owners, who can be spared eyebrow-raising veterinary expenses with annual check-ups, proper exercise and diet. Our cat health and care section provides expert advice on everything from cat grooming to parasite prevention, cat dental care, alternative treatments and more. Learn the basics of cat first aid and read up on the tools you should have on hand in the event of an emergency. Whether you’re curious about heartworm treatment, plants that are toxic to cats or the proper way to trim your pet’s nails, we've got your back when it comes to cat health.

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Reasons to Choose a Holistic Vet

I adore my holistic vets. They prescribe herbs or alternative treatments like acupuncture instead of drugs whenever possible/appropriate. They are typically better educated in nutrition than conventional vets. And this may just be my vet's style, but he is much more likely to stay hands-off and let the body heal itself if it can. He encouraged my interest in a raw diet, and regularly recommends home cooked meals to his clients. He's also against vaccinations when they can be avoided. In short, he favors natural processes over drugs or poisons.

Stephanie D., owner of a Domestic Shorthair

What to feed a cat that has feline urologic syndrome.

You need to find a food that is grain-free, I would not worry to much about ash and magnesium with these brands they are fine. The most important thing is to feed an all wet diet. Some good brands are: Wellness grain free, and Evo grain free cat and kitten or the 95% line. Also Nature's Variety, though can be a bit pricey. Also Wellness Core canned.

Tina B., owner of a Domestic Long Hair

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