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Misadventures of Stipey the cat

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At the Bridge

June 8th 2009 7:55 am
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My family is very sad right now. I went to the Rainbow Bridge! It's pretty nice here and I am happy to feel healthy again. I got over the sniffles I had last winter but just a week ago I started having trouble breathing. Mama noticed my sides going in-out-out-in-out really fast. At first she thought I was just doing it to smell something, but then she noticed I was doing it ALL the time! So out came the evil cat carrier :'( I cried and meowed and my breathing got worse.

Then we saw 4 huge doggies in the vet's office. I was breathing so hard I was hyperventilating! Mama told me the doggies wouldn't get me. Then the vet checked out my belly and found that it was swollen. She had to wrap me in a white towel because I tried to bite her when she touched my belly! They took my temp and X-rays. The bad news was my body was chock full of fluid and my lungs could not expand.

So I had to spend the night at the evil vet's office. They drained some of the fluid out of my chest cavity so I could breathe. Then they took a bunch of blood to test and finally mama could take me home. At home I was not doing so good :( I layed around and breathed in-out-in-out same as before. The vet said that I had some type of virus or injury, and the fluid was also infected with some bad bacteria. There was not a lot they could do.

I slept at home for a couple days and then I went to Rainbow Bridge. I was glad to finally breathe free! The vet said what happened to me was pretty unusual. I didn't have FIV or FIP and it was nothing contagious that my big sis Maya could catch. They couldn't tell what caused it. I guess it was just my time to go. My work on earth was done! Mama and human brother cried a lot but, I let them know I was OK and I would see them again someday. Mama was glad I passed at home where I was nice and comfy.

Rainbow sparkly hugs to all,

- Stipey angel cat



January 28th 2009 7:08 am
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Mama and human brother played a mean trick on me, again! I caught a cold from my older sister Maya. I was sniffling sneezing and carrying on. So human brother and mama thought they needed to take me to that nasty V-E-T :((

I didn't think it was that bad, just a sniffle. Grrrr.

So Mama and human brother got home from school and work early. Mama went downstairs and got the evil CAT CARRIER, unbeknownst to ME. She stood behind the door to the basement with the evil CAT CARRIER, then human brother picked me up, opened the door and next thing you know, I was INSIDE THE EVIL CAT CARRIER!!! I didn't even have a chance to RUN!

I made pathetic cries all the way to the nasty V-E-T. The vet ladies were pretty nice to me except they squished and squashed my belly all around. They looked inside my mouth and took my temp. Then they said that I had an infection caught from my big sister Maya. I jumped off the exam table and burrowed into the armpit of human brother's jacket. Then I crawled around the corner and peeked my head out the other armpit. The vet lady asked human brother if I was HIS cat. Human brother said YES and vet lady said "I can tell!"

As soon as we got home, I ran outta that EVIL CAT CARRIER as fast as I could go, and hid in the basement. Maya ran too, and hissed at the carrier for good measure. Now I have some medicine and my sniffle is getting quieter. Mama called me "Sneezy" and now "Snuffy".

Love, Stipey


Letter to Santa Claws

December 18th 2008 7:33 am
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Dear Santa Claws,

I have been a very good AGAIN this year! I don't know how I do it, but I keep topping myself in extreme goodness over and over again. Let me tell ya, it's not easy! For example whenever human brother picks me up, I tolerate being smooshed for about 45 seconds or so. Then to let him know the 45 seconds is up, I chomp on his hand, or bite his cheek. This is very thoughtful of me to share this information with human brother, because I think human brother doesn't know how to read the clocks hanging on the wall.

Also, whenever my sister Maya pukes up, I ever-so-thoughtfully "dispose" of the mess "in my own way." I have no idea why mama yells at me and sends me downstairs. I think my way is much more environmentally friendly! Recycling is what I call it.

And lastly why I deserve lots of gifts from you Santa Claws is I help mama clean MYSELF too. She loves to find the little fur tufts I pull out and leave laying on the carpets and furniture. Mama is really busy and sometimes she gets MY-GRAINS so, I do what I can to help her out.

Santa Claws I know after reading this, you will bring me lots of gifts on Christmas Morning. I will be sitting under the tree. . .uh. . .keeping the rug warm. That's it. I didn't chase Maya away from there . . . in fact I think she prefers sleeping on the couch instead. . . Right.

Love, Your Good Little Kitten,



Another cat!

December 8th 2008 9:40 am
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Mama, dad and human brother went shopping. They got some groceries and went to the pet store. First, when they got home I sniffed all the grocery sacks to see if there was some bread, cat food, or raw meat I could chomp on. Unfortunately, mama snatched the sacks away from me before I could chew them :(

Then mama patted me on the head and I could smell. . . a strange smell. MAMA had been petting ANOTHER CAT!!! Mama started laughing because I kept nose kissing her finger over and over and over. I was trying to get some info. on the OTHER CAT that mama had pet in the pet store. Thank goodness the humans didn't bring that other cat home. I erased the other cat smell from mama's hands. Mama belongs to ME and me only.


Flies: crunchy and tasty

August 7th 2008 7:49 am
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I get really excited when a fly makes its way into the house. The humans get really annoyed and start swatting at it. Then they get out this little flyswatter thing because as humans they are too clumsy to catch the fly on their own. They miss it many many times, even using hte flyswatter thing and it is sort of amusing. I however, am really good at catching flies. And they are YUM!

The other day, mama noticed me acting quite lively over by the window. She had seen a fat fly buzzing around but was unable to catch it. I had found it sitting in the window. She picked me up so I could see the fly in the window and I immediately caught it with my paws and gulped it down!!! Mama didn't want to give me any kisses for awhile after that. What's up with that?

Love, The Stipe Man


A new toy

July 25th 2008 6:36 am
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I have just discovered the wonder of WRAPPED CANDY. That's right. My human brother left some wrapped candy on the living room floor, those round mint candies wrapped in plastic. I ignored them for a few days but then yesterday, I happened to bat one with my paw. It slid across the floor like a hockey puck! It was FUN TIME!!! Mama got home and found the candy in the kitchen, and wondered how it got there. Then she saw me batting the candy around like a wild cat. I am pretty smart sometimes!

Love, Stipenheimer


COTD! Who me?!

June 27th 2008 5:06 am
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WOW I am so honored! Thank you Catster and all my Catster friends :)

I will give you all a squishy food update. My mama has been giving me squishy food because of my upset tummy. She thought I was not getting enough of the right stuff. I meow at her each morning to bring out the FOOD! I do not care if it's 4 a.m., 6 a.m., or 10 a.m. Whenever a human goes near the refrigerator anywhere near the morning time, I sing for my food. The funny thing is I can only eat a few bites before my tummy says it's enough, and Maya takes over. But mama has found I am not so ravenous throughout the rest of the day this way.

A tip for you kitties. It is now summertime and the humans are wearing shorts. This is the perfect opportunity for attacking legs! I like to pounce on them in the dark when they can't see me. Then I nip their bare legs with my teeth just enough to make them jump. hahaha! Thought you cats might like to try it.

Love, The Stipester


My birthday treat

June 2nd 2008 7:20 am
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I just turned 4 yesterday! Happy birthday to ME! As my treat mama got me SQUISHY FOOD. I usually don't get that because it upsets my tummy. But I do love it anyway. When mama opened the can and I caught a whiff of it, I started doing circles on my back feet and MEOWING at the top of my little lungs!!! I scarfed that food right down. Then my tummy did feel a little uh. . . .unsettled. But mama wanted to give it a try. Dad says my food is stinky but to me it is the sweet sweet scent of tasty food.

- The StiPURRnater

P.S. Maya ended up eating most of my food after my tummy started hurting. Hmmph.


Swim noodles are not edible?!

May 9th 2008 6:42 am
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You could've fooled me on that one. I love noodles of all kinds! Last night mama was sleeping when suddenly she heard a plastic rustling sound. This was around 3:00 a.m. "Stipey quit that" she mumbled, and rolled over. Finally she woke up enough to sit up and look down at the floor where she found me chewing and wrestling on some foam swim noodles she had just taken out of storage! They now had hundreds of little teeth marks in them!!!

"Stipey those are not to eat!!" she scolded, and threw the swim noodles into the closet.

I was confused. Noodles not edible? So I went to play with my Turbo Scratcher instead. This woke up human brother :) Humans are funny when you wake them up.

- The Stipester


Cooking spray. It's what's fer dinner.

March 24th 2008 7:06 am
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The list of things I won't eat just keeps getting smaller and smaller! The other day mama was cooking and she took out her spray bottle of cooking spray. For some reason it was leaking and when she opened the lid the spray spilled onto the floor. Mama was AMAZED when I ran over and started licking the spray off the floor!!! She said "Stipey why are you eating that stuff?!?!" I just lapped it up. It was soo tasty.

But it's not like I'm starving to death. My new food is giving me a fat tummy! New food good. Cooking spray yummy.

- The Stipinator

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