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October 30th 2008 3:43 am
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Diary Pick of the Day! I thank Catster for this honor! What a lovely pre-halloween surprise!

Without my inspiring Mommy with my super-affectionate (kissies, bonks, and cuddles), this wouldn't have happened.

I love Mommy and I love my brothers. I love the nice house and all the food and treats I'm given. I also cannot forget the many toys I have. Since my olders brothers don't play with them too much, THEY'RE MINE now!

As to last night, I really cuddled Mommy. I was under the covers again and then I shared her pillow with her. Some time before both of us fell asleep, Sampy jumped up and camped out behind Mommy's bad knee (I suppose he wanted to keep it warm for her as it was very cold last night).

Anyway, I'm going to enjoy today to the max and will list my thank yous during the day.

Here's my thank you list for gifts, concats & kind words:

1. HOOCH & Family - black cat;
2. SAMOA & Family - candy corn;
3. BOOGERS & Family - ghost;
4. MARGO - Febreze collar;
5. MERLIN'S MAGIC KANE & Family - Febreze collar;
6. ANGELS BUDDIE, McKENNA & Family - Febreze collar.

Thanks again Diary Gal for the pawsome honor of being in the limelight for the second time since I've joined Catster. It's really a joyful feeling!

Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs all day long,




October 29th 2008 10:11 am
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Landy is doing great! He's fitting in more each day. Of course, he and Cammie Rose don't get along (she's the non-friendly one). That's okay, because she doesn't like the other boys either.

He sleeps with me every night and likes to snuggle under the covers for about five minutes. He comes back out, climbs onto my pillow, and lays there for a few minutes purring in my ears. After all of the good-nights, he settles down to lay at my side until 5:30 a.m.

I'm glad we found each other. Landy's not a feral like I believe Yingy was. He is not noisey and doesn't caterwaul. He trills like Bailey Gray Cloud except his are longer and more frequent. Maybe that's why these two like each other. They speak the same language.

Anyway, this is a brief update.




October 26th 2008 4:50 pm
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My brothers cautioned me about the purple frame that's surrounding only my vote button (the bottom one). They said not to touch it as it freezes up the computer. They learned that the hard way last year. So,when we check out our own pics or vote for others, we have to watch out for the purple frame around their vote buttons (pressing the top button is okay as that's not framed).

Also, Mommy spent FIVE whole hours on this place called imikimi. com She did some pawsome stuff on there. She made us (Sampy, Bail, Merl, Cammie Rose, and I some new frames and she did ones for herself). She made herself look like a vampire and a witch! Check out Cam's and my pages.

Also, something is going on with my graphics. THEY'RE ALL GLITTERY TODAY. Yesterday, they were all dull and flat. I guess my page is haunted.

Anyway, I got to let poor Mommy eat her dinner. She fed all of us and went back to the computer to loadup these pawsome pics.

Later and goodnight, my friends




October 24th 2008 6:48 pm
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We had a chicken pawty this evening.

Mommy, Sampy, Bail and I attented. Merl stayed even though he doesn't like chicken. Mommy gave him a piece anyway. The dude wouldn't touch it at all! He left it at his feet, and when I made a move toward it, and he bopped me in the face.

I didn't try again. The piece of chicken stayed at Merl's feet until Sampy came along and grabbed it. He let Sampy take it! He didn't bop him at all!

Can you believe that! Merl didn't want me to have the piece of chicken. He was saving it for Sampy!

I think Merl plays a lot of strange games with me! I'm still trying to figure him out. Oh yes, I'm intimidated by his size. I'm afraid to play rough with him.

Anyway, halloween stuff will be added this weekend (more graphics, stories, etc.)

Have a pawsome Friday night, my friends,




October 22nd 2008 6:53 pm
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As everycat has heard, Mommy and Sampy did outfox me. I was a sucker for a pom-pom ball!

What next!

I'll get back at them for this. I think a 3:30 a.m. wake up call from me would be just the right thing to do! Maybe some loud purring in Mommy's ear and walking on top of Sampy while they try to sleep!

Well, I must go now and think of many ways to wake them up.





October 21st 2008 5:42 pm
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When Mommy came home from work, I showed her that I can be a good boy. I didn't jump on Sampy's back and try to ride him. I didn't lunge for his tummy and make him cry "uncle". I was good to the core!

We had a salmon pawty tonight too, and that turned out very well. Nobody fought over the pieces of salmon given to us.

Last night, all of us went to bed early, and I snuggled against one side of Mommy while Sampy was on her other side. Merl and Bail stayed downstairs, and Cam didn't want to come in (she's unreal).

I can't understand why they didn't join us. It was certainly cold enough for a 4-5 cat pile-up.

Lastly, I hope everycat's voting for me. I'm a good looking guy!

Later & Purrs,




October 19th 2008 7:51 am
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Mommy has the purrfect device to use when I'm naughty. It's a stuffed toy called "Londo Lemur". There's a button on his tummy and when you press it, it says: "Hi, I'm Londo Lemur". Then you press it a second time and it does a loud lemur call (which sounds like a regular monkey). I DON'T LIKE THAT MONKEY NOISE IT MAKES! I stop all naughty activities and run.

She uses it when I jump upon the stove and/or play a bit too rough with Sampy (when he starts doing a lot of hissing and kaking).

She doesn't want to yell as that doesn't work with me. Anyway, I think it's a big joke to hear her yell the word "no". She sounds like she's growling.

Anyway, I'm having a good day so far. I've eaten a whole can of cat food and cleaned up my brothers' dishes. Mommy says, with me around, no food goes to waste.

I'll be on my way as it's time for a nappy after my very active morning.

Have a pawsome weekend, my Catster friends.




October 18th 2008 5:24 pm
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The visit to the vet didn't turn out too bad (minus the shot and temerature taken).

I now weigh 10.80 lbs. Three weeks ago I was 9.50. All that food and my ravenous appetitite did this. Dr. McMicheal says it's okay though; young cats eat a lot.

He looked into my mouth and could tell that I was one year old. I have no tartar and all my adult teeth.

After I had my shot, I jumped off the examining table and decided to check the place out. I sniffed here and there. Mommy and Dr. McMicheal were laughing.

Mommy was so proud of me for being such a good kitty.

When I got home, I relaxed for a bit and then I played with ALL three of my brothers.

Well, that's about it from me. I'm tired. Have a pawsome weekend.

Purrs & Preeps,




October 18th 2008 5:10 am
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OMC! I have to go to the vet again today! YIKES!!! I'm not too enthused either! I hate getting shots and my temperature taken.

Oh well, the booster shot is due.

I'll also post later on today about how much weight I've gained. Mommy thinks I'm going to be BIG like Merlin when I get older.

We'll see about that!

Got to go. Check everycat out later.

Purrs & Meeps & Breeps,




October 17th 2008 3:41 am
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Early this morning, I woke Mommy up coughing: HACK, HACK, GACK, GACK, etc. She expected to see what Sampy calls a "GACKLE" come flying out my mouth. She patted me on my back and that stopped it.

Then Sampy did the same thing. She wondered way both of us were coughing like this.

We're fine now. It was more than likely some fur got stuck on the way down after we groomed ourselves (no we don't groom each other yet).

Also, I have a vet appointment tomorrow for a booster shot. Of course, they will weigh me. I truly believe I've gained some weight.

Lastly, Mommy wanted to enter me into my first cat show and googled Cat Fanciers Association to find info on the show they always have at the Montgomery County Fairgrounds around Nov. 8-9th. This time it's being held all the way in Frederick, MD and she doesn't want to drive that far for two days. Hotels are too expense so that's out of the question. She's going to try to enter me and Bail in the December show in Baltimore which is much closer.

Anyway, that's it for now. My breakfast (yum-yum) will be served soon.

Purrs & Breeps,


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