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August 4th 2009 7:00 am
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What a difference a year makes. Really just a day, a few hours--even moments.
A year ago last night, I was laying on mom's trash can lid (my favorite spot), watching a huge tan moth fly around the deck light. Mom shared the moment with me. She petted me and went to bed. Mom says that if she had known what was to happen, she would have brought me inside and would not have allowed me back out. When she saw me next I had been injured or had a stroke (vet could never say which). So began our last days together. Me at the vet and mom a mess.

Thirty-eight years ago today mom had another tragedy to occur.
Her almost 4 year-old sister died. I will be busy today sending angel dust mom's way and she will be looking for butterflies. If you read Bear's diary, you will find out about the latest butterfly story.



DOTD for 6/23/2009

June 23rd 2009 12:20 am
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Mom is up late, as usual, and she just received a note from Catster, that I am Diary of the Day!! WOW. I have been dairy pick before, but not the DOTD. I've been on mom's mind, quite a bit lately. It's just that I truly enjoyed the outdoors last summer. I loved laying in mom's flowerbeds and on her trashcan. The flower garden is growing and the hastas were my favorite choice for a shady spot. Mom sees so many places that I had played or napped in. In many ways I am still there with mom, but not in the way that matters most. Bella has a personality much like my own, so mom hugs her extra at times and she lets mom do it now. I'll do my part and send more butterflies down to mom.



6/19 My Gotcha Day

June 19th 2009 8:52 pm
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Today would have been my 2nd Gotcha Day. Actually, it would have been mom's because I came her way, so she got me!!
While mom was out today she saw a beautiful Zebra Swallowtail Butterfly. She said she knew I had sent it her way. Usually mom has the little purple and yellow butterflies and the gorgeous Monarchs. This butterfly was huge and beautiful. It fluttered around mom, and she said it was a gorgeous as me.


(I love you Socks...Mom)


2 months

October 10th 2008 9:53 pm
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Thursday was two months since I went to the Bridge. Mommie was having a rough week, one thing that did not help was getting a reminder card from the vet telling her that my vaccination was due. She wishes so much that I was here to get my shot.

There are not very many butterflies lately and that has made her sad. The weather changing, days are shortening and this time of year is rough for mommie. She has suffered from SAD for many years now, but is once again trying to forgo medicine for it. Some years she can make it through until the Christmas holiday hits, she hopes to make it through this entire period (usually Oct to Apr) but the last few days have been difficult.

There was some good news. One little sweetie here on catster, her name is Charmaine, celebrated her 2 month anniversary in her new home on Thursday too. This helped mommie a lot. There was a new life being brought into someone's home when my life was shortened and just knowing that helps. I think that is what yin and yang is all about. For every bad there is good and vice-versa.

It's so beautiful here at the bridge and mommie knows that I am healthy and happy.



I was in Mommie's thoughts today

September 2nd 2008 8:54 pm
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Actually I am in her thoughts pretty much everyday, many times a day. Today was one of those moment days. It's been 4 weeks since I was injured. Mommie was burning trash (you know that junk mail that comes with mommie or dad's names. She saves it overtime and burns it in a barrel.) This was the first time she'd burned since I left for the bridge.

When mommie goes to burn trash, several of us would laze around, chasing bugs because the security light is near and mommie waits until almost dark to burn. She was naming off each one as she could find them: in the grass, in the weeds by the creek, or just near her. She named them and started to yell for me when it hit her, I wasn't there. I was always one of the first to head toward mommie's direction when she would burn. She would stay outside until it burned out, we would play, chase one another, chase the bugs, dig in the grass or run across the creek. To run in the leaves, in the fall, was always fun. They would make all kinds of noise. I'd head toward the burning barrel and mommie would pick me up, tell me no and rub heads with me.

Yes, it was one of "those moment" days for mommie and she had another cry. Boy if tears were money, mommie would be very rich right now. She knows she is rich in many ways and that is why I know I was and still am very much loved by mommie.



I've Been Tagged by Callie

August 24th 2008 4:31 pm
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My sweet furriend Callie tagged me to play this game.

1) What is your favorite Olympic sport?
My mommie boycotted the olympics, but I think I would have enjoyed volleyball or soccer, they get to play with a ball (only I'd want a smaller one).

2) What do you prefer, summer or winter?
Summer. I could play outside most every day, but during the winter, when it was too cold I couldn't go outside.

3) What is the quirkiest thing you do?
If I did not want someone to pick me up, I could latch onto the carpet really good, it would take some work for them to pick me up. Also, could bend my neck (I was pure muscle) and make it almost impossible (sometimes actually impossible) for mommie to give me medicine.

4) Do you have a crush on any other kitties?

5) What is your favorite rosie or zealie, and why?
They are all nice, but I really love the butterflies.

I've Tagged These special Friends from the Bridge,

Wally Wallingford
Wee Gordi




August 22nd 2008 10:19 pm
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Wow mommie came home tonight and found out that I had been chosen one of Caster's Daily Diary Picks. So many furriends have either pmailed, shouted out or left me gifts/treats. These Caster furriends are just wonderful. This means alot to mommie and me, since Saturday will be 2 weeks since we said goodbye. One friend, Wally, even found me a trashcan, I just cannot wait to use it. Now, just I need to find a good spot to put it. You see I protected our home when I sat on the trash can on the deck. I don't have to protect the Bridge, but I do need somewhere good, where I can watch butterflies.

xoxoxo to all my furriends. Thank you.


Not Forgotten

August 21st 2008 8:58 pm
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I want to thank everyone who continues to send gifts and pmails, mommie really appreciates them and so do I. I am meeting so many new friends. Sadly, there are new ones who have arrived after me. I know their mommies and daddies miss them like mine does me. The only complaint I have over here at the bridge is no trashcan yet. I'm trying to find one that looks like mine back home. It was a large green one with a grayish lid. I loved sitting on it, it would sink down into a circle and felt so comfy. I see mommie touch mine as she goes by it each time. It was 2 weeks ago tonight that I came home for the last time. I was confused when I was at mommie's, but now I'm not. I'm healthy and happy (even tho I do miss my family).

I sent mommie a butterfly kiss last week. She was mowing and was coming inside when a small yellow butterfly flew straight at her, caught her on her cheek and was gone, she couldn't find it. She knew it came from me. The last time we spent together was watching a huge beautiful moth fly around the deck light. That was the night when something hit me. Thats the nice thing about being here, we don't have to remember what happened we just know we now have a new beautiful home, we are perfectly healthy and so happy.

Until next time xooxxo Socks


My Last Week

August 9th 2008 9:16 pm
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Mommie is using her notes to the Kit Kat Club and Cobblestone Square groups to tell my last week here with her. She doesn't feel up to writing it all again in my words, but wanted to share my fight with others who may not have read the groups' mail. xoxoxo Socks

Monday 8/4/2008
Socks mommie here:
I just left Socks at the Vet's. My son found him by the road this morning, between the flower bed and the road. He was stiff and Donald brought him inside, he moved so very very slow and walked into the wall. I immediately called the vet's when Donald brought him in and we took him right down. They believe he has a head trauma because right now his body appears okay. He has feeling in his toes and no blood on his fur.
They are giving him steriods for swelling in the head and antibiotics. Will do xrays later, after he rests and the swelling seems to be coming down.
Please pray for his healing or if it is his time he won't be suffering. I won't be back on until I have news. We have dial up and I want to leave the phone line available.
God Bless,
Mommie Mary

Monday PM 8/4
I just spoke with the vet and he said that Socks is moving around some, stumbling, and holding his head up a little. His eyes are dialated. He acts as if he has been under anthesia. So the belief is still central nervous damage and that comes from a hit, but there was no bleeding (ears, mouth, nose) and that has them stumped. I asked if this doesn't act like he stroked and the vet said yes it acts like that, but Socks is too young, only a year old. So right now we don't know the cause, but he is a little better. Will know more tomorrow.

Tuesday AM 8/5
I visited Socks this morning and he is improving.
The vet says that he believe that Socks has his vision back. He stands, a little shaky, but does not fall down. He stared at my face then gave me a head bump. Socks began purring and put his head on my shoulder. I asked if he was relaxed (we had another storm through the night and I worried about him being alone) and he said he'd just been laying down. That this (with me) was the most active he'd been. Still no idea what happened, I have looked the area over and cannot find anything that may have been toxic. With where he was found, a tire probably bumped him and his head took the brunt of the force. Hopefully he will be home tomorrow.

Wednesday AM 8/6
I called the vet's about a 1/2 hour ago to see when I could bring Socks home and he won't be home for a couple of days, at least. He had a rough night, he is drinking some, peed, but not eating yet (I left his food yesterday) and the vet doesn't think he is mentally ready to eat. Socks is mentally having good and bad times and the vet wants to continue treating him for central nervous sytstem trauma. If after a couple of days and no more improvement, then he will let me bring Socks home to see if that would help, but he feels he needs the meds now. I can visit him between 2 and 4. We still need your prayers. mommie mary

Wednesday PM 8/6
I visited Socks this afternnon. At first he headbumped and started purring, then he lost all interest in me. At one point he began shaking in his lower body it scared me. the vet said that something must have spooked him, so I moved across the room because the air conditioner vent was near us--thought that might have bothered him. The vet and I talked, his eyes respond to light but not sure how much he is seeing. His hearing appears to be off. All his senses are off, may be why he's not eating, if he cant smell it. He drinks a little, but not enough so they are giving him IV fluids, forcing oral glucose to keep his energy going
The outlook is that he could heal completely in 3 or 4 months or he could stay where he is now. When he comes home he will need to be kept in a crate for his own safety. He seems relaxed and like he's drugged. He's in no discomfort.
There is no sign of bruising, no external signs of injury. No signs that toxins or poisons were involved. Things really point to brain damage, quite possibly a stroke. So he may recover and he may not. His breathing is fine, no fever. I snapped my fingers near his ears and he didn't respond, yet other noises he'd look. So different sounds and different tones, which I hope means that over time there could be improvement.

Thursday 8/7
Hi guys,
Guess where I am right now? At home with mommie, it's a trial run to see if it would help me eat and drink. I still don't want water, but I have had tuna (mommie put extra water with the juice) and she took chicken and mix a little water, made a broth, and I drank that. I'll eat the tuna but didn't want to eat the chicken. Mommie's happy. I'm still having some problems. I walk in circles alot. I will stop and stare for awhile (sleeping on my feet). I walk through bowls of food, through or over anything. Can get lost in a corner, need help manuvering. But the good points, when mommie says come on Soxie, I follow. I'm resting good, after I tired myself out looking the house over. I want to be with Bear, Boss, Tiger and the others. I want to cuddle against them. But Oreo, KITT, and Titi have growled at me (probably the smell on me) when I tried to cuddle with them. I was really happy to see my boy Donald when he got home from work. Mommie has let me roam this afternoon/evening, but I am going into the crate to sleep tonight. She don't want to risk me getting myself hurt when she goes to bed. She will get up and offer me tuna through the night to keep me hydrated. The doc hoped getting home might help me want to eat. I think it may have done the trick. We're not out of the woods yet, but we do see the opening and it looks good.

Thanks again to all of our wonderful furriends. I really appreciate the prayers, the purrs, the get well wishes, pmails, and the postive thoughts. Mommie was telling me when we were visiting that I was going to get better and that I was going to go home. Then the doc said I could go and try it. I'm going to believe mommie from now on (thanks to everyone for reminding mommie to be positive).

head bumps, purrs, and xoxoxo

Friday 8/8
Sock's mommie here:
I didn't know if I was going to write tonight or wait until tomorrow, but wanted to still ask for prayers.
Socks did have more tuna and water 2:30 a.m. and again at 6:30 a.m. then we walked around the house. At 7:00 a.m. he had a nose bleed since I was unable to contact the vet, we headed there knowing they open at 8:00, we only waited 10 minutes because the vet did get my message. Bleeding stopped before we got to the vet. He gave socks a vitamin K shot and a shot of antibiotics because he sneezed through the night and was coughing a little this morning.

Came back home he had more tuna and water. He'd slept in my arms most of the night, I'd put him in his bed when my arms went to sleep. He'd just sit or lay and stare--I was sleeping next to his crate. But in my arms he'd sleep and snoore. After he ate we walked around some. When I went to pick him up he lunged forward from me. I thought I'd spooked him and tried again, he ran straight into his carrier. So I helped him into the crate, because I figured he was tire. He started licking his lips about 1/2 hour later, so we tried baby food (rec. by vet) and he loved it, almost had the entire jar, also added some water to it. I offered him water again, he stepped in it, then in his litter box. So I took him out to clean him up, clipped his nails (they were getting long) and was combing him and he tensed and began growling. He growled again and I put him in his crate and called the vet--said could be where things are changing, to keep him in crate for a while. (I figured too much stimulation/sounds) I watched him clean himself, it was like he was angry.

About an hour later the phone rang, I was talking to my daughter and watching him, he began chasing something with his mouth, then ran/climbing circles in his crate, then he had a seizure. It was awful. I called the vet and headed to there again. They kept him to observe him, when I went back to see him this afternoon, he was sedated because he'd had another seizure, the vet said he'd never seen a cat have one that serious before.

This is when I began having some problems remaining positive. He said he would call me this evening and let me know how Socks was doing. He did call. Socks has had no more seizures and is unaware/groggy tonight. In the morning he is going to call me again and if Socks is still unaware we are going to talk. I'm really concerned about what may be happening to Socks with the seizures. I also know there are medicines-there's alot going through my head right now. I want to do what's right for Socks and I don't want to quit too soon, but I don't want him to suffer (he cried after the seizure here--broke my heart).

Saturday 8/9
We said goodbye to Socks today. I talked to the vet and he said that Socks' quality of life had decreased. Socks was not aware, but I talked with him and I hope he heard how much we loved him. We spent about an hour together before saying goodbye. I will be back on catster in a while, because I have some really wondeful furriends I want to thank. Your prayers and thoughts have meant so much. Soxie's mommie



August 1st 2008 10:57 pm
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Well I thought that I had done it!! I outsmarted mommie the day before yesterday (Wednesday). She made me an appointment for the vet and was getting dressed to take me. She blocked the cat door (we don't have a latch thing on it yet, so she put a box and a bag with books to fit in against the window). After she dressed she came into the living room to find me and Tiger gone!!!!! We'd manuevered the box and books over just enough to squeeze out the door.

Mommie came outside to look for me. As she took somethings to the car I passed her and walked up the ramp. She put her purse and glasses in the car but by the time she came back up the ramp I'd disappeared. She started looking for me, I was under the deck. Just far enough that she could not reach me. For 40 minutes she tried to talk me into coming out. Offered me treats, talked to me and I stayed under the deck. She finally gave up, went in and called, they could not reschedule for later Wednesday so she made a new appointment for Thursday.

Donald was home Thursday, that was my downfall. I came in to eat, he closed off the window and guarded it while Mommie got ready. Then she guarded the window while he got ready. I tried to escape twice with Donald and once with mommie, didn't happen this time. I saw doc Kelly. He says it is that ulcer stuff, some strange name. I am allergic to something, anybody's guess. He told mommie it would take a very long time, and be very expensive, to find out want (if we could even find out). So another shot for me and still on ovaban.

Today (Friday) the sores are drying up. Mommie says I look like a poor stray. With the sores on my back and the sticky stuff, but they are a little better. She's watching for infection, which I do not want. I do not like that bumblegum flavored junk. Here's hoping my nice coat returns soon. :) Socks

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