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Stealth ninja. Who knew?

November 23rd 2009 10:04 am
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Well, the bunnies knew. And the snakes and voles. But no one else really suspected. I am a circumspect and self-contained feline, after all.

But on Saturday I showed my best martial arts skills, against two outsize opponents, and defended myself and my family. And that's something worth writing about.

It was a nice mild sunny morning, and I was napping peacefully on my front porch, when two ... unspeakable ... THINGS came bounding along. The ringleader was a Dalmatian-boxer mix. The sidekick was a tripod dog - part Jack Russell terrier, part some other sort of big terrier, one amputated leg but that wasn't slowing him down.

They wanted to play. But they were very rough. And they saw me, and the Dalmatian-boxer tried to grab me ... and I wasn't having any of that. My ninja Spidey-senses tingled, and by the time that big dog got me onto the ground I was on my back, claws unsheathed, showing that dog some superb kitty kung fu skills. This wasn't just sparring, my furriends.

Grandmom heard us and screamed, and ran over to try to get me away from the dogs. She got bit on her finger, and I had to defend her, so I bit that Dalmatian back. And he barked louder and louder because I was biting him, and so did his terrier pal, and all the neighbors came running over, trying to call off the dogs. Mama had been asleep, but she came running out to find me in Grandmom's arms, with blood in my mouth and on my fur, growling. The dog's owner had gotten hold of the Dalmatian and was holding it down, and the terrier was also restrained.

Next thing I knew I was in the car, still in Grandmom's arms. I couldn't get warm, and I couldn't stop growling. Mama was driving fast, but she kept talking to me and scritching between my ears and on my leg.* I tried to stay awake for her.

Now I'm at the hospital. Mama talked to the vet late Saturday night. He said I was still really wound up, but apparently had no external injuries, and I was stalking around and eating and drinking, with an IV for supplemental fluids. I wouldn't let him do as detailed an exam as he wanted earlier in the day, and he didn't want to sedate me after the shock so he was waiting for me to calm down and cooperate, but I seemed physically uninjured - all that blood I was wearing was from the Dalmatian!

No word yesterday, which made Mama crazy (I know this even though I wasn't with her ... because I have ninja skills!) But she kept telling herself "no news is good news". This morning the vet said I seem to have some jaundice, and there's blood in my urine, so he's doing x-rays to see what's going on with soft tissue. My bloodwork should be back any time now, too.

Mama came to see me this morning, and snuggled me for a few minutes, and I purred a little for her. She brought me some of my food, because I don't want to eat much of the vet food. We are all chafing at the bit to find something out. Daddy is talking about transferring me to another hospital that has visiting hours and more staff - he is very annoyed about not getting any phone update yesterday.

I just want to feel better so I can go home - I think the best way for me to feel better is to sit in front of my fireplace and hang out with my family. My Boy is coming home from university today, and I want to see him. And I want to check on my Grandmom, who came to my defense and now has a sore hand and has to take medicine for it. She's a hero.

*Acupressure/puncture points. The top of the head between the ears has several calming points and can be massaged for relief of an agitated cat, and the rear legs have pain-relief points at the ankles. See Minxy's photos for acupuncture point on ankle.

Purred by: Ollie Popoki (Catster Member)

November 23rd 2009 at 10:25 am

Oh Thomas! You are so brave!! That about the scariest story I have heard. No wonder you are all agitated. I hope you have been able to get a hold on your emotions so that the v*e*t can check you out. I unnerstand why your Dad would be upset about not getting a phone update. We are furry fortunate that wheneffur I have a problem Mam 'n Da either get a phone update or a followup call to make sure I'm ok. It's furry comforting.


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