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Jewel of De Nile

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Thank You All My Kind Furinds Fur Remembering Me on My 10th- Birthday

April 23rd 2016 8:30 am
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It's been way too long since I got to post in my diary..hopefully this will work and post just fine.

I had a wonnerfur Birthday and managed to be able to capture a copy of each and every gift my furiends sent me..Meowmy gonna help me make copies of these so they can also be added to my memory book

We believe its important to keep them...not only do they mean so much, but the time it took for our furiends to think about us and send them out along with the kind messages, well that's so lovely and thoughtful.

I didn't get anything for my day yet..Meowmy said maybe I get to have one of those Yeowww catnip toys, the rainbow one, since I really like Friday's apple and banana ones he got as a gift furm his furiend, for his 10th Birthday. So when Meowmy goes to the city, she will pick one up fur me.

Instead of toys and such, I'm to get a shave for the summer and a wellness check, since I am now entering the double digits. Meowmy said my hair seems to mat easily lately and she doesn't like that,,, so its coming off and maybe be nice and cool too..she is going to bring a big baggie to fill up...she wants all of my fur.

We've all been doing really good here.. Meowmy worked very long hard hours for some election since February, and now its over and she is going to spend a little of that hard earned money on us..but we have to put our finking caps on and make wise purchases, MOL!!!

I still fink I should get a princess bed ~ what do you fink about that????


I Was Furry Sick Yesterday

January 9th 2015 11:54 am
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OMC!!! I started feeling really different and it scared me. I ran into da bedroom and meowmed in distress to my Meowm. She jumped up fast as I made the scared Meow sound and den I threw up fast and hard and lots too, and ran back into the hall and it again. I was so scared, I ran downstairs.

Meowm made sure I was ok. She came to see me and reassure me everything was going to be fine. She cleaned up my mess and look at it. Small pieces of green were in it. She racked her noggin for the longest time trying to figure out what I could have gotten into.

Meowm had given me two Greenies Roasted Chicken flavor treats earlier. She got one out and broke it and it looked just like what was in my toss up.

We've read and heard about kibbies getting sick on Temptation Treats and other stuff before. Now here it happend to me yesterday and it scred Meowm and me so bad. She is tossing the bag away.

She is going to buy me some other stuff. In the meantime I do like the Party Mix. I can't wait to try the Purebites, and she took out some frozen roasted turkey so I can share that wif Meowm.

But holy whoozers!!!!!! I now know what scary is. If something happend to me yesterday, there was no way to get me out to the vets either as the conditions were almost like a blizzard as well.

We are going to be very picky about what we now eat ~ no way is Meowm going to let me have something that may kill me or hurt me so bad ever again.


Whoo Hoo a Daily Diary Pick for June 18th and AGAIN fur June- 19th!!

June 19th 2014 9:41 am
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First, mai many manhy thanks for allowing me to be a Daily Diary Pick on June 18th and again on the 19th ~ wow weeeee what a privilege and a huge surprise too!!

I sure had lots of fun yesterday when I found out furm mai wonnerfur furiends, Milo and Mallee I had been one of the features!!

With it being slow on here yesterday, I didn't know at all!! Whew *wipes brow* good find someone was able to access some of the site to see what was going on. Although we did manage to get on for a short bit, but very slow.

Doesn't matter, I am just thrilled we have Catsterland!!!

I want to paw it down here mai many thanks and the memories yesterday helped make fur mai wonnerfur Meowmy to look back upon one day

The following made me bewtifur keepsake pictures which I will post eventually, also putting them in mai memory book for mai Meowm

Manytoes ~ outstanding!! what an accomplished artist you and your family are!! mai many many thanks for taking the time to make me this and post it to me

Mac, Ivy, Legolas, Jax and family ~ wow!! This picture is so gorgeous!! it's bewtifur!! I loves it and thank you for taking the time to make this fur me and mai Meowmy

Auntie Dana, Zeus, Jameson and furmily made me a really bewtifur picture!! this family is one of the famous artists here on Catsterland too!! we are so privileged to receive pictures from the famous artists here!! thank you so much!! I loves mai picture

Mai fun loving gurly gurl furiend, Mallee and her brofurs, sent me a most amazing shiny, bewtifur TROPHY!!! *giggles* oh mai goodness fur me??? I gots a rrophy!! Fank you soooo musch!!

Ebby mai wonnerfur gurlfuriend, she made me and sent obur a lovely chocolate cupcake, beeg ehnuff fur me to share, and we sat and talked and giggled and ate and had lots of fun!!

Luigi and A Smiley sent me a lovely pawligram!!~ I do treasure this!! it's going into mai memory book, too ~ thank you both for coming over and sending this to me, it means so much!

Mac, Ivy, Legolas, Jax and family sent me some tulips for mai second in a row DDP!! Thank you!! I loves flowers sooo musch!!

I sure feel like a special princess, but hey I am a princess, MOL!! all kidding aside, thank you for remembering me, for taking the time to send me something, or even to commment on mai diary, heck for even reading it, MOL!!

Now, pawese remember to save the date JUNE 25TH ~ that's mai Gotcha Day!!! It will be mai eighth annifursay of me becoming a princess from a lowly farm kibbie.


Soon I Will Caterbrate My Spawcial Day

June 17th 2014 9:29 am
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Wow!! I am eight years old already and soon I will caterbrate mai Gotcha Day!! It's sumfin to think eight years has already gone by!!

I want it to stay still, it's going by all too fast

I have much memory making to do, so I must go for now ~ but remember, mai special day is fast approaching, June 25th, SAVE THE DATE!!


Whoo Hoo Finally Back and Things Look Good!!

April 24th 2014 9:10 am
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It's been a long week. Had a Burfday on Monday and just today I could finally get to look at the pmails. Yesterday I couldn't even get on.

Which brings me to this link I think everyfur should be aware of in regards to what has been happening. In no way is it Catster or Say Media's fault, this is an outside influence.

here is the link, please just read it so you will understand what has been going on. atform-typepad-enters-day-5-of-on-and-off-ddos-attacks/?ncid =rss&utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed %3A+Techcrunch+%28TechCrunch%29

We should all give a huge round of high paws to the techno kibbies fur working so hard on our behalf to keep all of our pages and memories intact from these vicious outsiders. From what I can understand the FBI is now investigating this too ~ so this is BIG!!!

From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU so furry much Tecno Kibbies :)


Thanks You All So Much Fur a Lovely Birthday

April 22nd 2014 1:40 pm
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Yesturday I celebrated mai 8th birthday. It sure was a fun day!! Although there are problems accesses our sites and pmail here on Catster, it is still being protected!! So three cheers and mery little jig fur the wonnerfur Techno Kibbies working so hard to protect our pages and helping us to be here. Our sites are under attack from outside influences and its not just us but other sites as well!!

I can't acess mai pmail right now, so hopefully they are safe!

I want to thank the following fur mai lovely gifties left on mai page to help decorate and make it look all shiny and purrty :)

Tundra and furmily fur mai kepsake picture ~ I can't access it yet, but I just know its bewtifur, you always make bewtifur pictures

Mai Auntie Dana fur the lovely picture she made fur mai keepsake book

Callie Rose and herbie fur mai bewtifur Burfday cards ~ I also can't access them, but when I do, I will be keeping them in mai scrapbook!!

Forever Emerald: Angel Skittles, Carmello and Mango

Forever Crown: Tiger, Tiny and Beauty

Blue bird: Angel Rebby, Kody, Princess and family

Ladybugs: Colors and furmily (3 of them) oh my!!

Shrimp: Colors and furmily (2 of them) oh my!!

Blue bird: Harley, Cody, Raj

Tulips: Mugsy and Angel Taffy

Ladybug: Milo, Mallee and Angel Smokey Joe

Red Heart: Hazel Lucy and Mazie

Tulips: Beepers and furmily

Tulips: Luigi and Smiley

Tulips: Mac, Ivy, Legolas, Zander Jax and furmily

Blue bird: BonnieBell

Hugs: KallyKat
Wanda and Norman
Big Harry, Patches and furmily
Sam, Mr.D, Raza, Baltster

Chocolate Cupcakes: Marmelade and furmily
Harley Dreamette

Thank you all so furry much!!


My Many Thanks For Being a Daily Diary Pick

March 14th 2014 8:39 am
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I sure did have a wonnerfur day being a Daily Diary Pick!!

Am writing this down for future remembrance in love and appreciation for my furiends that helped to create wonnerfur memories

Personal Pawligrams were sent with Beeg Concatulations by Angel Buddie and Smiley Cassanova!!

Three bewtifur keepsake picshurs were made by the following: Tundra; Milo and Mallee; and Auntie Dana. Thank you all so much, I sure do love keepsakes such as these.

The following wonnerfur furiends sent me personal messages of concatulaions on mai diary:

Platelicker, Mazie, Princess To Two, Athena

The following helped decorate mai page:

Red Rose: Milo Blue Eyes, Mallee and Angel Smokey Joe

Pink Ribbon: Platelicker, Colors, Bootbox and furmily

Red Rose: Mac, Ivy, Legolas, Zack and furmily

Pink Ribbon: Smokey, Gizmo, Blue, Zoom and furmily

Beeg Hug: Kibbles, Francis, Friskies and furmily

I sure did have a most pawsome day!! Thanks for caterbrating wif me!!



Now This is Something Special ~ I'm a Daily Diary Pick- Today

March 12th 2014 10:04 am
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This week is just getting better and better, MOL!! On Monday it was so warm out we had the windows open for a bit. Yesturday Mom went and met a lady who had a surgery to help with her MS and the lady is 100 per cent better! And today I am a Daily Diary Pick!!

Well, I think Meowmy should have bought me sumfin special for today, MOL!! She did see a furmo sumfin or ofur at Walmart yesturday and said I am going to get that fur mai burfday, but that is on Easter Sunday this year!!~hmmm, now I fink she did buy me a new bag of treats!! Oh Yeah, she did!! I am gonna tell her to give me some more treats, MOL!!

Did I tell you I love treats??? Oh I do I really really do, MOL!!

This also calls for tuna!! I'm the Princess and I am going to get what I want, MOL!!


Catster Is Alive!!~ Whoo Hoo!! And About That Beeg- Machine....

March 4th 2014 8:15 am
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Whoo hoo its catciting times, yes it is!!~ hey how many come on yesturday just to make sure our pages were still here?? I will admitt it, I did!! it's only natural, after all.

There are lots of kibbies who are still cautious and that's ok!!~we are, and that is why we kept helping and stressing to as many as we could, please save your stuff!!

I am not sure how many know of this ~ we saw this happening a couple of weeks ago an read some tweets on it ~ anyway, do you remember having difficulty coming on for a few days, it was super slow??? Well, that's because there was a super beeg machine saving all of Catster!! Yes there was!!~ we had a link from Catster Buddies on Facebook to watch it working and saving all of our stuff. We also read the orginal owner, and developer and creator of Catster, Ted Rheinhold, I think that's his name, MOL!! ~ anyway, he has wanted to help all of us eve since the announcement and he finally got permission to go in and do this for us. Now how this is going to play into the coming weeks, we don't know and that is why we kept saving stuff too. I think, but am not putting this out as fact ok ~ but i think it was all saved so we would have a place to go and view all of our stuff ~ now this was done before the second annoucement that Catster would continue in some form!!

So it is all saved! but we sure hope you all cotinue to save your stuff, we do it on a daily basis now!!~and I am hearing that there are lots who don't even know Catster was saved and some took down their pages ~ how very sad

Hopefully theeir pages can be restored to the furmilies who loved and created them for their furkics

Now, I know there are stuff that just isn't working on here anymore, but please stay!!~it will get worked on

At least we have this wonderful place and please don't be scared!!

Ted cared enough to step forward and save all the stuff for us to view if need be ~ and who knows this may all come into play in the coming weeks, I don't know, but I do know that Catster is here so please hang on and come on back and lets continue with our wonderful life here


Here is The "How To Save Catster Stuff" Post Back By Popular- Demand!!

February 27th 2014 3:52 pm
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Sorry, Kibbies but I had to delete the last one because I kept getting spam and so I went into my settings and made sure only members can make a comment on my diary.

The is NOT my work, it is a collective work done by many over at Catster Buddies on Facebook ~ a few have noticed this down and i am reposting it~hope this helps you all save your stuff:

Tips/Tricks/Ideas to Save Catster pages, diaries, photos, videos, etc
HOW TO USE /WayBack Machine
WayBackMachine, which allows you to archive pages (free) and then you can bookmark the URL to give people. is an online archive of webpages throughout time, beginning in 2007, saved by various users who found them valuable enough to preserve. Some pages have been archived multiple times and different versions are all visible to the user, making for some fascinating reading and research. Most pages have NEVER been archived however, and that includes many of our highly valued pages on Catster.

Using the web archive site is not complicated. You can sign up for an account, but that isnot necessary in order to start archiving any pages you want preserved. You also can choose to make a donation - you will be prompted frequently - but again that is not required in order to use the site.

Start at the URL

You will see a logo for Wayback Machine and 2 fields on the page - one for inputting a page URL to browse its archived history, and another for saving a page. I do recommend spending a few minutes playing with the first - just plug in a URL and enter it. Figuring out how the time-slider bar works is important if you do find yourself working with lots of pages that were archived earlier. (it's a slider that goes backward (left) and forward(right) by date, with different colors for different versions of a page, all of which you can click on. As you slide it to the right you can see when the most recent version was saved, and decide if you need a more recent version. If you are happy with the most recent version available, BOOKMARK IT! That means you have one less page to save!)

But you're really interested in using the second field. Insert the URL for the page you want to archive into the second (lower right) field and enter it to save your page AS OF THAT MOMENT IN TIME. I.e., it archives you the freshest page content available, and will be accurate until you or someone else adds or changes content on the page, by making a post or changing a picture or whatever.

Once the pop-up window saying the page is being archived finishes, bookmark the page so you can find it again. Because it is a time archive, each URL is timestamped - if you archive the same page 30 seconds later, the numeric part of the URL will differ from the previous version . I.e if you bookmark something at 10:31:53 on January 23 2014, the numeric segment of the URL will read "20140123103153"; the same page archived 5 seconds later will read "20140123103158").

You can also archive subpages through each link on the archived pages you already have. When you click a link to your pet's diary on your archived pet page, for example, either an old version of the diary will come up, which means it's already been archived but you need to redo as explained above so you have your most recent entries - or a pop-up will say "this page is available on the internet! Add it to our archive!' (Words to that effect.) That means the diary has never been archived. Click the link, and it will open a small window that saves the page at that date/time. You then can bookmark the page and move on to the next one. I archived ALL my cats diary entries that had comments, and all their pictures with comments, because if you only save the pages that show all the diary entries or photos, you do not get the comments.

When you archive a group, do the main page, then the group forums list that is linked at the bottom of the forums section on the main page, then each page of each forum. I would bookmark each forum individually.

If a forum has more than one page (most do), once you've finished archiving all the forum pages, click on the page "1" link at the top of the last forum page, and that will establish a link to the first page from anywhere in the forum, not just the group's main page or forums list.

You can also archive group messages individually, but Catster only saves a few pages of those so I'm not sure how much value those 60 or so posts will have. I guess that depends on the group.

One thing I emphasize above all else is BOOKMARK FREQUENTLY. Have one folder in your bookmarks menu dedicated to each cat, or to each group, and sort the bookmarked pages to the right folder. Another important point is verifying that bookmarks (or links on a main page) work once you archive a page - i.e. that the page really was archived. I've run into a few cases where the first time I archived a page it didn't "stick" and I got the "this page is available! add it to the archive! message, even though I'd tried to archive it an hour or two before. With this type of work, it pays to go back over your steps.

2. 1. If you are saving pages to look at just for yourself, I like saving the web page as html. Under "File" on the browser, "Save As", web complete. Saves the whole page to your hard drive. When you click on the file it will bring up the page in a browser. You cannot easily email this document. Each browser is different and the same browser on different systems may appear differently.

3. Saving pages for others, emailing or putting them in Facebook messages, etc: Liking Chrome browser with the SaveAsPdf add-on. Saves the whole page with some lines in it, but it looks clean and sharp and you can send the pdf file by email. You can also use Web2Pdf to create pdf files.
make a pdf file of any page:

4. The SNIP TOOL in Windows 7 is like a screen capture. Not sure about 8. Better than a screenshot and you can email the document.
*NOTE I discovered that some profile pages could not be saved by using Web2PDF but could be saved by Chrome SaveAsPDF. If one doesn't work for pdf, try the other!
** NOTE When you use the free version of SaveAsPDF in Chrome, and you look at the completed file you will see lines. You can view it in the browser and the lines will disappear. It's a whole lot FASTER than using web2pdf too.

How to Create a Mirror Copy of your pet's page! I read through the whole thing and with focus it is not difficult. Some of you will want to try this I'm sure! gster-friends.htm

5. Mozilla Firefox Scrapbook extension.
It saves pages as you see them . You can actually save whole websites with Scrapbook (I don't suggest you try to save the whole of Catster!) and once you've saved the pages, they are editable, so you can remove bits you don't like. I'm then exporting the pages to a separate folder on an external hard drive as back up. You can only view them with Scrapbook but you can print them. Doing this, I've found a fairly quick way of saving long threads. Enter multiple page urls and been doing that in blocks of about 30 pages at a time can save a whole thread of 100pages in about 10 minutes

Saving Pages Using Chrome
Go to your Catster profile page. Now click on the three little lines on the top right of your browser Now click on Print Now click on Save as PDF Select All pages Select Portrait Margins Default Options click on both options Click Save and you are done.

How to Save Catster Diaries
1. PDF converter - look for a document explaining this process.
2. Copy and paste - open each page of the diary, copy (highlight) (Ctrl C) the text, paste (Ctrl V) the text into a word document. Save the word document to your computer.
Depending upon the size of the diary:
The PDF converter looks just like the diary, however, it takes awhile to do.
The copy/paste method seems to be quicker for me, but it looks messy. It can be cleaned up later and converted to a PDF if wanted

How to Do a Screen Capture
There are many ways - I'm going to explain how I do it, and if you have a different/better way, please edit this document and include your instructions too!
Your keyboard has a button called PRTSCN - "print screen"
When you select PRTSCN it will copy whatever is seen on your screen (not the entire page, just what you see). It takes that image/text and puts it on your computer's Clipboard.
Now you need to "paste" from the Clipboard to either a word document, or to a photo editing program (Photoshop for example, or any other photo editing program you might have on your computer).
When you open your word document and/or photo editing program, you'll need to "paste" what is on the clipboard.
To do that in Photoshop, you open a blank document, and select "paste" from the drop down menu (which is also Ctrl V on your keyboard).
Your clipboard "screen capture" is now a document that you must save to your computer. If pasted into a word program, you just save it like you save any document. If pasted into a photo editor, you can save it as a jpeg file.

Click on the Windows blue circle in the bottom right corner.
In the box at the bottom where is says "search programs and files" type the word SNIP
It will show a program called Snipping Tool. Click on it and a little box appears on top of your present screen.
Next to the word "NEW" there is a drop down menu with a little arrow, click that and it gives you an option of what kind of snip you want to do.
After you choose, the cursor turns into a + sign....use it to cut out what you want...OR capture the window or the screen.
Once you have captured it, click on File and click Save As and name it and you have now snipped your image. :)
It will save your SNIPPED screen capture as a JPEG file - be sure to select that option and then save it to your computer.

How to Save Catster Photos
Be sure to open up your Photo Album before saving, as the pictures may be larger once the album is opened.
Right-click on a picture and look for "Save Image As" to save to your computer. Remember where you saved it on your computer.
It is helpful to set up a few folders on your computer first, and then when you go to save a photo, look for that folder, and put the picture in it.

A very minor tip for saving Event pages
If using
Problem: First page works fine, but subsequent pages just keep copying page 1.
Fix: Delete the final # symbol in the URL for each subsequent page before pressing the 'Convert' button.(If I have explained this badly, please feel free to edit/question) Jaffa

Maria Delgado-Daniels
Easy to use PDF converter for Google Chrome, you just drag the bookmarklet to your toolbar, go to the page you want to save as a PDF file and clicke on the bookmarklet - it's quick & easy.

Sa ving Photos with comments - Heather Stuebs
I wanted to preserve the photos and comments. I am highlighting the photo and comments and then doing a copy/paste. I'm currently pasting everything into MicroSoft OneNote, but I'm guessing it would work with other programs (even pastes the thumbnail photos from those who comment).

Saving Pages using MAC
By Sarah Yates on Tuesday, January 28, 2014 at 7:58pm
On a MAC you can use command+shift+3 and it takes an entire screen shot. This captures the desktop and all the open windows.(added by Lori Martin)
FOR MAC AIRBOOK SCREENSHOTS USING TOUCHPAD MOUSE: Center cursor on center of area you wish to capture. Use command+shift+4; cursor will become crosshairs. Use one finger to move crosshairs to one corner of the area you want to capture. Press down on edge of touchpad and drag the crosshairs until the capture area is selected, KEEPING ONE FINGER ON THE CURSOR UNTIL YOU HAVE SELECTED EVERYTHING. You can use a finger on your other hand to adjust your position on the touchpad. When you are satisfied with your selection release the cursor; the screenshot will be on your desktop. Double-click on icon to open and inspect. I recommend changing the file name to something more precise than "screen shot and timestamp"
To screenshot an open window or your desktop without the windows you have open, use the same command+shift+4 to get the 'crosshairs' - then tap the spacebar once. The 'crosshairs' will change to a camera icon. (Tap the space again to go back to the crosshairs.) The camera 'selects' the window currently open under the cursor, or will select your desktop if you move the cursor away from open windows. Select the window you want to capture, then click the mouse button (or touchpad) once to snap the picture. It goes on the desktop, same as above.
To back out of taking a screenshot, use the "esc" key to escape the action and get rid of the crosshairs or camera.

How to Save a Page as a PDF on a Mac
By Bonnie Cunningham on Sunday, January 19, 2014 at 1:36am
You can save almost any page as a PDF very easily on a Mac -- it does not matter what browser you're using. The pages may not look exactly the same as what you see on your screen, so make sure they're acceptable.
1. Hit Command and P on the keyboard to bring up the "print" menu
2. On the Print menu, go to the lower left-hand corner and click on the arrow alongside PDF
3. Choose "Save as PDF…"
4. It will then open the menu so you can name the PDF (at the top of the menu) and choose where to save it.
5. Click on "Save" in the lower right-hand corner.
You could also use an online PDF converter. The PDF's look different that way than making them through the Print instructions above, so you might prefer one over the other. Here are some free converters:

Saving Videos
By Sarah Yates on Tuesday, January 28, 2014 at 7:56pm

DOWNLOADING VIDEOS, for those that wanted to try themselves to download videos, or that have friends that have asked for help that aren't on here - here is step by step instructions. I will still of course helped those I promise and anyone else who needs it
First download "Stream Transport" -
- and install. Read the install steps carefully as there is one step that they try and sneakily get you to install something else too.
You might need VLC media player to play, as I am unsure of compatability of the file type with other players. VLC works with most movie files.
Then follow the photo's that I am posting here (will add comment on each pic).

Another option to save your catster videos. A few dogsters have tried it and it has worked. It took mr a few tries, but mine is finally working. Go to:
and click on Get Real Player Cloud for free (on top right).
Once it downloads, open it so it stays in the background. go to your catster page and click on their video book page. Then click on the video. If your mouse/cursor is hovering over (in my case above the video), I had a option to download to player. OR you can try (someone did this) and right click on the video while it's playing.
My videos downloaded automatically to my windows library - videos. Hope this works for you guys! I got to page 3 of videos and still working on it

Saving Videos To Your Hard Drive by downloading through Torch which is a media player.
Windows 7 and any others using Mozilla Firefox instead of explore and who like Google Chrome here is yet another "Media" browser:
Download "Torch" (Free)
When the grey box appears it will ask you if you want a new tool bar. If not make sure it is not checked off. Leave the other options as is.
Once it is installed it will show you how to use new media tools. The best is the video saver.
You will see on your Torch Screen the "Share, Media, Torrent" Icons to the top right of the HTML window.
Play you video you want to save. The Media will change to video and you need to hit that and it will save your video. You will see a blue arrow letting you know it is saved. Open the Three Bar Icon (last icon on top right) it wil have your downloads. They become FLV files but they will be on your computers hard drive. You can check this by going off line and opeing them up through your windows icon. Just search for your FLV files.

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