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Diary of a NOT FAT lover boy

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Arnold Picture

January 25th 2010 4:28 pm
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Friends, we don't know who made the beautiful picture of our dear friend Arnold P. that we've been using as our main picture. We saw it on Calvin's page and grabbed itbecause we didn't figure anycat would mind.

So I hope the kind kitty who did make it doesn't mind if we say feel free to grab it from our page if you don't know where to get a copy.

Too sad to write more.

Update: I guess I didn't grab it from Calvin's page. I don't know whose page I took it from.



January 24th 2010 1:01 pm
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Dear Diary,

Here's the video of me and sissy playing with our toy from our beloved furriend, Arnold P.


Although to call what we were doing "playing" is a bit of an exaggeration... But I was clearly enjoying it!

Please keep your purrs on high for Arnold P. and for his mommy.



What's up with us.

January 23rd 2010 7:09 pm
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Dear Diary,

Mom's been away from home a lot! :~( Tonight we MADE her catch up with our furriends' new pictures and diaries. We had 17 pages of recent activities by furriends to try to catch up on and we hope we did catch up.

It was furry sad at times catching up with effuryone... in addition to our dearest furriend, Arnold P. for whom we are purring and worrying non-stop, we read about so many other furriends in need of purrrs! There's Frankie, Sugar, Gleek, Stinky, Lucy, Baby G., Louis LeBeau, Bou Haki, and so many others! And Jasmine Delilah's mommy needs purrs too. :~( We love you all and we feel the pain your purrents are suffering because their beloved fur children are hurting. And we are purrrrrrrrrring fur you all!

But we also got to read about diary honors and birthdays! And sweet little Muppet's diary (probably several days old since we were so behind!) about the "hungry box" describing how she played at being a Jack in the Box really made mommy chuckle! Then there were Charlie's baby pictures that were soo cute! And some really happy news, the mommy of our sweet angel furriend, Ava has a new addition at her house! Whoo hoo!

As fur us, well we aren't happy with mommy fur being away from home so much this last week. But she did give us one of the toys that our dear furiend, Arnold P. sent home with her last weekend! And she took a little video of me with it. :~) She will try to edit it and post it on my page tomorrow.

And we want to thank our furriend, Hershey fur forwarding all of the information about Nicholas to both the Colorado and Texas offices of Siamese Cat Rescue! Mommy checked with PetSense on Thursday and Nicholas was still there. :~( But mommy continues to spread the word. And a nice lady who works with mommy had dinner with Dr. Yauk (the vet who has treated Nicholas fur his teeth) on Wednesday and told mommy on Thursday that they had an idea fur a prospective furrever home fur him. I promise I will let you know what happens with him.

tired purrrs,


Nicholas has his own page

January 17th 2010 3:40 pm
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Dear Diary,

Mommy made a page fur Nicholas so she could post more photos of him and report on his journey without having to use my page to do it.

Purrsonally, I'm NOT looking forward to making his acquaintance!



Nicholas is going to go live with Aldo!

January 13th 2010 6:36 am
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Dear Diary,

This is sooo exciting! Aldo's mommy is going to adopt the sweet Siamese boy, Nicholas that I've been writing about!

Mommy is a nervous wreck though! She needs to get an airline approved cat carrier... she needs to get an airline ticket! She needs to arrange to have Nicholas fly with her in the cabin (she's neffur flown with a kitty). She needs to talk to the vet about a tranquilizer... She needs to know how to carry water fur him on the plane...

She has about a two hour drive from her house to any major airport. And she knows it will be two flights to BWI. She needs to figure out what to do with Nicholas until she can travel with him (probably going to bring him to our house and put him in the guest room but she knows this is going to make me and sissy furry mad!) She needs to get a day or two free from work so she can make the trip (so furry busy right now!). But right now, she needs to get her butt to work!!

Oh this is sooo scary! But we're happy that Nicholas is going to go to such a wonderpurr home! Any helpful advice that any kitty can give mommy on pulling this all off would sure be appreciated!

nervous purrrs,


Thank You dear furriends fur helping me celebrate my- birthday!

January 10th 2010 5:53 pm
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Dear Diary,

I want to thank all my Catster furriends who made my birthday so special! You guys are the greatest and I love you furry much!

Special thanks to:

Fur furrever crowns:

My pawsome buddy, Teddy Roosevelt and his wonderpurr furmily!

My great new furriends, Kibbles, Francis and angel Yoda!

And, my sweet Olde Furt furriend, Smokey, 22 in 2010!

Thank you to my best buddy, Arnold P. fur the gold star!

Thanks to that pawsome furmily I love so much, The Texas Wild Bunch fur the gorgeous diamond with the cute picture of all the singing kitties in it!

I got yummy chocolate frosted cupcakes from my new Olde Furt furriends, Big Harry and Royce and from my purrecious old Olde Furt friend, Kit! Thanks Furts!

I nommed on a bunch of tasty blue-frosted cupcakes from:

The lovely and sweet, Lucy!

A pair of purrty and sweet girls, and Olde Furt furriends, Kaci Sunshine and Miss Mittens!

My great brusselball pals, Hershey, Annadee, Rafiki and Benjamin!

A girl I just adore (and would even if she hadn't made me my purrrfect ham page background!) and a wonderpurr admin of Olde Furts and dedicated furnalist, the gorgeous, Sissy!

My adorable furriends, Teebo and Callie! (and like Emily said last night, if you haven't checked out the kitten pictures of themselves that Teebo and Callie have up right now you really should! They are soooooooooo cute!).

My sweet pal, and another Olde Furt, Hooch!

And, the beautiful and sweet, Mercy! She looks so gorgeous in her current main picture, all bundled up fur Winter! But then she always looks gorgeous!

Thanks fur the tasty treats furriends!

I got a dozen red roses from sweetie pie Olde Furt, Nala Sue! Thanks Nala Sue! *blushes*

Thank you to another purrty Lucy fur the champagne! It went right to my head! *hic*

And the adorable Muppet and furmily gave me more bubbly! *grins and staggers* Thanks furriends!

I got pawsome party hats from my dear furriends, Super Hero Angel Wally and his furmily and sweet, kind, purrty, and great Olde Furts' admins, Whisper and Flower and their furmily! Thank you dear furriends!

My good pal Violet and his pawsome furmily gave me a yummy cup of hot cocoa! Thanks Violet! (Violet for H.O.H.!)

My dear furriends, and wonderpurr Olde Furt admins, Angel Thomas and furmily gave me a fun mousie to chase around! Thanks so much guys!

I got red hearts from:

The always thoughtful Furmily of Karma Kitty!

And my adorable furriend, little Kitcat!

I got brusselballs from my pawsome brusselball pals, Frankie and Mac and Smokey and Toby and angel Ginger! Thanks guys!

Thank you to those wonderpurr Olde Furts, Alex, Annie and Bugsy fur the snowman fur my birthday!

I got a cool football from one of my favorite furmilies, Ko, Taz, Jacob, Joey, Orvis, Marvel Ann, and angels, Flinders, Susie and Boots! Thanks guys!

Thank you to my sweet, purrty furriends, BonnieBell and Snickey fur the paw rosie! J

And the HAMS!!! Mind you, these were all craftily disguised as shrimpies, but Misha explained that they were really hams! I got shrimpie shaped hams from:

My darling furriend and wonderpurr Olde Furts' admin, Freckles!

Another pawsome Olde Furts' admin, and very special angel, Misha!

A pawsitively gorgeous girl, Grace with whom I hope to become official furriends!

My sweet, cute furriends, Luke, Tully, Natasha and Sammy!

My precious niece, the adorable, Libby!

A great Tabby with 'Tude admin and Olde Furt pal, Sagan! I'm sending you and your furmily purrs and hugs because I know you all are still hurting and missing sweet Anne.

And I got sweet happy birthday pmails from:

Purrty Tabby with 'Tude admin, Sugar Bear!

Gorgeous Tony and his furmily!

The love of my life, my beautiful, Bessie and her earth furmily!

Adorable little, Daphne!

One of my furry first furriends, sweet Dobby! Dobby, I'm sorry, my silly sisfur Emily should have thanked you too in her diary last night! *blushes*

And thank you to all the furriends who helped us celebrate our birthdays in our groups or in the comments on our diaries! I sure hope I didn't leave anycat out! We love you all and are purring that you are all safe and warm and loved tonight.



Photos of Nicholas and more info

January 10th 2010 3:26 pm
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Dear Diary,

Mommy went to visit Nicholas and took pictures. You can see them all on the third page of my photo album HERE

He is a furry sweet boy and a real blue-blood! But he's a sick boy who will need some extra lovin' and attention. The cashier who told mommy that he had allergies and "that's why his eye looks that way" was apparently wrong. The manager lady, a furry nice woman named Jo, who let mommy sit in her office and visit with Nicholas fur a long time, said the Cat Clinic dr. (same place WE go!) said his infected toofies that got removed had caused the infection around his eye. The nice lady, Jo, took advantage of the fact that mommy was holding Nicholas on her lap to give him the liquid antibiotic that he is on fur six more days and to rub some ointment on his wonky eye.

He is also skin and bones and hasn't been grooming himself since he was feeling so bad. BUT mommy thinks maybe this is a happy story and not a sad one. Because Nicholas is getting the medical care and treatment now that he needs that he apparently wasn't getting before his humans gave him up. So the fact that they gave him up might be the best thing that's happened to Nicholas in a while.

Of course the nice lady, Jo, wanted mommy to take him. But we, that is to say Emily and I, do not think we would like having him around at all!! And we think Nicholas needs more time and individual attention than he could get at our house, with mommy working full-time and the two of us demanding the rest of her time!

Mommy's offer to help with costs and arrangements if some good Catster wants to give Nicholas a furrever home still stands. Or if some Catster want to contact Jo directly Nicholas is at:

3410 West Owen K Garriott Road
Enid, OK 73703-4907
(580) 234-3656

Sorry, they don't have a website or email address.

I should also tell you that when mommy was leaving a nice looking lady was entering the store and Jo said: "There is another Nicholas fan!" So mommy talked to the lady and indeed she is his fan! While she has ten kitties of her own so she can't take him on, she has told the store that she would pay the adoption costs fur him if the store people encountered someone they thought would give him a great home.

So I think Nicholas is in good hands and will be alright. I probably won't be following up about him unless one of you contacts me with an interest in adopting him.

Now, I must set about my overdue thank yous to all you nice kitties who helped me celebrate my birthday!



Update on Nicholas

January 10th 2010 8:37 am
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Dear Diary,

Mommy just got off the phone with the PetSense store. When she asked about Nicholas, the voice of the lady on the phone clearly reflected love fur the kitty. Here is what mommy found out:

1. He is not in foster care; he stays at the store all of the time. BUT when mommy told the lady that she might come by to take his picture today the lady said: "If he's not in the cage just ask because sometimes I take him back in the office with me so that he can walk around."

2. He is getting medical care. The lady volunteered that he had just had some teeth pulled a few days ago and that: "He's getting better and he's eating more and he's going to get better."

3. He is NOT in danger of being pts. When mommy asked how long they would keep him available fur adoption the lady said: "Until he finds a home. We don't put animals to sleep."

So that all is purrty good news! Mommy feels a lot better about Nicholas now. :~) She is going to try to get his picture this afternoon (she has to go to work again today asap) and post it on my page tonight.



Well she's gone and done it again!

January 9th 2010 5:14 pm
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Dear Diary,

Once again our birthday has passed with no more celebration or gifties from our purrents than tuna fur our treat in place of Fancy Feast. Hummph! Thank goodness our Catster furriends were so nice and celebrated with us! And I promise our thank you diaries and the individual thank yous to all of you sweet kitties will be forthcoming!

And, once again, in honor of our birthday mommy gave some goodies to the kitties at the local SPCA. You can see the haul they got here: SPCA donation. The SPCA lady doesn't look furry happy 'cause I think she was wondering why mommy was taking her picture. MOL!

The SPCA kitties got two beds, two cases of 24 cans of Fancy Feast and three packages of toys. And yes, if you have sharp eyes and noticed, that bed on the bottom is one of OUR Morgan's beds!! She gave away one of our beds!!! *interjection by mommy: Edgar, I think you'll get by with the five beds you have left*

Mommy got sad visiting with the kitties at the SPCA because she wanted to take them all home. She held the little black and white girl kitten (the sisfur of the kitten whose page Emily posted in her diary the other day) and its little purrr motor was running on high! And the kitties in the FIV room were desperate fur a visitor! They were all meowing at the door! So she visited them too. There was a beautiful dilute tortie girl in that room who was blind in one eye who just loved and loved on mommy!

But the furry saddest thing wasn't at the SPCA. It was at the pet store, a place called PetSense (we think it's local) where mommy got the gifts. There, in one of their little cages was what appeared to be a beautiful, but very petite, apple head, seal point Siamese boy curled up in a ball in a bed. I say "appeared to be" because he didn't even move when mommy whispered his name. His name, posted on his cage, is Nicholas. And he is 8 years old. Mommy asked at the register: "How does an 8 year old Siamese boy end up for adoption at the pet store?" And the lady at the register said: "Well the people who had him are both disabled and they just had a baby and they have other cats and they have to make regular trips to Oklahoma City, so something had to give. And it was Nicholas." :~( Why Nicholas? Mommy just wants to cry thinking about how sad and lonely he must be in that cage, wondering why he lost his home and his humans. I don't think Emily and I would like to have him around at all! But we sure hope some good, kind human wants a handsome, lonely boy.

*sigh* Sorry this is such a sad entry. If anycat out there wants to see about adopting Nicholas mommy would help with financing and arranging it. I know that's a long shot. And don't feel obliged anyone because I'm sure there are kitties in your hometowns who are in just as much need of a loving furrever home.

melancholy purrs,

P.S. I furgot to mention that the cashier at the PetSense said Nicholas had some history of allergies "and that's why his eye looks like that." But mommy neffur saw his eye because he stayed curled up in a little ball.


Birthday Tuna is great! (And thoughts on two years on- Catster)

January 8th 2010 5:07 pm
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Dear Diary,

Birthday tuna is almost as great as ham! I was eating so fast mommy had to take my plate away to slow me down. And lucky fur me, sissy didn't want all of hers so I got tons! Whooo hooo!

Thank you all you sweet kitties who have been wishing us a happy birthday today! We love youse guys! And we promise to do proper thank you diaries and send individual thank yous just as soon as we can! Mommy has to go into the office this weekend so we may be a little slower than usual. But I promise we will get it done.

Today is also our two year Catster anniversary. My, it's been quite the two years! We've made so many precious furriends. And we've had so much fun reading your diaries and watching your videos!

And we've seen so many dear, dear furriends make their journeys to the Bridge. And cried fur their families whose hearts were broken by their leaving.

There have been some really bad times that made my mommy cry a lot and be really sad. But there have been so many more good times! And we just hope, we truly hope, that we have helped to sometimes bring some sunshine into your lives when you needed it. We hope that we have made you, our furriends smile on occasion and know that you are loved.

Throughout these two years we have purrty faithfully read all of the diaries that all our furriends write. We wanted to be there fur them. We've kept up with your struggles and triumphs and we've loved reading about them. We struggled with this as our circle of furriends grew and the pages of diaries to read each night increased. We asked fur advice from furriends on how to manage this and we got some really good advice too! But, sadly, we were unable to follow it... MOL! There simply was no way we could pick and choose amongst our furriends and decide whose diaries we would stop reading. We love you all.

But, we are going to burn out at this pace. It is inevitable. We still don't know what the answer is though. So if someday you stop hearing from us don't think it is because we stopped loving you. And if that day should come and you miss us, then send us a pmail and as long as we and our typist are still around we'll answer it!

licking my chops from birthday tuna purrs,

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