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Muppet's New Beginnings

~Bless Wally & Wild Child~

December 15th 2011 5:10 pm
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Dear Diary,

I’ve had many kind people write to me over the years and tell me that they are now sponsoring a kitty from Best Friends in my honor. (grateful purrs) I also know of many that sponsor kitties from there that are not because of me. Mol! (more grateful purrs) Bless all who sponsor a kitty/animal at Best Friends, a rescue or shelter and all who volunteer and help out any homeless pet!

Recently WALLY‘s family kindly began sponsoring one of my fellow furmates from the Great Kitty Rescue. Wally’s diary entry about the beautiful and sweet Wild Child has been chosen twice as a DDP, and we hope his message travels far and wide. Let’s all see Miss WC in her loving and forever home by this Christmas! That gorgeous girl has been patiently waiting at Best Friends for her perfect home to come along for 4 years now.

I’ve read some comments regarding her name and I just giggle. Back when meomy called Best Friends to see if they could come rescue my fellow furmates, she estimated that there were approximately 250 of them still alive. Imagine the surprise as around 800 cats were recovered, all needing immediate medical care, one by one quickly having to go through the intake process…. and each be given a name! That's a ton of names to speedily think up. A lot of the kitties that appeared feral/wild at the beginning, in reality turned out to be sweethearts as such the case with Wild Child. Best Friends states that she is now very loving and playful and would do wonderful in a home of her own with one or two other kitties.

I know a lot of us have as many pets as we can handle, so I’m not asking that one of my Catster friends adopt her. But, if I may, I would like to ask one thing….. Please take a moment to picture in your mind Wild Child being in her perfect home, surrounded by love and comfort. I believe if we all do this, feel the love and the joy of her being adopted, then it will come to be. And if you could in any way, pass along her story and info on how to adopt her that would be so appreciated.

This is what WILD CHILD looked like when meomy first arrived to help, and this is her NOW. (Pic thanks to Wally’s mom.)

Dreams do come true, let's all dream of Wild Child being in her own home for Christmas!

Congrats on your DDP honors, Sweet Wally!

Ooh ooh, Aah aah!
Hugs & Love
Lil' Muppet

Purred by: Eva V

December 15th 2011 at 9:40 pm

Sweet Lil Muppet, Thank you for this beautiful diary entry. You were definitely one of the reasons we love Best Friends. When mom was looking at kitties to sponsor (to honor and celebrate my life rather then dwell on my untimely passing) Mom was looking at the sweet faces, looking for one special face to speak to her.She saw something special in the eyes of Wild Child. Imagine her surprise when she read the WC came from Pahrump~ the same horrific place as you. That did it.
She was the one.
But sponsoring her seems not enough.We so wish WC could have a wonderful mom like yours and be so cherished.
I found a video clip of her. It's part of my diary now. What a sweet little love bug she turned out to be.
That before picture of WC is making mom's hands tremble and her eyes leak. OMC! That poor baby, she was just bones and fur.It's a miracle that she survived and not have any health issues. Although poor baby is toothless but is otherwise fine! (They think she is between 5 and 9 years old.)

We are picturing this sweet girl in the arms of a kind person.
Sitting in front of a fireplace and a beautiful Christmas tree. We want her to know what love is!We want her to live
happily ever after.
We believe in the power of the purr.
Yes, dreams do come true-sometimes-*sad smile*

We love you beautiful girl, and your sweet mom too!
Wally and mom
Purred by: Monida (Catster Member)

December 16th 2011 at 12:55 am

Oh wow! Look at how much better Wild Child looks now! I'm purring she finds a wonderful home for Christmas. I'm so glad Best Friends is taking care of her in the meantime. Merry Christmas, Muppet!
Purred by: Ka - zar 1.6.1998 to 25.2.2014 (Catster Member)

December 16th 2011 at 3:47 am

Sending purrs that Wild child finds her furever home before Christmas. Every kitty deserves to know the love a furever home can offer.
Purred by: Molly Angel (Catster Member)

December 20th 2011 at 8:47 am

OH, Muppet. She is beautiful and has sweetie girl eyes. I will make it my Christmas angel wish that she gets her own home soon.
Loves and Merry Christmas!
Purred by: Muppet (Catster Member)

May 19th 2012 at 11:21 pm

So HAPPY to hear from Wally that Wild Child has just found her forever home!!! Hurray!! There are still more cats from the GKR, my legacy, that need to find their own forever homes. One kitty at a time... and if not, they are in safe hands at Best Friends. ~ Hugs & Love~




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