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From the mind of Diva Drama Queen Tigress

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Diary of the day!

August 12th 2012 10:43 am
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What?!?! I'm Diary of the day!?!?!
Um... I mean I knew that would happen. When Diva Drama Queens talk, people listen.. well um read.
Thanks to all the little furs... and the big furs! It is an honor to be Diary of the day.
I also want to thank everyfur for the gifts! What a great way to start my day.
Shocked Diva Drama Queen


Pawty at Pen Paws!!!!!

August 11th 2012 11:12 am
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My group Pen Paws is having a pawty today! Not a member? Well check it out! :-)
We are trying to get our members active again.
Best way of meeting new furs!

We have games and zealie prizes, plus some drawings for real prizes! We love giving out prizes!! Oh stop over at the Nip -n- Bones cafe... we have great food!!!

*Starts swinging her boa* Yes we have boas!!!

Off to go pawty!!!
Queen Diva Tigress


Pen Paws throwing a Pawty!!

August 8th 2012 11:41 am
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My group Pen Paws is having a pawty this Saturday! Not a member? Well check it out! :-)
We are trying to get our members active again. So this Saturday dress in your best pawty outfit and come and play some games!
Best way of meeting new furs!

Oh and my sisfur Josie has rejoined Catster. It would be nice if you befriended her and told her welcome back. :-)

Diva Drama Queen off to get ready for Pawty! Yes I have to take my time ya know!


Birthday's all around!!

September 20th 2010 4:29 pm
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Today is my birthday! Can you believe that I'm 4!! I'm sure I don't feel over 2!! I got extra treats today from my daddy! He said I was his sweet girl. That made me purrrr alot!!
You know who else has a birthday today? My wonderpur husband Vincent!! Isn't it nice that we get to celebrate together!! He is just the greatest husband there every was!!!
I got some wonderpur rosies from my friends today! It is such a joy to see all my friends saying Happy Birthday to me. They are treating me like the Diva that I am!! I wanted to give thanks to all of them here in my Diary!! After all it's got to be great getting a thanks from a Diva drama Queen!! And for me to do it on my birthday is even more great!!
So Thank you everfur for the wonderful Birthday you have given me!!
Sassy, Samoa, Sunshine & the Carolina Crew, Chai Latte & Family, Macaroni & Family, Margo(The best Kitty RN EVER!!), Ciao-Li & Family, Teebo & Family, Hazel Lucy (I love you HL!!), Oly and Family (Bestest cuzins EVER!!!), Ginny Dangerous Beans, Mia, Milo & Family. Thank you guys for making my Birthday Pawsome!!!!

Oh and one more very cool fact. My pawrents 2nd anniversary is Wednesday! I think they should let us celebrate with them and have more treats all round!!! I may take up that suggestion with daddy right now!! (He is more of a push over than meowmy is! MOL)

Lots of purrrrr,
Birthday Diva Drama Queen Tigress


Thank you from Uncle David (PV2 John Poole)

July 10th 2010 10:43 pm
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My Uncle David wants to say hello and thank you to all the pen paws members that has sent him mail!! Please read the comments on this Diary entry. That's where he is going to say thank you. :)
Lots of purrs,
Tigress & Uncle David (PV2 John Poole)


2007 Pet Food Recall

May 31st 2010 5:02 pm
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Nutro was part of the 2007 pet food recall disaster. Since then, they have been named in several recalls. Even when there isn't an official recall, there are complaints on the Consumer Affairs Website, some complaints as recent as this week.

P urrrs,
Tigress & Family


Lots to do so little time!

April 29th 2010 8:56 am
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It is so great to be recognized as the Queen that I am!!! I still have thank yous to write. Mewomy says I will get to write them on Friday. So I will just concentrate on basking in the glow of COTW!! Just a year a go I was COTD! It took a year, but I'm finally catster famous!! All the friend invites are great!!
Thank you everyone for making this a very special week for me!
I want to thank my husband for putting up with a Diva Drama Queen! He is such a sweet Kit!! I love you Vincent!!!
I better be off to do Queenly duties! Josie is still green with envy!!! MOL

Diva Drama Queen COTW Tigress
(Such a long title! But I love it!!!)


It wasn't a dream!

April 27th 2010 9:20 am
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I woke up this morning thinking that COTW was all a dream. Meowmy told me that it wasn't a dream. So I got back online, and it wasn't a dream!!! OMC!!
This Diva Drama Queen really is COTW!! I am finally catster famous!! I am really a Queen now!!!
Well meowmy says that I have always been a Drama Queen, but I don't think that is the same thing. :)
I now have to write all my rosies down so I can thank everyfur. But wanted to say a Thank You to everyfur again. This is so cool that this happened right after my group's 2nd birthday bash. (Pen Paws) What a way to end the pawty and begin the week!!!

I better let meowmy get ready for work now, but I will get to post new pics soon. Meowmy said that a Queen should have new pics up, but that Josie must have new pics, cause Queens should know how to share. I dont think she knows much about Queens!!!

Diva Drama Queen Tigress COTW



April 26th 2010 5:35 pm
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OMC!!! My meowmy is at work so she said ihaf had to make this a short entery. I'm COTW!!!!!! Can you believe it! Me?!? Josie is just green with the news MOL
Thank you to everypurr that's helped me along the way. I pawmise to make a bigger speach once meowmy is home.

A stunned Diva Queen Tigress


Birthday Bash for Pen Paws

April 19th 2010 12:42 am
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OMC! Can you believe my group Pen Paws is turning two? Yep April 22nd is the date. Our group is planning another birthday bash!!!
Thursday the 22nd will start things off, but the real bash will be that weekend! Hope to see everyone there! We are planning a few surprise prizes this time around. :)
And for my members, sorry but the yearbook will not be done before the bash. Meowmy is having a fight with her catputer and the yearbook maker thing. But hopefully it will all be cool soon!

Since I've not written in a while, I wanted to say I Love You to my hubby Vincent. I hope meowmy will let me on here more soon!


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