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Japanese Cat Costumes

Written by: Kristin Hitchcock

Last Updated on January 14, 2024 by Catster Editorial Team

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Japanese Cat Costumes

Considering dressing up like a cat? Japanese-style costumes are all the rage, and it isn’t hard to find many cat-related costumes that are in a Japanese style.

We’ve listed several different Japanese cat costumes below, which should help you find the best costume for your preferences. Some of these are far more Japanese than others, but all of them are inspired by Japanese art and culture.

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The 8 Japanese Cat Costumes

1. SAZAC Lucky Cat Kigurumi Onesie Costume

SAZAC Lucky Cat Kigurumi Onesie Costume

This costume is the cat costume. It’s made in Japan and based on the Kigurumi style, which basically means “wearing a stuffed animal.” This outfit comes from Japan and is made by a Japanese manufacturer. Therefore, it’s probably one of the more authentic costumes you’ll find.

Unlike most costumes, this one is designed for long-term wear and comfort. It’s made for you to wear around your house, not necessarily for a single Halloween costume. It’s a bit like themed pajamas! It’s a very no-hassle costume for situations when you need to dress up.

It’s made from polyester and fleece, making it pretty durable and warm. It isn’t necessarily the best option for warmer climates, as it does tend to trap heat. However, in colder weather, it can be very cozy.

2. Sazac Tabby Cat Costume

Sazac Tabby Cat Costume

This tabby cat costume is also pretty comfortable, and it’s made by the same company as above! Therefore, it’s from Japan and made in a Japanese style. It’s extremely cozy and made to be worn long-term. It isn’t a costume that will break down halfway through your first Halloween party. It’s made to wear around your house in the chilly months and binge-watching movies while also doubling as a quick costume.

The hood is warm and cozy, but the whole thing can be a bit too warm during the summer. This is something you crawl in during the cold months—not walk around in the middle of July.

This costume is completely machine-washable and made with polyester. It comes in two different sizes, which should fit practically everyone.

3.U-ParBoo Cat Onesie

U-ParBoo Cat Onesie

This company makes several different animal onesie costumes for you to wear. One of them is a purple and black cat, which is very fitting for Halloween. Once again, this is a Japanese-style Kigurumi outfit, which means that it is more like a giant onesie and made with comfort in mind. You can expect to wear this around your house for years, especially when it starts getting cold.

The whole onesie is fluffy and cozy, as you might expect. It’s easily machine-washable and dries quickly. Plus, it has pockets, allowing you to continue carrying all of your things.

4. Silver Lilly Cat Costume

Silver Lilly Cat Costume

This costume is extremely cheap compared to other options. However, you are getting what you pay for. It’s made a bit cheaply, and the design isn’t as obviously Japanese. However, it’s still a Kigurumi outfit, so it is inspired by Japanese culture.

One good thing about this costume is that it comes in several sizes. If the one-size-fits-all sizing doesn’t usually work for you, these costumes are a great alternative. There are several other styles if you decide that you don’t want a cat.

The material is very loose-fitting, so it’s still cozy. However, it isn’t quite as loose as some of the other options out there. You can still easily wear it over your typical clothes, but it isn’t as baggy as others.

5. Women’s Cat Hoodie Dress

Women Cat Hoodie Dress

This outfit is very different from the others we’ve listed. It’s far more of a costume than a cozy onesie like the others. It’s designed as a hoodie dress, but it’s obviously made to be a cat! There is even a tail attached, which isn’t the case with other cat costumes on this list. If you want a true costume and not something cozy to wear around your house, this may be a better option.

That said, you are giving up some of the versatility that other costumes have. You probably aren’t going to lounge around and watch a movie with this costume on, despite what the advertising says.

There is only one color to choose from, but the same company does make other similar costumes that you may want to consider, too.

6. Magicalani Onesie Cat Pajamas

Magicalani Onesie Cat Pajamas

Once again, this company makes a lot of different costumes. However, one of them is a cat. It’s another plushy, soft costume that you could easily wear around your house when you’re cold. It’s made to be baggy and cozy, unlike most modern adult costumes.

It’s made of polyester and is completely machine-washable. The material is loose-fitting and flexible enough to allow for a large range of movement. This costume even comes with a tail, which isn’t the case with other cat costumes out there. (Surprisingly, finding these costumes with tails is a bit challenging.)

This costume is cheaper than most, too. However, it isn’t from Japan and doesn’t necessarily have the same quality as other options out there. It may be a great budget option if you don’t want to spend $70 on a onesie, though.

7. Fun Costumes Adult Black Cat Onesie

Fun Costumes Adult Black Cat Onesie

This costume is much more like a costume than the giant adult onesies on this list. It’s tighter, though it is still a onesie. There are several sizes, and it isn’t likely that you can squeeze into a size that is too small. Therefore, be sure to look at their sizing instructions. The attached hood has facial features and fleece ears, making it look like a cat. It also comes with a tail!

This costume is a great option if you want something less baggy but are still interested in the onesie style. It isn’t blatantly Japanese, but it is inspired by some of the more Japanese designs out there.

8. Beauty Shine Cat Costume

Beauty Shine Cat Costume

This plushy, fluffy costume is made of high-quality fleece and designed to be warm. It’s black and white and designed to be very baggy. You can wash it in the washing machine, and it’s designed for long-term use. This costume works great in the colder months when you need to stay warm.

This company also designs several other costumes, but it only has one cat-themed option.

Final Thoughts

There are tons of Japanese-inspired cat costumes out there. Some are designed explicitly based on Japanese styles, while others are only minorly inspired by them. Most are pretty baggy and “stuffed-animal-like,” which is often how cat costumes are designed in Japan. They’re cozy and designed to wear around the house on top of being a costume.

Unlike most traditional costumes, these are made to be worn once and never again. They work great for those who want a versatile outfit that they can wear multiple times.

Featured Photo Credit: anastasiaromb, Shutterstock

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