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Angel Dreamboats #37a, #37b, #37c, #38d, #38e

February 20th 2013 9:40 am
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Today I have an entire family of angels to add to my Angel Dreamboat list! These handsome mancats will warm your heart!

Dreamboat #37a is the dearly loved Alfie! Like so many of our pals, Alfie had a rough start to his life, but boy, did he make up for it after finding his forever home! I love Alfie's cabin where all the cats hang out. I'll bet there have been some fun stories told in that cabin! Alfie has the best smile, and he also looks very handsome (and a little like Calvin) in his Calvin Collar! Alfie liked to stir his water before drinking it - stirred, not shaken - better than James Bond! Congrats on becoming an Angel Dreamboat, Alfie! I'm honored to have you on my list!

Dreamboat #37b is the brother that Alfie was very close to - meet Albie. Albie was a very loving kitty and he and Alfie spent many hours chillaxin together and grooming each other. This English gentleman was so handsome! He was a friend to all his siblings. I'm sure he is still taking care of Alfie at the bridge. Congratulations, Albie, on becoming Angel Dreamboat #37b.

Dreamboat #37c is the handsome tuxie brother - meet Jack! This dreamboat loved being brushed and groomed. He had such a beautiful white bib and cute face! He and his brothers liked to solve all the problems of the world while hanging out at their adorable cabin! I wonder if the girls were able to hang curtains in the cabin? I'll bet these brothers have built a cabin up at the bridge! Thanks for being one of my angel dreamboats, Jack!

Dreamboat #37d is Poppet. In addition to being a cuddler, Poppet was also a comforter to any cat that was sick in the family. I like that Poppet was a very brave boy - not afraid of fireworks or anything noisy. Poppet had the most spectacular fur and whiskers! I'll bet the angel gals go crazy for him! Congrats on being Angel Dreamboat #37d, Poppet!

Dreamboat #37e is another brother - meet Vivaldi! Vivaldi liked the finer things in life - like leather! My favorite feature is his adorable nose! He also had beautiful stripes in his fur. My favorite story about Vivaldi was his gifting ability. Every day he would bring a small gift to his Mum - his favorite gift to bring her was worms! He would watch them come up from the ground, catch them and take them to his Mum! What a fun cat! Congrats on becoming an angel dreamboat, Vivaldi!

Be sure to stop by and visit these handsome angels. I know they are having a party up at the bridge today!


Angel Dreamboats #35, #36, and Dreamboats #104a and #104b

February 19th 2013 8:41 am
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My dreamboat list today starts out with Angel Dreamboat #35 - meet the cowboy kitty angel, Yolo! This handsome orangie left for the bridge about a year ago at the too young age of 4 1/2. Yolo was quite a survivor in his kittenhood, but when he found his forever home, he had it made! His brother, Guido, was his bestest pal, and I like that Yolo had his own personal groomer! There is no doubt that his best feature was that beautiful floof of a tail! He is greatly missed by his family, but I'm sure he is enjoying his angel cowboy life at the bridge! Congrats to you, Yolo!

Dreamboat #36 is the handsome Jacob. You cats know I'm a sucker for the adorable face markings, and Jacob had so much cuteness going on around his nose. I also love that big orange spot on his leg. He was also very talented with his ability to lick toes. And it goes without saying that Jacob was quite the fashion model. I'm sure he is sporting some very pawsome wings at the bridge. Congrats on being Angel Dreamboat #36.

Dreamboat #104a is the handsome mancat with the cute white socks - meet Paws! Paws was turned into animal control by his family because they had a baby and didn't have time for him. He was lucky to be pulled just in the nick of time. And now he is living with a pawsome foster family (who happens to be full of Dreamboats and Dreamboats-in-Training) until he finds his forever home. He is a very sweet kitty, and who could resist the adorable white streak on his nose? I sure hope becoming Dreamboat #104a helps his chances in getting adopted! Keep Paws in mind should you know someone needing a great cat. While Paws is in the New York area, there is a volunteer group on Facebook that transport kitties all across the country, so keep that in mind! Congrats on becoming a dreamboat, Paws!

Dreamboat #104b is the silkyboo, Smokie Boo! Smokie Boo's back legs are so long that it is rumored he might be part jackrabbit! MOL! I like his serious look, and his handsome cheeks. Unfortunately, Smokie Boo is an FIV kitty, but that doesn't stop him from being the H.o.H. in the family! And he can add dreamboat status to his resume now! Congrats, Smokie Boo!

Stop by today and say hello to these handsome mancats - ask them to be friends if you aren't already!


Dreamboat-in-Training #49, #50, #51, and #52

February 18th 2013 7:43 am
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I have four young boys to add to my D.I.T. list today!

Dreamboat-in-Training #49 is a cute little tuxie - meet Novi! This cute boy who likes to attack feet is also one smart cookie! Be sure to check out his pawsome videos which show that he isn't just a pretty face - he has brains too! Novi is also very brave as you can see in this picture! He isn't going to let a dog scare him! Congrats on being D.I.T. #49!

Dreamboat-in-Training #50 is a cute orangie who happens to be a diary pick today! Meet Kody! Kody might have started out life with questions about where he was going to live, but he now has a pawsome home and a big sister to play with! Kody has a future in the Olympics as a leaper and a jumper. He has already mastered getting on top of the kitchen cupboards - and he figured out how to get down too! What a smart boy. I see big excitement in his future. Congrats on becoming D.I.T. #50, Kody!

Dreamboat-in-Training #51 started out life as a barn cat, but he now has the good life! Meet Mojo, or Mr. Mojo as he is sometimes called! I envy Mojo as he is an only cat and enjoys naps without being bugged by siblings. Cleanliness is important to Mojo, as well as being a helper around the house! He definitely gets points for being floofy! Congratulations on becoming D.I.T. #51!

Dreamboat-in-Training #52 is quite the comedian. I laugh when I look at his fun pictures. Meet Grazie! Grazie started out as a wild child in the woods, but who could resist his beautiful eyes? Grazie is also very talented and has a future as a wrestler. He practices his moves on his brother, Guido! Grazie and his giant whiskers are irresistible! Congrats on becoming D.I.T. #52, Grazie!

Be sure to stop by and visit these handsome boycats and ask them to be friends with you.


Dreamboats #103a, #103b, and #103c

February 17th 2013 9:32 am
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My first dreamboat today is having a birthday! Happy birthday, Dreamboat #103a - Wiggy! Wiggy is 15 years young today, and have you ever seen such a cute nose on a cat?

In addition to being dreamy and a detective in my agency, Wiggy is also known to be quite the thief! It is a skill that comes in handy when he is working in the agency trying to solve crimes! At home, he prefers to steal wallets and jewelry. I like a cat that goes after the good stuff! I think Wiggy will also be stealing some hearts with his new dreamboat status! Congrats and happy birthday, Wiggy!

Dreamboat #103b is floofy younger brother, Tenszing! Tenszing is a very loving kitty, and has beautiful blue eyes! He loves catnip, and is very respectful of other cats which I think is so important in dreamboats. He likes to snuggle up with his brother, Wiggy, and I think there are plenty of girlcats who would love to snuggle with him! Congrats on becoming a dreamboat!

Dreamboat #103c is another handsome brother in this family - meet Fafnir. How could you not love a boy with a name like Fafnir Mugin Olafson? Fafnir looks particularly handsome in his Nordic hat, and I also find his ability to do owl ears very charming! Don't you think his cute nose is just like Wiggy's? I also find Fafnir to look a little bit like me, and hey, that is nothing but a plus in my book! Congrats on making my list, Fafnir!

Be sure to stop by and visit these three handsome dreamboat brothers! And wish Wiggy a happy 15th birthday too!


Angel Dreamboats #31, #32, #33, and #34

February 14th 2013 10:17 am
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As you all can probably imagine, cats become even more dreamy when they become angels. I'm happy to have some very handsome mancats as Angel Dreamboats, and this year I've got more to add to the list!

Angel Dreamboat #31 is the handsome Milo. This floofy mancat was only four when he made his journey to the bridge - gone way too soon from his family who loved him so much. Milo had a very sweet temperament and was always the first one to greet newcomers to the family. He loved having his long fur brushed, and he was always fashionably dressed! Congratulations on being my first angel dreamboat this year, Milo!

Angel Dreamboat #32 is the handsome tuxie, Boots! While Boots was very shy around people, he loved his siblings. Of course, I'm always in love with a boy who can look this good in clothes! One of Boots' nicknames was Boatsman, and now he can add Dreamboatsman to his list! Congratulations on being Angel Dreamboat #32!

Angel Dreamboat #33 is the cute orangie, Yoda! Yoda had the ability to move his ears in fun ways, and one day he made his ears look like Yoda from Star Wars and that is how he got his name! Yoda had stunning fur markings - I'm sure the angel girls love brushing his fur! Yoda looks like a little guy, but I'll bet he had the biggest heart ever! Congrats on being Angel Dreamboat #33!

Angel Dreamboat #34 is Heaven's Rock Star, also known to us as Sir Sonny Bono! Sonny has a long list of honors and fun nicknames like Mr. Hollywood and Hugh Heffnurr. I think his beautiful eyes were his best feature! I have a feeling that Sonny is always having a good time at the bridge with his angel pals! Congratulations on being Angel Dreamboat #34, Sonny Bono!

Happy Valentine's Day to all my Dreamboats, Dreamboats-in-Training, and Angel Dreamboats! I hope your day is extra special. And don't forget that there is a free box of candy in the gift shop you can give to your friends today!


Dreamboat-in-Training #46a, #46b, #47, and #48

February 12th 2013 6:13 pm
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Dreamboat-in-Training #46a is a black beauty - meet Midnight! He is a house panther which is the best kind of panther to be! I love his silky black fur and his bedroom eyes.

Midnight had a previous life that wasn't too good, but he got scooped up in the nick of time before hurricane Sandy hit. I read on his page that he is amazing, and I definitely need amazing D.I.T.'s that will grow into amazing Dreamboats! Congrats on making the list, Midnight!

Midnight's younger brother is Dreamboat-in-Training #46b - meet Calvin McCatster. Is there any doubt that this sweet, wonderful, soft, adorable kitten, named after the famous Calvin, would make my list?

Little Calvin has very cool fur markings, and also enjoys bird watching. He is up for adoption, but will stay with his foster family until the purrfect home comes along. *coughweknowhowthatwillendcough* Congratulations on becoming a D.I.T., Calvin!

Dreamboat-in-Training #47 has a very romantic name - meet Rhett! Frankly, my dear friends, I can't resist his cute face. Rhett comes from a whole family of dreamboats, so he will get lots of help from them on how to secure his full dreamboat status. He likes to give headbonks and nudges which I know will drive all the girlcats crazy. Rhett got the double doozy this January when he was named both Cat of the Day and Diary of the Day - if that doesn't make you swoon, what will? Congrats to you, Rhett!

This cute little five month kitten is Dreamboat-in-Training #48 - meet Makana! Makana is from the family of M's - his name is Hawaiian for wind. He was named that because his parents say he is like a little tornado zipping through the house! Don't you love his adorable face?

Now what I didn't realize until I read his diary is that Makana has a very special middle name that was inspired by my brother, Newman! His middle name is Numi, and he was named that because of his insistance on playing with the miniblinds. Hmmm, that sounds very familiar! I know Newman will be very proud to hear that Makana is starting out life the right way!

Congratulations, little Makana Numi - you are D.I.T. #48!


Dreamboat-in-Training #42, #43, #44, and #45

February 11th 2013 4:30 pm
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Well, it's time to switch it up a little bit today and introduce you to the newest Dreamboats-in-Training for this year. For those of you new to my yearly dreamboat list, a D.I.T. (Dreamboat-in-Training) is a younger boy that has great potential for turning into a full dreamboat. Dreamboats-in-Training stay D.I.T.'s for two years, and then earn their official Dreamboat number. So, this year's crop of cute boys will become Dreamboats in 2015!

Today I have four cutie patooties who will capture your heart. They might be perfect angels, or have a little naughty streak in them, but that is what makes them so loveable!

Meet Dreamboat-in-Training #42 - Stuart, also known as Stewie! Stewie is a big Mama's boy who loves to cuddle and knead on her. One look at his cuteness, and you'll wish he was cuddling with you! Check out the beautiful hair tufts in his ears! He lives with his brother, Roger, and sister, Helen, and I'm sure that his dreamboat brother at the bridge, Arnold P., is watching over him and making sure he grows up into a handsome mancat! Congrats to you, Stewie, on being D.I.T. #42.

Dreamboat-in-Training #43 is a floof of a boy with a long British name - meet Kensington Kasper Louis, also known as Kenzi! He is quite the supermodel at his house and likes to pose for the camera. Oh, how I love that trait! One of my favorite things about him is the long tufts of hair from his ears - so adorable! Two handsome boys today with long ear hair! Congrats on being a Dreamboat-in-Training, Kenzi!

Dreamboat-in-Training #44 is Yoda! Oh my, is he tiny and precious! His younger brother, Spencer (who is a D.I.T. from last year), needed a pal, so that is why Yoda came to the family. You must watch sweet videos on Yoda's page. It almost makes me want a kitten in the house (I said, almost)! I also love his adorable black spot on his nose and his giant ears! He is definitely dreamboat material. Congrats, Yoda!

And last but not least today is Dreamboat-in-Training #45 - a boy named Lucy! I know all about boys with a girl's name as Violet was one! He is full of spunk, and is a very brave kitten! I also like his thirst for knowledge - I see big things in his future! Congrats on becoming a D.I.T., Lucy!

Please stop by and drool over the cuteness of these boys, and be sure to ask them to become friends with you!


Dreamboats #101a, b and #102a, b

February 10th 2013 10:16 am
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I guess you can tell that I'm going to add some brothers to the Dreamboat List today. Please excuse the repeats in this diary entry. Catster must have fleas because I can't seem to correct the problem!

The first two mancats are cowboys from Texas! Meet Dreamboat #101a - Gimli!

This stocky handsome boy with the most awesome fur was named by his Daddy although he is quite the Momma's boy and sleeps with her every night. I was very excited to see that Gimli has lots of titles. He is a registered HHP (Household Pet) with the TICA (the International Cat Association) and is a Triple Grand Master (TGM). I have no idea what a Triple Grand Master is, but it impresses me very much! A Dreamboat with initials is so . . . . dreamy!

Gimil also knows how to draw you in with his dreamboat eyes! Congrats on making my list, Gimli!

Dreamboat #101b is Gimili's younger brother, RW Kenji Muto! I'm sure you're wondering what RW stands for - I sure did! Apparently, titles run in the family because Kenji is a Regional Winner for being the 14th Best Household Pet Kitten in the South Central Region for the 2011-2012 show season. Wow, such talent for a young mancat. I'm sure there are more big ribbons in his future!

Kenji gets along with his siblings which I find very attractive. He also has ninja kitty skills in addition to being very handsome. I'm sure the girls wouldn't mind seeing some of his moves! Congrats on being Dreamboat #101b!

Dreamboat #102a has been with his family since he was a kitten, and he is now 18 years young! Meet Hobo!

My favorite trait of Hobo is his beautiful golden fur collar. I love when a mancat appreciates the finer food in life, and Hobo is a yam lover. He is also very gentle with birds. He has a younger brother who looks very similar to someone in my house, and I'm sure that Hobo is the H.o.H. who keeps his siblings in line!

Congrats on becoming a Dreamboat, Hobo! I'm honored to have you on my list.

Dreamboat #102b is Hobo's younger brother, Moose! Moose is a little stinker who loves to bug his siblings, but I think that is okay because he has the cutest freckles on his nose!

Moose isn't a fan of treats or people food, but his skills include knocking stuff off tables, playing in boxes and bags, and singing.

I'm sure the gals on Catster would love to have him sing a song or two on Vale!

Dreamboat #102a has been with his family since he was a kitten, and he is now 18 years young! Meet Hobo!

My favorite trait of Hobo is his beautiful golden fur collar. I love when a mancat appreciates the finer food in life, and Hobo is a yam lover. He is also very gentle with birds. He has a younger brother who looks very similar to someone in my house, and I'm sure that Hobo is the H.o.H. who keeps his siblings in line!

Congrats on becoming a Dreamboat, Hobo! I'm honored to have you on my list.

Dreamboat #102b is Hobo's younger brother, Moose! Moose is a little stinker who loves to bug his siblings, but I think that is okay because he has the cutest freckles on his nose!

Moose isn't a fan of treats or people food, but his skills include knocking stuff off tables, playing in boxes and bags, and singing.

I'm sure the gals on Catster would love to have him sing a song or two on Valentine's Day! Congratulations on being Dreamboat #102b, Moose!

Check back tomorrow for more handsome mancats!


Dreamboat #100, Dreamboat-in-Training #41

February 8th 2013 9:31 am
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Can you believe today I'm announcing the 100th Dreamboat? Dreamboat #1 was way back in 2008, and here we are 5 years later and we're at 100.

I picked a very special Gentleman for the 100th honor! After all, dreamboats should be gentlemen, and I'm sure you'll approve of Gentleman Jack as Dreamboat #100!

Look into his eyes and you'll be under his spell! I'm happy to see that after some recent health issues, Gentleman Jack is back to normal and has his diabetes under control.

According to his nickname, Jack is a happy cat who loves to knead laps. He also loves to maintain his beautiful fur by enjoying his brushing sessions.

I was also pleased to see that Jack is a spiritual cat, and got blessed on St. Francis Day.

He has a very special skill that I find fascinating. Jack is able to leap straight up from the ground like a helicopter! All the girls will be flying to your page, Gentleman Jack! Congratulations on being my 100th Dreamboat!

Dreamboat-in-Training #41 is lucky that he is living in North Carolina, because if he lived close to us, we'd have to sneak over and kidnap his cuteness! Meet Mr. Biscuits!

I've kept a close eye on this cute boy the minute I saw him over on Facebook. He lives with a wonderful family of cats that I'm sure you all know. Of course, those orange boys always seem to melt the hearts, and Mr. Biscuits is no exception!

You know I'm a sucker for a cat with cool fur markings, and Mr. Biscuits is full of swirls and circles. In fact that circle on his side looks like there is a trophy in the middle of it! It must be his Dreamboat-in-Training trophy!

Congrats on being the first D.I.T. this year, Mr. Biscuits. I know you are going to grow into a very handsome mancat!


Dreamboats #97, #98, and #99

February 7th 2013 6:00 pm
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Three more handsome mancats for you to enjoy today, so sit back and relax!

Dreamboat #97 is someone known to most of us - his beautiful green eyes and expressive face got him on the list this year! Meet Wilson J. Scooter!

One particular dreamboat trait that I appreciate in Wilson J. Scooter is the fact that he likes his sister! I have some brothers that could learn a thing or two from him! Like most dreamboats, he has some very cute nicknames . . . Willie Wonka, Willie J, and Wonkadoodle!

Wilson J. Scooter speaks five languages, and I'm sure one of them is the language of love! Congrats on being Dreamboat #97, WJS!

Dreamboat #98 is yummy enough to eat! Say hello to Marmelade! According to his Mom, he is a precious and friendly boy! He is also the brother of Dreamboats #33a and #33b - Tigger and Bob.

Marmelade has already achieved Cat of the Day and Diary of the Day - I love a boy with honors! He also knows how to pose for the ladies! Congrats on being Dreamboat #98.

And following in his brother's paws is Dreamboat #99 - Sebastian! Sebastian is another one of those foster failures who made his parents fall in love with him, so he got to stay! I love boys that have the ability to win over the parents.

Sebastian has many beautiful stripes and spots on him, and I particularly like his eyeliner - he knows how to strike a pose! Sebastian is also concerned about cleanliness, and there is nothing like a good smelling dreamboat! Congrats on make the list, Sebastian!

More dreamboats tomorrow!

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