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The Life of Ka - zar

Today was my Birthday

June 1st 2008 2:50 am
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Today was my 10th birthday. I share my birthday with 1551 another cats on catster. I would like to start by wishing the other catster cats that share my birthday a happay birthday and hope they had a great day.

I didn't do much for my birthday my family love me all the time, they don't need a special day like my birthday to tell me how much I'm loved. This morning I had a play and a tummy rub from Mum in front of the heater as it starting to get really cold in Australia. Then in the afternoon I watched tv with Grandma and uncle Grant and then for tea I had some roast lamb that Grandpa cooked and when Mum sat down to eat hers I sat on the arm of her chair and watched her eat as I know it really annoys her and I have fun.

Mum said something to me this morning that made me a little sad. She said it been a long time since she's had a cat last to ten years old and it made me think about some of my catster buddies that have gone over the rainbow bridge.

But I can't dwell on that for too long if I make sure I'm well looked after I can live for another ten years and I know I will be as I have a family that cares about me a looks after.


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