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August 24th 2008 3:31 pm
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Wow. I am sooo kewl. I done caught me a BIRD today!

Mom had me out in front on my leash and I'd been studying the birds who were coming to eat on the sidewalk. Mom had a hold on my leash to contain me just in case...

These birds are HUNGRY. Mom thinks they are Song Sparrows flocking together to migrate... They flitted in, they flitted out as per activity near them.

One time when they flitted in and mom wasn't looking, I grabbed one.
Mom yelled at me but I had it between my paws like I'd always been doing it. I didn't bite it but she is still mad.

Even though she was mad at me I still persisted in chasing the Song Sparrow. It seemed startled and was creeping into hiding.
HA! I got taken in for all my trouble and mom is still mad. She was wondering if we were up to date with our flea stuff so we all got treated for that with the dab of yuck in between our shoulder blades.
ALL BECAUSE I CAUGHT A DUMB OLD BIRD. What's the big deal? And now she's going back out to make sure the stupid thing is ok.
I just don't get it ,do you?



August 10th 2008 1:19 pm
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Some ladies stopped to see mom's garden. They said it looks like an English garden which is a big compliment to her as they are actually FROM England.
They wanted to talk to me becaus I was out on the leash helping mom. I was really scared at first as I'd never seen them before and they looked so big when they were walking toward me. Mom picked me up to comfort me and let me meet them. Soon I was winding all around through their legs. They were really cat people for sure and they know how to treat a helping kitty like me. What was I so scared of anyways? We had a good talk and I think they will be coming back to see ME!!



July 31st 2008 12:33 pm
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I got my revenge for that nasty medicine mom gave me. She'd picked up an extra bottle and put it in her purse and guess what? The top came off and that NASTY tasting powder got all over the inside of her purse. It went all over her cellphone,packs of gum and every other thing she's got in there.
Tylan? is that the name? OMG. She got to see what the taste is like. I say THERE IS JUSTICE IN THIS WORLD.
Thank you for letting me speak my piece.


Better better.

June 30th 2008 6:56 pm
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I am MUCH better. I'm back being the little stinker mom says I am. She was trying to measure some things with a tape measure and I made sure she couldn't do it. Tape measures are so fun to play with.... or am I the only one feels that way?

Everything she eats looks so good. I have to tug on her pants when she's in the kitchen just to see what she's fixing. The other night she was cutting up some cucumber for the big pleco in the fishtank but even so I had to see what it was. She told me what it was and who it was for, but I had to inspect it myself. I tell you a secret... Sometimes, when she has her jeans undone at the fly, when I tug at her, I pull her pants right down. :-) hehe.

So many things in life are just plain fun but you have to have the mind to think of them that way......



June 25th 2008 4:00 pm
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I am better today. WE went to the vt but I wasn't my usual eager self. They put me in my fave room but instead of opening up all the cupboards, I huddled down in heap. I wasn't very friendly to the people waiting there as I usually am.
We saw a new doc and he gave me new meds to stop up my runs. He seemed indignant we hadn't gotten this before. We'll try that and if it doesn't work, we go to plan b which is having a biopsy to see if I have inflammatory bowel disease. At any rate, help is on the way. This vet isn't expecting me to just grow out of it.
Today I hope not to raise hell as it does aggravate my human friend. I looked up at her with such adoring eyes this morning that I hope she doesn't hold it against me if I do acutally do a few naughty things.


Sick :-(

June 24th 2008 1:18 pm
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I hid out this morning which seemed to make mom hysterical so I came out but with certain restrictions on her.... Don't touch and don't come close. I don't feel good.

I heard her on the phone saying that she was taking me to the doc. I might just hide out again... Normally I like going up to see Dr. Mike who I consider to be a good friend but this time....


Later that day...

June 22nd 2008 6:41 pm
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Boy I really did a bad one that mom was not happy with. I always like to check out what she's making in the kitchen and she does owe it to me to show me what she's got to eat and then let me at least try some.

She just wasn't moving very fast so I jumped up on her shoulders which were slippery so I was forced to use my claws. Mom did not like this and I got scolded.

I guess it was just a bad day for me. Sometimes I just have naughty days....



June 21st 2008 2:11 pm
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Mom collects her pepsi cans in trash bags and then she puts them on the basement stair landing or close to the steps in the basement.

Well, to make a long story short, this afternoon I found a few of them had come out of the bags. OMG! I kicked them all the way down the stairs into the basement and played soccer with them all through the basement. This was unspeakable fun.

More updates later.......

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