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The Art of Being Clueless

#16 Internationally!

August 25th 2009 2:28 pm
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Har! Mommy couldn't open the zipped file on the CFA Almanac page that shows a cat's rank by breed internationally. (Chibi would have been able to do it, but she's indisposed right now.) When she called the CFA (and even they had problems accessing the information), it turned out that I was the #16 Maine Coon Premier internationally (#17 Premier in Japan in the Allbreed Division). That sounds really cool, but overall, internationally, I was #150 out of 200 Premiers. That's like being in lower 25% percentile on your Stanford-Binet. The only thing I can say in my defense is that American cat shows seem to be bigger than those in Japan, which makes it easier to get lots of points. I had over 1000 points, which made me the #4 MC in Japan, but the #1 MC (American) had something like 4000 points. On the other hand, if you want to be a winner in America, you have to drive long distances or fly in order to get to all the shows. Here, almost everything is right in Tokyo. Wouldn't mind flying sometime though. But my show biz career is over and done with. Hmm, maybe Mommy will put me in the big National Show in America sometime. Then I can experience the pleasures of Northwest Airlines. I think I'll just have a cocktail or two (gin tonic or Bloody Mary, two of my faves), skip the movie, eat the chicken or beef, skip the salad and icky dessert, and sleep most of the way. I hope I get a window seat. I've never seen clouds from above. I like watching clouds.

By the way, IF we move, I hope we move to a place that has a bit more bird and car action outside the window than our present apartment. BD is folding up shop--the litter he's selling now is his last. Ergo, from now on, IF Mommy and BD get together, it will be HER cattery (the cats will have their names changed to the name of her cattery, not BD's--he's turning in his breeding license), and she's informed him that she refuses to have HER cats exposed to second-hand smoke. There's nothing more tacky than selling a pedigreed cat that smells like cigarette smoke.

He's going to give her Umesaburo AND a brown tabby and white female who is far superior to Leila, if not Chibi, and may be able to produce patched tabbies (torbies) which are very pretty and very popular. Great! A four-month old kitten that I can bop around! If BD and Mommy DON'T get together, though, she'll have to pay for Umesaburo's services and the kitten. BD is generally a good-natured guy, but sometimes he criticizes Mommy and gets angry at her. But when she says, "DON'T!" he usually calms down fast. And he doesn't hold grudges. She's still busy training him, though. At least he doesn't try to escape through screened windows or scratch the sofa or walls. At least not yet.

P.S. Argh! Mommy just told me that if we ever do go to an international show, I won't be able to ride in the cabin and watch the clouds while sipping a gin and tonic. I'll have to be put into the cargo area. Discrimination, anyone?


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