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Monida's musings

Ways to annoy your parents

August 30th 2011 7:54 am
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Hi kitties! Do you want a great game to play with your parents? On the day they call to make a vet appointment for you, act completely normal. Zoom around the house, eat a big breakfast and use the litterbox as appropriate. I've done this twice now, and the reaction I get is awesome!

Unfortunately, that didn't stop her from making an appointment at a new vet today. :( I have to go in at 4:15. Not as early as mom would like, but earlier than Thursday.

I'm gonna go play and eat and see if I can't convince her I'm fine.

Oh - I forgot to tell you - I'm also practicing for Talk Like a Pirate Day by walking around squinting - Arrrgh Matey!

Purred by: Riley

August 30th 2011 at 7:59 am

MOL! Thanks for the advice.

We're purring for you, Monida.

Purred by: Samoa - Diva Angel (Catster Member)

August 30th 2011 at 8:18 am

Glad to hear you ate, Monida! I think your Mom is doing the right thing to have another vet check you over. Who knows, you might like this new vet and you can leave the other one forever!
Purred by: Nikolai - Dreamboat #24 (Catster Member)

August 30th 2011 at 9:00 am

That's a great cat game. You may want to ask your vet about Inflamed Bowel Disease (IBD). Check out this site put together by another catster kitty:
A change to a grain-free diet, flagyl, and dexamethasone helped me significantly.
Purred by: alley cat angel (Catster Member)

August 30th 2011 at 9:36 am

awww that is pawsome, sorry we are so behind and posted all our comment on your previous diary, so you can just delete that! woo hoo keep up that game sweet girl eat, potty and play!
Purred by: WeBeesSiameezers (Catster Member)

August 30th 2011 at 9:38 am

Maybe you can get a new name, too...the yo-yo klitty! MOL! You sure are on a rollercaoster of feeling good-feeling not so good...hope the new vet has a lot of helpful advice for your Mom.
P & M
Purred by: Pipo (Catster Member)

August 30th 2011 at 9:40 am

Yo-yo klitty indeed...she meant Yo-yo Kitty...and she can't even take di-cat-ation properly...that should have been rollercoaster. Sheesh, meowmy needs to proofread her stuff, MOL!
Purred by: Laura W

August 30th 2011 at 9:52 am

monida...pleez remember knot all pie rats like stoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooopid burds on de shoulder....
Purred by: Tigger (Catster Member)

August 30th 2011 at 10:08 am

Hmmm....the Cat Who Cried Wolf...but you still have to go to the vet...We found a small-time vet,literally Ol' Doc Brown...He's not trying to get rich quick & seems to care about animals...So far only Sobe's seen him,but he seems to like Sobe. We're Purring for you to feel better.

BTW,pirates carry those birds on their shoulders as an emergency snack...Mmmmmm.....Bird....chickens would be better than parrots,though......
Purred by: Toby (Catster Member)

August 30th 2011 at 10:13 am

Happy to know that you're having fun and hopefully feeling a bit better inside. We hope you like your new vet when you see them. Still purring for you. Toby and Josie
Purred by: Ashlynne (Catster Member)

August 30th 2011 at 10:58 am

ARRRRRGH! That be a fun game yer playin', Monida. Yer mom probably doesn't apurrciate how much fun it is. I bet that vet will tremble with fear when you give your squinty eye! ARRRRRRGH!

Good luck at the new vet! We hope new vet can help you feel better ALL the time very soon, Monida! Purrrrrrrrrrring for you. ARRRRRRGH!
Purred by: Blizzard AKA The Catfather (Catster Member)

August 30th 2011 at 1:16 pm

ARRRRGH....SNORK!! Yous goes to dat appiontment, Matey!!! Want you to be in Purrfect shape for pirate day
Purred by: Zachery Tristan (Catster Member)

August 30th 2011 at 1:21 pm

I thought about you today. Wondering how you were doing...I guess grrrrrreat!!

Whats Talk like a Pirate?
Purred by: Tigger ~ Loved Forever (Catster Member)

August 30th 2011 at 2:56 pm

Yes, what a rollercoaster ride! I am happy to know you are feeling better, and that's great that you are seeing a new vet. :) I hope he can get to the bottom of what is happening.

Purred by: The Pharaoh Loki Mahes (Catster Member)

August 30th 2011 at 3:28 pm

MOL..yes I play that game right before the vet trip and also at the vet..that is the funniest thing to do!
Monida my dear friend, I am purring for you. I have asked the Mother Cat to hold you in her loving arms and keep you safe.
I love you dear friend.
Pharaoh Loki
Purred by: Monida (Catster Member)

August 30th 2011 at 4:56 pm

Zach - Talk like a Pirate Day is sometime in September, I think the 19th, and it's where you spend the day talking like a pirate. A lot of catsters dress up and celebrate the day too! It's lots of fun!
Purred by: Zachery Tristan (Catster Member)

August 30th 2011 at 6:42 pm

That sounds like fun. I'll find me an outfit.

I've got an idea, speaking of celebrations. No strings attached just my date to my super bowl party. Please. I'll have a party here on Catster if the packers go and you know the packers will GO!!!!!!! What a super team so get better and health and we'll party with our packer and football loving friends.

Did you ever see my packer pics from last year?
Purred by: ♥ Jezebel RIP ♥ (Catster Member)

August 30th 2011 at 9:01 pm

Hmmm - I better start practicing for Talk Like a Pirate Day too. Good thing I'm great at winking!
Purred by: Monida (Catster Member)

August 31st 2011 at 12:54 am

That sounds like fun Zach! I can't wait to see the Packers in the Super Bowl again! I don't know if I saw your Packer Pics from last year. Are they on your page? I'll go check now!




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