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A kitten again

July 30th 2013 9:20 am
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We went to the cabin this past weekend and I did something I didn't like doing before... I hung out on the patio after dark. It was really nice out and mom, dad and my dogs were all outside enjoying the nice evening. Mom didn't take me out cause usually I hate it, but I decided this time I wanted to join them so I gave a couple meows and mom let me out. At first I sat on mom's lap, but after a few minutes I jumped down and started to explore. First I tried to go to the back of the cabin, but mom stopped me cause she said there are things in the night that could eat me. Yikes! So she put me back on the patio and left Echo in charge of keeping me on the patio. It didn't take long for me to learn my boundaries. I rolled around on the patio and then I saw them...all the flying bugs around the tikki torches. I stalked them like a lioness and then I would pounce! I missed the first one and when it started to fly I was up on my hind legs batting at it and mom said I looked like a kitten again. I'm not one who likes to play, but I was having soooo much fun with the bugs. I did catch a couple, but I didn't kill them, I let them go after I played with them a little. I stayed out for a long time and can't wait til we do that again. Mom took some pix with her cell phone and she posted one. It's not the best pix, but you can see I'm stalking my bugs:)

The rest of the weekend was pretty much the usual. Hang with mom and dad on the sofa and sleep with mom at night. It rained Saturday night so we couldn't go outside, darn it! But mom did take me on the front porch and I watched the humming birds again. They were crazy too. We now have 4 humming birds and when one comes to the feeder another one chases it away. They sound like jets when they buzz down to chase each other. After the second one did that I was outta there! I don't need a humming bird dive bombing me!

Mom said we're going back up this weekend with grandma and that will be fun. I never went away with grandma cause I just started going to the cabin the end of last year and grandma hasn't come up yet. I'm sure we'll have lots of fun:)


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