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Mom thinks I'm a genius.

February 14th 2009 2:16 pm
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A couple of evenings ago, my mom realized that she hadn't seen my sisfur Flaca all day long. She looked all over the house and outdoors too, and called and called....but Flaca was nowhere to be found. Then she remembered how I was able to track that elusive cricket that she and Daddy couldn't find about half-a-year ago, and she thought that maybe once again I could come to the rescue. So she asked me, "Curly, where's Flaca?" I answered by walking straight over to the storage closet off of our family room, looking up at the doorknob, and then looking at Mommy. That was one place Mommy hadn't thought to check, and when she opened the door, out walked Flaca, who went straight to the cat food! She had been locked in the closet for many hours, but never meowed to be let out! (She's cute, but not the brightest bulb, MOL!) When Mommy told Daddy how I had helped, he said "No way!" Mommy and Daddy are both in awe of how I understand everything they say to me, and how willing I am to help. But hey...It's my job.


I got interviewed by Skeezix!

October 22nd 2008 7:05 pm
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My furiend Skeezix (Catster #320117) interviewed me for his blog. He even included a video of me along with the interview. Here is the link: tten-blog/interview-with-curly-worlds-coolest-crazy-tail-win ner/2008/10/22/

Thanks, Skeezix! You made me feel very impurrtant!


I'm a Semi-Finalist in the YobiLaugh contest!

October 7th 2008 8:34 pm
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The video my mom made of me playing with Daddy's underwear has made it to the semi-finals!
You can view the video at this link:

If you sign up with the website, you can vote "thumbs up" for my video. Thanks to all purrs and their hoomans who vote for me!

Semi Final contest description (from the Yobi.TV web site):

During the Semi-Final Round, members will be able to vote either thumbs-up or thumbs-down on each Semi-Final entry. The vote count will not be reset at any point during this five-week elimination contest. At the end of the first week, entries that are in places 26-30 will be eliminated. At the end of the second week, entries that are in places 21-25 will be eliminated. At the end of the third week, entries that are in places 16-20 will be eliminated. At the end of the fourth week, entries that are in places 11-15 will be eliminated. At the end of the fifth week, entries that are in places 6-10 will be eliminated. Entries in places 1-5 at the end of the fifth week will advance to the Final Round.

Final Round (start date tbd)

During the Final Round, members will be able to vote thumbs-up on one of the five Final Round entries. The vote count will not be reset at any point during the Final Round. At the end of the Final Round voting period, the single entry with the most thumbs-up votes will be declared the Grand Prize Winner.


Hide-and-Seek on our camping trip!

September 19th 2008 3:16 pm
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I learned this morning that it's easy to get pawrents freaked out on an out-of-town trip. I decided to play hide-and-seek with my mommy this morning; I hid in the travel trailer and was very quiet and didn't answer when she called me. She couldn't imagine how I could've gotten out but she looked everywhere (or so she thought); The trailer isn't that big so there are only so many places I could be, and I wasn't in any of them, MOL! Mommy even had a guy announce over the microphone at the bluegrass festival where we're camping that she had lost her cat named Curly, and for efurryone to be on the lookout for me! (I felt so impurrtant when I heard my name over the loudspeaker.) Mommy was in tears, but then she and Daddy decided to look in the only place they hadn't thought to check; There's an extra bed that folds up into the wall in their trailer, and only a couple of inches between the bed and the wall. There was NO WAY I could crawl into such a tiny space. But out of desperation, they looked for me there anyway, and there I was. Teehee!!! Now wasn't that a splendid game of hide-and seek?


We're going camping! / The new "mini-Me"

September 17th 2008 9:19 pm
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Lalo got to go camping with Mommy and Daddy last April, but the rest of us kitties had to stay home. But now, I get to go, too! Mommy and Daddy are going to a bluegrass festival for four days, and they are taking Lalo AND me with them! Stanley and Flaca will stay home because they are fraidy-cats and would not be happy. But Lalo and I love people, and we both love a good adventure, so I think it will be fun! I have a brand-new harness and a new ID tag that I will wear while I am camping. (Mommy also said something about a L-E-A-S-H, but we'll talk about that later...) I'll be sure to report on our trip when we get home next week.


More news: Something strange came in the mail today. Mommy called it a "teddy cat" and she said she bought it on eBay. It is shaped like a teddy bear but looks like a cat. Actually, it looks like ME, MOL! Mommy made me take a picture with the new stuffed toy cat, and she put the picture on my Catster page. I am embarrassed, but Mommy thinks it's cute.



August 22nd 2008 8:30 am
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My lovely bride Lily let me know that she tried to go to my Blog page, and the link didn't work! Thank you, Lily, fur letting us know. I depend on my staff to get these things right. {sigh} This should work now:


I have a BLOG!

August 21st 2008 8:22 pm
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Can you believe this? My mommy set up a blog page for me! Now what do I do with it? Oh, I know! You can leave comments! Isn't that what blogs are for? I'm not sure....This high-tech stuff has me confused. I'll take a nap and come back to it later. log-entry.html


I'm a cricket catcher! + Thanks for the Febreze collars!

August 7th 2008 9:55 am
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Well, actually, I'm more of a cricket FINDER! For two nights, a cricket that had somehow gotten into my pawrents' bedroom was chirping and chirping. Mommy didn't really mind the chirping, but it was keeping Daddy awake! (Mommy was more concerned that the poor cricket would die indoors without any food.) Last night, they let me into the bedroom, and I immediately began to track the cricket! Of course, it kept moving, trying to get away from me, but eventually the cricket climbed up a curtain, and when I jumped up on the dresser and looked right at it and chirped back, Mommy was able to find it and put it safely outside with all of its cousins! So Mommy was no longer worried about that silly cricket, and I was a HERO because Daddy was able to get a good night's sleep!


I would like to take this opportunity to thank efurryone who has sent me those lovely blue Febreze collars. My staff was sending out thank-yous for awhile but there were so many collars that after awhile, the job of thanking efurryone became ofurwhelming. So purrlease forgive me if I didn't thank you purrsonally, but I want you to know that I truly appreciate the collars and kind words from all of my generous furiends!


My wedding date!

June 23rd 2008 9:22 am
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The date has been set! I will marry my beloved Lily (Catster #647722) on Thursday, June 26, 2008 at 4:00PM PDT (Catster time). Here is the link for our wedding, but please note that simply copying and pasting it will not get you to the wedding chapel because Catster has some fleas and no matter how many times our staff re-types it in my diary, it keeps showing up with spaces that don't belong there. So purrlease, after you paste it, make sure there are no spaces in the address. I invite all of our furriends to attend and share in this joyous occasion. I am such a lucky cat!! l_Play_Dates/thread/533509


I've been tagged! (Again!)

June 5th 2008 11:42 am
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Oliver (Pantherfoot), Catster #586412, has tagged me to tell 7 interesting things about myself. I was tagged to do this last February, but it's been four months so I think I can come up with seven new facts.

1. I am getting married this month to my sweetheart Lily! (We haven't set the date yet, but it will be a June wedding.)

2. I (finally) won Daddy's heart! He admits that he loves me now, which makes both Mommy and me super-happy!

3. I am the only cat in our household who makes it a habit to jump on the kitchen counters. Mommy yells when I do that, but I know she could never stay mad at me, so I keep doing it, MOL!

4. I bathe my brofur Lalo efurry day, whether he needs it or not. After all, it's my job.

5. It's been half-a-year since I won the Craziest Tail category of the photo contest, but the prizes are still trickling in...Last month, a package arrived with two beautiful cat beds (which I share with my brofurs and sisfur), and just this week I received forty (!) coupons, each for a free bag of cat food! I am one lucky cat!

6. Daddy still makes fun of the way I look even after I won six blue ribbons in a cat show, but now I think he's just teasing and doesn't really mean it, so it doesn't hurt my furlings.

7. I got to meet the mother of my furriend PK (Catster #300218)...It was fun meeting another Catster mommy!

Now I need to tag seven of my furriends. I will tag:
Baby-G #492178
Super Kitty Scooter Monster #634600
Whisper #483187
Gracie Mae #305010
Billy #646500
Jack #340905
and Snoop Dog #690794

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