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Squirrel's Adventures

Mom and I sure had a scare last night!

July 21st 2008 2:42 pm
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I begged Mom to take me on a leash walk. She finally did around 8pm. I had just got out the door when I heard a buzzing noise coming from behind these "fake" window shutters on our basement window. I just came close to investigate when I literally SCREAMED and jumped 2 feet in the air. Mom saw that a wasp had got me. Right in the face! I was rubbing my face, sneezing and trying to get back in the house all at the same time. Mom just tried to keep up with me. She was trying to help me but I just wanted to be alone to nurse my wound. Mom had trouble even getting my harness off. She was very worried that I would swell up like our friend Rosie and maybe have trouble breathing. After about 2 minutes, I let her pet me. A few more minutes and I was okay. Mom watched me for the rest of the night to make sure that I wouldn't have a bad reaction to the venom. I was ready for some Fancy Feast just a few minutes later. Mom doesn't know exactly where I was stung because I never did swell up. It was on my cute little kitty cheek. We hate wasps. So do the doggies.




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