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Time With Tony

Sonny tagged me!

November 8th 2008 12:25 pm
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I've Been Tagged by my good buddy Sir Sonny Bono and

I need to tell 7 Furtastic things about myself!

1) I'm a big georgous guy.

2) All the kitties in my family love me because I'm so gentle.

3) I'm the largest and oldest in our house. I weigh 20 lbs and am 9 years old.

4) I have beautiful baby fine fur and i love being brushed, especially my chin.

5) I have incredible ice blue ragdoll eyes.

6) My girlfriends name is Calia and she is so beautiful and sweet.

7) I bite mom's head to get her attention (gently of course).

I am tagging:

1) Sweet Boy Sammy
2) my new friend Rosie
3) Krikit the velvet kitty
4) My beautiful Calia
5) Teddy Bearz my funny friend
6) Jasper our Canadian buddy
7) Baby the sweet sister of Skinner


♥ Tony ♥


Family Pets

♥ Anna

♥ Sammy

♥ Cleo
♥ Ashe



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