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Health is wealth, both for our feline friends and their two-legged owners, who can be spared eyebrow-raising veterinary expenses with annual check-ups, proper exercise and diet. Our cat health and care section provides expert advice on everything from cat grooming to parasite prevention, cat dental care, alternative treatments and more. Learn the basics of cat first aid and read up on the tools you should have on hand in the event of an emergency. Whether you’re curious about heartworm treatment, plants that are toxic to cats or the proper way to trim your pet’s nails, we've got your back when it comes to cat health.

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What to Feed a Sick Cat

If you've already tried an appetite stimulant or Prednisone on your sick kitty and she's still not eating, here are a few things to try: Your cat might be feeling nauseous, in which case a 1/4 tablet of Pepcid AC usually relieves nausea. Perhaps warming up her food would help as well. You could try hand feeding to stimulate her appetite. Liquefy her food in a food processor or blender and feed her with a syringe. Smelly foods help stimulate the appetite and wet foods that are very stinky, such as fish and tuna, are good choices. Mix tuna water into her food. Some wet foods have a lot of gravy or sauce and licking the gravy may be easier for her to eat. Add toppings to the food like bonito or tuna flakes. Baby food is an excellent choice -- try lamb, beef or chicken and add toppings to the food if necessary. You could also try turkey or chicken deli meats and cheese. It's so important that she eat and try everything until you find something she'll eat.

Teresa C., owner of a Domestic Shorthair

A Good, Reasonable Pet Insurance Provider

We have VPI (Veterinary Pet Insurance) and love it. I think its affordable and they give you a multi-pet discount. It doesn't include pre-existing conditions though. You can get a free quote pretty quickly online. We have the best plan they offer with the extra cancer coverage and only pay $60 per month total (30 per cat). Their basic coverage is affordable but you have to pay upfront and then send in a form for reimbursement. They have amounts allotted yearly for certain conditions and procedures.

Stephanie M., owner of a Domestic Shorthair mix

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