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The Story of Buzz and How He Got His Fuzz Back

Rescued from deplorable conditions, Buzz the Persian had such a matted coat it had to be shaved off. Now he's growing his fuzz back in a loving home.

 |  May 5th 2014  |   6 Contributions

Buzz is a Persian mix kitty, but if he's looking a little less fluffy than you would expect from a breed notorious for long, luxurious fur, that's because Buzz had to have his coat shaved entirely a mere two months ago.

In February of this year, Buzz was one of the dozens of animals rescued from a home in Durham, New York, where a woman was irresponsibly breeding and selling German Shepherds. The house was in such a deplorable condition that rescuers at first couldn't recognize the dogs under layers of garbage. In total, 39 dogs were rescued along with one cat -- Buzz (named after astronaut Buzz Aldrin).

The process is kinda like growing your bangs out.

Although getting a shave can make you look … thinner?

Sadly, Buzz's long fur was so matted that it had hardened into a shell, which had to be shaved completely in order for him to survive. 

Now the blue-eyed kitty is patiently awaiting the regrowth of his fur while recovering happily in his new forever home. We can already tell that Buzz is going to be a beautiful fellow once he gets his coat back. Anyway, it's much easier to cram himself into a space suit without having to stuff all that fur in it. As Coco Chanel said, "A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life."

Buzz will look happier with all his fur.

Ermmm … why not?

In Buzz's case, it's definitely a newer, brighter life.

All photos via Buzz's Facebook page, which you should definitely go follow and tell him that Catster sent you!

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