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Where Were the CATS in the Super Bowl Ads?

Did anyone else notice how many Super Bowl commercials there were this year with dogs in them? Dogs are cute, don't get me wrong ......

Dorian Wagner  |  Feb 6th 2012

Did anyone else notice how many Super Bowl commercials there were this year with dogs in them? Dogs are cute, don’t get me wrong … but where were the cats?

It feels like the cats were snubbed, kind of like Leonardo DiCaprio with Oscar nominations. Cat people drink beer, buy cars, and eat chips just like dog people do. Why not throw us some commercial eye candy, too?

In fact, the only reference to a cat in any of the Super Bowl commercials was one that implied that a dog “offed” a cat and buried it.

Hoooooold on. Let’s stop here for a minute and talk about that one. Did you see that Doritos commercial? (I’ll share it below for those who missed it.) Basically, the idea was that a dog disappeared a cat and buried it in the yard. A man saw him doing this, so the dog bribed him with Doritos to not say anything. Awesome, huh?

I watched the whole thing with my mouth wide open and then went straight to Facebook to post my dislike.

Anyhoo, I could go on and on about that, but my point is: The dogs had five commercials and the cats had zero.

Thanks goodness for Animal Planet’s Kitty Halftime show so we could get our kitty fix!


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