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My Noo Year's Rezzy Lutions Fur 2012

January 4th 2012 1:57 am
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My number one rezzylution ish to be more assertive wif my big bossy brofur Roger thish year. I ish twice hish size and I ish tired of hish always having the upper paw in our house! I started the Noo Year off right by hissing at him the other night when he wanted me to get out of my heated cat bed sho he could get in it. He hash one just like it! Okay, so I did get out of the bed, but the imPURRtant thing ish ish that I hissed at him furst - that ish a good start fur me. I alsho shtarted shtanding over him when he ish in *hish* heated cat bed, furry close, and it makes him feel furry crowded, just like I feels when he does it to me. MOL!

I ish also going to try to get over being sho freaked out when Meowmy puts on her coat and shoes to leave the house - I dun knows why, but I always runs to my "office" (the hall closet) and hides when she does that. It'sh shilly after 5 years, I ish not going to see the White Coats just because she ish getting dressed, and I really dun knows why I always does that. I ish going to work on that!

I ish also going to try to work up the courage to shtay on the couch wif Meowmy longer when she ish watching movies on the big picture box thing, because it'sh lots of fun and I enjoys it, but Roger makes me nervous so I gets down after about 5 minutes. Again, I just needs to be more confident and assertive - I hopes I can do it!

I wash going to say I ish going to try to enjoy being picked up and carried around the house more, but I finks that might be pushing it. I can do that fur a couple of minutes, and I finks that might be long enough. I ish a Taurus and we likes our paws to be on the ground, where they belongs!

Purred by: Timo Katze - DB #105 (Catster Member)

January 4th 2012 at 7:51 pm

Humphrey, you have so many resolutions - and they are all good ones. Pushy fublings can really be a pain. I let Mietzi push me around. I'm bigger but she was living here first and she's queen of the castle. And she's a girl and my fur-Mom taught me to be nice to girls. So I never say anything when she gets pushy. Mom says Mietzi is her number one cat. That's just the way it is. I'm OK with being number two. Sounds like you're doing good with being more assertive. Keep up the good work.

Purred by: Sparky (Catster Member)

January 5th 2012 at 7:41 pm

Good job hissing HLH, that's a great start! And you can never be too careful where white coats might be involved. That's furry smart of you I think!
Purred by: Humphrey Lee Haunted (Catster Member)

January 7th 2012 at 3:29 am

Oh fank yew, my dear furriends Timo and Sparky fur the support and encouragement. I really ish kind of a timid boy, and it'sh going to be hard fur me to shtand up fur myshelf in 2012, but I ish going to try. I wishes yew both a furry happy and healthy Noo Year wif yer families and I considers myshelf to be furry blessed to be furiends with both of yew kewl kitties! What are yer Noo Year's rezzy lutions?


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