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It Ain't Easy Livin with "HIM"

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Sad Arrivals

November 9th 2009 12:52 pm
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It's me, Tiny Krazy, up at the Rainbow Bridge. The last few weeks have been rather hectic and often times fun. We had Tyler and Calvin arrive and they are just great pals. We've had fun playing and jumping and after everyone was checked in we had a sharathon and shared our stories. Calvin and I had similar stories. We both came to the bridge because of the dreaded "C". But we are all healthy now. I even have my leg back!

But just the other day we felt a rustle in the wind. A great many of the dogs who were formerly service dogs felt it first. They jumped to attention and started to sniff the air. Suddenly thru the clouds and mist we saw them coming. SOLDIERS! American Soldiers.

They came suddenly and unexpected and we were sad to see them, but glad we could offer a helping paw. We see soldiers come every day, from all walks of life, some old, some young, some retired and some new to combat duty.

We animals cannot fathom how humans can be so cruel to one another. How people can hurt and even kill one another is beyond me.

But these soldiers came from Fort Hood and we welcomed them with open paws. We slept by their sides and comforted them. We sent warmth and love to their bereaft families and we helped them transition to a place of wonder, warmth and love.

They are here and even though the moment was tragic, they are learning to be at peace. Men, women and even a child.

WHAT is the matter with you humans?

From airy places, on the wings of angels,
Tiny Krazy


Time for Nominations!

April 28th 2009 6:22 am
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It's that time of year again. Time for nominations for the Tiny Krazy Humanitarian Award.

This is a our second annual award and will be given to the cat who embodies the warm and caring spirit of me (the late Tiny Krazy)

Nominees should be warm, caring, giving and have performed good deeds and/or charitable acts for the animal community.

The first annual award was given to our own beloved Miss Hazel Lucy, who embodies my spirit in her caring and giving. We are very proud to call her the first recipient.

There are no concrete prizes (as of yet) Just mention and an award certificate.

Nominees can be sent to me.

Love from Heaven
Tiny Krazy


Lest We Forget

September 11th 2008 5:47 am
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First I want to thank Catster for honoring me as a diary pick of the day.

It does not seem strange that this honor is bestowed upon me on this day. September 11th. A day that will be remembered long after I am forgotten.

My mom works for a large financial institute and watched with horror as the events of that tragic day unfolded. Her company lost seven people on that day, including spouses and children. Yes, a 3 year old little boy was lost.

Her friends are memorialized by their deeds, their loved ones who remember them and also by a beautiful stone cairn that is placed in the lobby of my mom's office. Today it is surrounded by white roses.

On this day of remebrance a strange transition has taken place. I will never be forgotted by those who love me. Last night mum brought home two new kittens to fill the void in her heart. One of them could be me. Not so much in looks but in deeds. His name is Manny and he jumped on her bed and tickled her toes. He plays and fetches. Just like me.

So, you goes on. We do not forget, and we hold those memories close to out heart, but we do find room in our hearts to love again. Love never dies and love never replaces. It is the most infinite pace in the universe. It will grow and grow and never cease.

I am here at the rainbow bridge with all my animal friends and those who lost their lives on 9/11. Please know, no matter how horrific your memories of that day are, no matter how much you miss them, no matter how large the hole is, in your heart...they are free of pain, they are at peace and they love you. They want you to know, it is okay to move on, to love again, bigger and better and to smile when you remember them.

Tiny Krazy
Most Beloved and Missed


Last Night

September 9th 2008 1:05 pm
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Last night I came again. Mum was cleaning the house. She has a major overhaul to do as new furniture is arriving Saturday. She gave the bachelors downstairs our old furniture and she made sure she showed them where I had sharpened my claws on the sofa! MOL

Then she worked on the upstairs and while cleaning out a drawer she found my (well her) fuzzy scarf that she had knitted. This was my favorite thing to sleep on and she placed it on the floor where Kramer sleeps and told him he could have it. (I sent it for him)

This morning he woke her up loudly making funny noises. He is a screwball of a cat, but I love him.

Anyway, mum is waiting to hear about Manny and Mo. Maybe she'll stop by and see if they are ready tonight.


I'm Tiny Krazy and I Approve this Entry!

September 7th 2008 5:17 pm
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I think mum made a good move when she met Manny and Mo.

They are "ME" split in two. For that she will have comfort and strength whenever she misses me.

She will have the love and affection she needs from a a warm kitty baby and she will also have the joy and laughter. Manny will be her rock to calm her in a troubled sea and Mo will lift her spirit and make her smile once more.

I approve of this choice for new kitty babies in my earthly home.
I hope my brother Kramer will adjust to the boys. Hopefully they will keep him young and engaged!

From Starclan and the Rainbow Bridge.
The best girl that ever lived


Heaven is Fine

June 26th 2008 9:18 pm
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All is well here in heaven, but I know mommy misses me so. The other night I came to her in a dream and in the dream she was able to hold me close, feel my warmth and I told her I loved her. She is/was the best mommy any cat could ever had. I know she loves me so. I wish she could be happy. But I will come again in dreams.


Grace lost the battle

August 13th 2007 8:39 am
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We are so sad and so confused.

Mom found a vet that has a good samaritan program. They said they would take Grace.

Mom picked her up and drove her to the vets. On the way there mom knew Grace was not well. Grace was in respiratory distress and the last stages of hyperthyroidism. She held Grace in her arms while they helped her cross the bridge.

We grieve. How could someone not want this precious little girl and leave her all alone outside to die. At least in that last moment she was held and told she was loved.


I swore she was here

June 28th 2007 1:16 pm
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The other night I went to bed. I had a particualrly bad day missing my baby girl and cried in the car. I asked her to let me know if she knew how loved she was and that I missed her so much.

Twice that night when I was sitting with her brother, I swore I heard her little brrrrrup? sound. When I got to bed I dreamed she hopped up on the bed and sat close to the left side of my head licking my ear. Funny as I knew while I was dreaming that I WAS dreaming and in my dream kept trying to wake up to see if she was really there. I could really feel her and she sat on my chest for a few minutes.

Very strange. Of course my husband thinks I need to be committed.


"If You Touch Me, You'll Understand What Happiness Is"

June 8th 2007 6:11 am
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As most of you know I am a cat nut and love my kitties.
So please bear with me, my indulgence to tell this story about my "special little girl."
As so many people are asking, I'll just tell the story once and then be quiet.

My "Tiny Crazy" was 13 and the best cat anyone could ask for.
There is something soothing about a 7 pound warm cat that likes to be held in your arms and cuddled.
Tiny was one of those special cats. From the first days we had her, she was a little nut baby. Hence the name "Tiny Crazy"
She loved Mylar balloons and would carry one around the house by the string for days.
She loved chasing her brother and there was not a task to do in the house that was safe from her "helping".
When she was little and I took a shower she would tug on the shower curtain to see where I was. As she grew,
she would patiently sit on the rug in the bathroom and wait for me. She spent her days sitting in her dads lap and
her evenings sitting in mine. She would help me read (by sitting ON the book), would help me sew, (by plopping herself on the fabric)
and no matter how hard I tired to fool her by placing another piece of fabric someplace and stating aloud "Oh, this fabric is so important!"
She KNEW she didn't need to sit on that one. She was my best friend and constant companion.
She was also an amazing cat who, I believe, knew the power of a healing touch.
Whenever anyone was hurt or ill, she would instinctively know and come sit by them. She would sit next to a sick tummy, or on a sore arm.
She just knew what to do. I am so sorry we were not able to heal her in return.
And she was a talker. She chirped all day long. You knew when it was time to feed her, open the sliders, give a treat and you
CERTAINLY knew when it was time for belly rubs!

Last December Tiny was diagnosed with Vaccine Associative Sarcoma, a rapidly aggressive form of cancer that cats and dogs get from their vaccination sites.
Her diagnosis was guarded, but we chose to give her a chance at life and had her leg amputated. She then underwent three months of chemo.
She never faltered. She knew she was supposed to get better and she did. She fought back and within three weeks of her surgery was herself.
The last we heard in April was she was cancer free and would not need to come back for a check up until July.

Everything was fine. She exceeded all expectations and was terrific.
On Wednesday I came home and she had sequestered herself and messed.
I picked her up and she could not walk. We rushed her to the vet and they could find no reason on examination or in her x-rays.
Although her breathing was labored her heart seemed fine so me opted to take her home and not leave her in a noisy hospital.
I made her bed on a diaper with food and water nearby and slept next to her on the floor.

I checked her once about 12:00 and again at 2:00. At 2:00 she was gone. She just went in her sleep. I pray it was fast and pain free.
Yesterday her blood work came back and indicated her cancer had returned and invaded her kidneys, her blood sugar was elevated and she probably was in onset of diabetes as
well as hyperthyroidism. So in a way I am happy this all happened within ten hours and it was fast, but I am so lost as to not seeing her every place I look.

Please, if you have pets, give them an extra hug for me.



She has gone

June 7th 2007 1:16 am
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After a valiant fight against a horrible cancer known as VAS, Tiny left us this am at 2:00. She died in her sleep.

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