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Catster Presents......AQUAMARINE

Sorry The Last One Was So Short, This One's Gonna Be Long!

July 21st 2007 1:27 pm
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My P_E_R_S_O_N_A_L_I_T_Y. Hard thing to say because I have a lot of personalities. There's cute, cute, cute, cute and funny. Hmmmm, only thought of those, they are the TRUE ones see like if I said one like, keen (smart), that would be lying because just so you know, I AM A STUPID LITTLE KITTEN! Mommy even says so. She never really says it but she looks it, yeah, looks it right in to your big ol' kitten eyes! Scary *shivers*!; )
Anyways my personality is a simple thing, a cutsie tootsie pie, that's what I like to call myself. Like right now while mommy is staring at me, I am fighting a rug. Simple, that's the stupid side of me. And exactly at this moment I am lovey duveying mommy with a little lick of the face with my cutsie tootsie tongue. And now I am fighting a pen, stupid right? Funny, ooh wait until you hear this right now, I am tyijapfd thadf sorry that was me. I am typ5ijj me again. Okay mommy is holding me. I am typing my little paws off on catster. I TOLD YOU CATS AND KITTENS CAN TYPE MOMMY!!! There I go fighting the rug again. Stupid kat! Cat*. Hehe, sorry I can't speel anymore. Spell*. MOL! There is the rug all scruched up right now, me under it, my head stickin' out, now that has to go fur all of my personalities, cute, funny, and stupid!!! Now I am climbing onto the computer, my mommy teiohfad, my mommy is typing (that was me) and I am blocking the view of this important site, only because I am stupid. And because I just want mommy to stop writing and look at my PAGE FUR PETE'S SAKE! I love my spongybob! Okay anyways. I am still blocking the, never mind mommy moved me, nice way to end the sentence mommy! URGH! Anyways, I am on my mommy's lap licking my paw and looking all innocent. I look in to my mommy's eyes, she can't resist, YES! A treat is on the way, a treat is on the way! Happy Dance! *happy dances* MOL!
I am toooo cute my mommy can't even resist it! Go cuteness, it's your b-day.
Hehe, okay I am back from a treat, still eating, still eating, okay done. I am climbing up the chair, stupid chair, I fell down. Mommy picked me up and put me on the top, which is why I like the chair cuz' when I am on the top, I get to be QUEEN OF THE WORLD!!! Do you think I should end now? I do, mommy's hands look tired. Hmmm, wonder why humans have ugly hands, okay mommy why did you write that that is totally dumb!

Sincerely Stupid,

Thank You!


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