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CatLadyBox Subscription Review 2024: A Detailed Look

Written by: Sara Seitz

Last Updated on May 3, 2024 by Catster Editorial Team

CatLadyBox Cat Subscription Box

CatLadyBox Subscription Review 2024: A Detailed Look

Our Final Verdict

We give CatLadyBox’s subscription box an overall rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars.

Item Quality: 4.5/5
Item Variety: 5/5
Value: 4.9/5

When I think of cat ladies, my mind immediately goes to the crazy cat lady on The Simpsons. That’s exactly the kind of stigma CatLadyBox is trying to do away with. And they’ve come up with a pretty fun way to accomplish that.

Of course, I’m talking about the CatLadyBox subscription. This subscription gift box service delivers fun, fashionable, and fabulous cat-related clothing, accessories, and household items straight to your door. These items are perfect for cat-loving ladies (and everyone else) who flirt with the line between obsessed and crazy but don’t necessarily want to cross it.

I’ve had cats my entire life and am as obsessed with them as I am with pretty much any animal I can cuddle up with. So, I was overjoyed at the opportunity to test out the CatLadyBox subscription for myself. My ever-playful cat, Makoa, insisted I upgrade to the CRAZY CatLadyBox (his words, not mine), so my boxes came with some extra gifties for kitties, as well.

Find out how much Makoa and I loved our subscription boxes and where we saw some room for improvement in my full CatLadyBox subscription review, below.

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At a Glance: The CatLadyBox Products We Received

Image Product Details
Paw-romise Ring Paw-romise Ring
  • Adorable paw print pattern
  • Sturdy and well-made
  • Gap design for customizable fit
  • Second place
    Paw of Flowers T-Shirt Paw of Flowers T-Shirt
  • Super soft material
  • Adorable but understated design
  • Great colors (especially if pet hair is an issue)
  • Third place
    Mewotivational Coasters Mewotivational Coasters
  • Neutral design to go with any decor
  • Fun and inspirational catty quotes
  • Useful around the house and in the kitchen
  • Feline Fresh Spring Stackers Feline Fresh Spring Stackers
  • Three nesting Tupperware-style containers
  • Twist on lids
  • Super cute and fun spring cat design
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    About CatLadyBox

    CatLadyBox subscription box

    This kitty-lover subscription box company was born out of multiple cat-related endeavors by founder, Dorian Wagner.

    It started with a blog dedicated to adorable cat videos. With the profits from the blog, Dorian started a toy and treat drive for shelter animals that eventually became a full-fledged volunteer network for transporting homeless kitties to no-kill shelters and new forever homes.

    From those humble beginnings, CatLadyBox was born. With every subscription box purchased, CatLadyBox donates to a cat charity or rescue group.

    Who Makes the CatLadyBox Products?

    Each item that comes in your CatLadyBox is exclusive to the company and many are created by their in-house artists. This means you won’t find these items on the shelf at the store. It also means that every cat toy that arrives in your box will be a one-of-a-kind find.

    Many of these products are made for CatLadyBox by outside companies with global manufacturing plants.

    Which Types of Cats Is CatLadyBox Best Suited For?

    The CRAZY CatLadyBox, which is an upgrade from the original box, contains two cat toys on top of the goodies for you. These toys differ each month, but most are play-focused, including plush kickers, wands, and catnip-filled chasers. With this in mind, these boxes are best for playful kittens and cats.

    But I think the real question here is which types of owners is CatLadyBox best suited for. The answer to that is simple: Any cat-loving person who can appreciate adding more cat-centric stuff to their household and closet.

    While the company is marketed largely to women, the shirts are all unisex and many of the items can be enjoyed by people of all genders.

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    Key Features

    CatLadyBox subscription box

    CatLadyBox is unique because it’s the first gift box subscription service intended for cat owners, rather than just cats themselves. What this fun company offers can be broken down into four key features, which we’ll look at below.

    The Box

    CatLadyBox offers two subscription levels.

    The first box, the Original CatLadyBox, is all about spoiling cat owners. This box contains three to four items each month. A shirt or clothing item is always included along with a variety of personal accessories, household decorations, kitchen items, blankets, outdoor decorations, and more.

    The CRAZY CatLadyBox includes the same three or four owner items as the original plus two additional cat-specific items. These are typically toys and can range from simple plush stuffies to catnip-filled kickers to feathery wands.

    The difference between the two boxes is only four dollars. So, if you have a cat, I’d suggest upgrading. Otherwise, they might find out you’ve been spoiling only yourself when you could have been spoiling them too!

    The Subscription

    Once you pick your box type, it’s time to decide how many subscription boxes you want. You can opt for one, three, or six. The more you get, the less you pay per box.

    After you choose your number of boxes and checkout, you’ll be able to set your delivery preferences. For example, you could have your six boxes come once per month for six months. Or you could opt to have them come every other month for a year.

    They also have an option to get one box every six months.

    Spreading out your deliveries is a great way to spread out the joy. But on the downside, you might miss some really cool boxes.

    That’s because each month has a different theme. The two boxes I’ve received so far have had the themes “Cats in Bloom” and “Hug All the Cats.” They also do special holiday-themed boxes throughout the year.

    Luckily, you can always purchase past items individually or opt for a previous month’s box.

    CatLadyBox subscription box

    The Donations

    Each purchase made at CatLadyBox helps fund cat rescues and other cat organizations thanks to the donations the company makes each month.

    Some of the great organizations to receive donations from CatLadyBox include:

    • Chicagoland Animal Rescue
    • Pet Haven
    • Kitty Connection
    • Happy Tailz Cat Rescue
    • Louisiana SPCA

    You can even nominate your favorite cat rescue organization to receive donations from the company.

    Additionally, the company frequently donates boxes of toys to shelters across the country.

    The Value

    A standard CatLadyBox subscription ranges from $35 to $42 per box depending on which subscription size you choose. The CRAZY box ranges from $39 to $48.

    The total value of the items in the box varies each month, but this number is always higher than what you would pay for them individually, sometimes exponentially so.

    For instance, in my Cats In Bloom box, the five items had a total list value of $67. Even if you bought this as a single-box subscription, you’d still pay nearly $20 more if you were to buy the same items one at a time. And if you opted for the six-box option, you’d be saving nearly $30.

    While you don’t know exactly what you’ll get each month or how much you’ll love each item, the overall value of this subscription service is apparent. Plus you can feel good that some of your money goes to helping kitties in need.

    CatLadyBox subscription box

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    Reviews of Our Favorite CatLadyBox Products

    1. Paw-romise Ring

    Paw-romise Ring

    The smallest item in my boxes ended up being my favorite. This adorable little ring features tiny cat paw print cutouts that twirl around your finger.

    Thanks to the gap in the ring, it’s slightly adjustable, making it more likely to fit one of your fingers well. Despite that malleability, this ring is impressively sturdy and appears to be made of silver.

    The edges of the pattern are rounded and the ring itself is comfortable to wear.

    This little accessory makes a great addition to the jewelry box and a fabulous way to remember your favorite kitty.

    • Adorable design
    • Sturdy and well-made
    • Appears to be silver
    • Adjustable size
    • Not fitted

    2. Paw of Flowers T-Shirt

    Paw of Flowers T-Shirt

    This charcoal-gray tee shirt is one of the more understated patterns CatLadyBox has released. It features a tiny but adorable purple paw and flower emblem in the corner of the chest.

    While it doesn’t scream, “I love cats!” it does make for a wonderfully subtle call out to your favorite animal. And the neutral design means you can wear it just about anywhere.

    But what I really love about this shirt is how amazingly soft it is. It feels like a cloud against your skin (or a fluffy, well-groomed cat). The material, a blend of cotton, spandex, and polyester, is breathable and lightweight.

    Whether you have a white kitty, a black cat, or something in between, the smart charcoal color of this shirt will help you hide those pesky pet hairs.

    • Comfy
    • Neutral but still cute
    • Versatile
    • Not 100% cotton
    • Unisex shape is not as flattering

    3. Mewotivational Coasters

    Meowtivational Coasters

    If you’re in the market for a good set of coasters that are guaranteed to match your style, these simple but oh-so-fun cork coasters are the way to go.

    Each of these 4-inch by 4-inch coasters features an inspirational, paw-sitive quote in simple black letters. Two of my favorites include:

    • “Every day is a new chance to pounce on happiness”
    • “When the path gets tough, remember you’ve got claws”

    These lightweight coasters are great for coffee tables, desks, or the dinner table. You can even use them as mini trivets in the kitchen.

    • Neutral design
    • Fun and inspirational quotes
    • Can be used all around the house
    • Thin and not overly durable

    4. Feline Fresh Spring Stackers

    Feline Fresh Spring Stackers

    Whether you’ve got leftover cat food to store or just want the cutest snack containers ever, these stackers have you covered.

    Each piece of this three-set features a different fun, colorful, spring cat design. The bright red-orange kitties, green foliage, and orange flowers are as cheerful as a spring day.

    Each of the containers comes with a twist-on lid (in springy bright green). The largest of the containers holds 34 ounces, the medium size holds 16 ounces, and the small size holds 8 ounces. These nest into each other, lids and all, for easy storage.

    While these would be perfect for storing cat food and leftover canned food, I’m certain my daughter will claim them for her school snacks.

    • Fun designs and colors
    • Three useful sizes
    • Nest for storage
    • Lids can be tough to get off

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    Our Experience With CatLadyBox

    So far, I’ve received two of my CatLadyBox subscription boxes. Both were full of fun items for me and for my ten-month-old cat, Makoa.

    I highlighted four of my most favorite items above, but there was little in this box not to like!

    The only item I don’t see myself using is the trucker hat (though, I love the saying on it—”I live in the meow!”). Still, I can think of many people to gift it to, so it’s not a total loss.

    In addition to the items I received in the boxes, I also got a mystery gift, which comes with all three and six box orders.

    My mystery gift was a black metal cat yard decoration. This little kitty now has a home in the garden by my front door and makes me smile every time I come home.

    Because I opted for the CRAZY CatLadyBox, each of my boxes also included two gifts for Makoa. He got a fuzzy plush “Cattitude journal,” a huggable plush kicker, a plush mushroom, and a dragonfly wand toy.

    All three plush toys had catnip in them, which I imagine would be a big plus for most cats. Unfortunately, Makoa has little to no sense of smell thanks to a bad respiratory illness as a kitten. This means he doesn’t know the joy of catnip.

    Still, he has had a blast playing with all of these toys. He especially likes the fun, hairy texture of the journal stuffy and is constantly grooming it.

    Overall, I was very impressed with the items I received in my boxes. The cat toys aren’t the highest of quality in terms of material and durability and I didn’t have a use for every single item I got, but I have enjoyed most of them.

    I will absolutely be keeping CatLadyBox in mind for Christmas this year. I think the subscription would make a great present for any cat lovers out there. And the fact that each purchase creates a donation for cats in need makes me all the more eager to find others to share this product with.

    CatLadyBox subscription

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    Whether you’re a cat lover in love with cat stuff or know someone who fits that description, CatLadyBox is worth checking out. This gift box subscription company delivers cat-centric fun straight to your door. And if you have a kitty, they can deliver fun for them too.

    I loved the items I received in my gift boxes almost as much as my kitty loved his. The value of the fun accessories, clothes, and decorations definitely exceeds the cost of the box itself and each purchase helps raise donations for cat rescues and organizations. So, as far as I can tell, there’s no reason not to indulge your crazy cat lady side with CatLadyBox.

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