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Thursday, April 17

April 17th 2008 7:11 pm
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Another lovely day in paradise! It was cooler here in Florida this week and I have enjoyed the weather. It is fun to race around the house with "coolness" from the back porch giving me energy.

Mommy and Boy are still trying to teach me "bedtime." I guess their previous kitty, Spock (RIP) knew that word and went to bed with Boy under his covers. I HATE covers so I run and run when I see anything that might cover me up. I try to go in for kissie from Boy but then I take off! Of course, I will tip toe in later to check on him, but that's on MY own time. :)

Mommy is thinking today about April 19th. It is coming up in two days. It is the birthday of her childhood kitty, Fudge. Fudgesicle was his full name. He was born on Easter in her Mommy's closet. His mommy was Greyfoot (except for that one time with the yellow paint on her feet for a month....). Sadly, she was not a good mommykitty to Fudge, Pudge, Sputters and Buttons. She hit her kitties and was not a nice kitty. She moved to a farm where she could be wild. Poor Pudge died at the vet on his first visit. He didn't take the vaccines well. He had been given away to a nice family, but never got to know their love. Sputters, poor girl, couldn't meow right (kind of like me), but she sppppuuuuutttteered when she meowed. She and Buttons found nice homes. Fudge was kept because he was the runt, although he grew up to be a big kitty who lived about 16years. He used up all 8 of his lives before giving up his last one.

MY birthday is April 22. I will be two years old. This is my second birthday with my new family. I came here when I was about 9 months old.

Time to get mommy to bed. She has school tomorrow (she's a librarian), but it's Friday and "get pizza delivered day" so she can make it!!


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