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It's been a pawsome new year so far

January 3rd 2009 9:25 pm
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It's the 4th January in Australia and I've had the best start to the year. I've found some roo mice I can eat that doesn't make me sick. The Sun is finally out even if it's only for a short time so I can go outside. I've also got to spend a lot time with my family too.

Mum was concerned when the last lot of roo mince made sick as it is high in protein and it's really good for cats a. The only thing I don't like about it is the kanagroos have to be culled so they don't starve to death or take over farmers farms looking for food.

We lived in the country Victoria for 18 months and saw first had what damage they can do and killing them is not a nice thought but it's better than them starving to death.

I hope the sun stays out a little longer this time as I love to site outside or sleep on the table outside and get my vitamin D and I love hanging out with Grandpa when he comes out and reads a book.

I love to spend time with my family and at the moment they are all home. Mum will start looking for work again soon and I know that takes her out of the house and once she find a job it we will spend less time together but I'm happy for it to happen as it will make mum happy.

I hope the new year has been as good to all my catster friends as it has been to me. I will write in my diary again next week or before if anything interesting comes up.


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