Monday Miracle
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If You Need Some Luck, You Should Rub Blind Lucius' Tummy

A vet volunteered to perform surgery on lucky Lucius, who otherwise faced euthanasia.

 |  Jan 27th 2014  |   3 Contributions

Some may call it luck, some may call it coincidence, but we're gonna call it a Monday Miracle. 

When Lucius was rescued he required surgery to have his eyes removed, leaving veterinarians to wonder if the surgery was worth it for a cat who didn't have a home. Certain that Lucius' eye condition would leave the cat with a lower quality of life -- and therefore render him unadoptable -- vets left the cat with only one option: death.

However, another veterinarian stepped in, performing the surgery Lucius needed. Little did the vet know that in treating Lucius' eye problem, she had also saved him from an illness that would have barred Lucius' entry into a shelter. The vet didn't know the cat was sick and that the follow-up regimen of antibiotics would clear it. Had Lucius remained ill, he would have been sent immediately to his death since city animal controllers are required to euthanize sickly animals, and even no-kill shelters have to -- unfortunately -- prioritize healthy animals.

Even a blind cat can still find his way into the holiday tree!

Fact: Cats actually possess a sense specifically for detecting boxes to sit in.

But Lucius got lucky, and his double miracle surgery cleared his path for his eventual forever home.

Now Lucius, filled with profound gratitude, uses his Facebook page to advocate for less-than-perfect animals such as himself. (And really, who is perfect? I'm far from it myself, and that doesn't mean I am not deserving of love!) His own human friend admits that she had her own misconceptions about blind cats, and that Lucius has proved her profoundly incorrect. Together Lucius and his human friend hope to share their enlightenment, encouraging folks to consider the animals who may have different needs.

Don't you just want to tickle those toes?

Triple threat cuteness!

"Roar!" says Lucius!

Because really -- we all have our particular needs and we all still deserve love.

Check out Lucius' Facebook page, where all these cute photos came from. And if you've got a chance, say hello for us!

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