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If You Want Something Done. . . . .

June 7th 2006 12:53 pm
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I guess I have to do everything for this upcoming birthday party! I gave food duty to Autumn, and she just brought me this lame menu:

Hip Chips
Leftover Cake

You can't give leftover bunco dessert to Mawmee for her birthday! And hotdogs? Gag, double gag, triple gag!!!

Milk is about the only acceptable item on the menu.

I was thinking more along the lines of this menu:

Shrimp Appetizer
Roasted Chicken
Turkey Dumplings
Ice Cream

Mmmmmmmmm, I'm licking my lips already. . . . . .


Party Plans Progressing!

June 6th 2006 10:36 am
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It's no wonder that I have to be in charge of this party. Calvin came whining to me today that Violet is writing a poem for Mawmee's birthday.

Calvin is upset because he wanted to do the dramatic reading at the party ~ geesh, sibling rivalry!

Okay - let me write down the latest plan:

Violet writes the poem for Mawmee.
Calvin does a dramatic reading of the poem.
Samoa sits on Mawmee's lap and gets praised for the great party!

Mawmee is doing a lot of cleaning today. It doesn't seem right that she has to clean the house for her own birthday party.

What's that you say, Mawmee? Bunco group coming on Thursday? Ohhhhh, nooooooo ~ that means we get locked in the bedroom! And they are so loud - yelling Bunco, laughing, acting like a bunch of kids!

Bunco stinks. . . . . .


My Crowning Moment!

June 5th 2006 4:26 pm
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My best friend, Twixy took one of my pictures and gave me a crown just like the one Garfield is wearing in his new movie!

Twixy is wearing a crown too. We are both princesses. That is why we are best friends! Royalty needs to stick together.

I feel a song coming on ~

A moment like this . . . . . some kitties wait a lifetime . . . . . for a moment like this. . . . . . .


Cat Meeting - Pronto!

June 4th 2006 7:53 pm
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I'm gathering the two numbskulls for an important meeting. CALVIN. . . . . .VIOLET. . . . . get in here quick!

Aaaahemmmm, can I have your attention, please!

As you may or may not be aware, there is an important birthday that will occur this coming weekend. It is for the queen of the family. I am not talking about me, as I am sure that was the first thought that came into those pea brains of yours.

I am talking about our Mawmee! As we know, she is getting older by the minute. Thankfully, she tells me, she has not reached one of those bad numbers - yet! But she tells me she is getting dangerously close to the top of that hill. I don't know what that means, but we need to make sure she doesn't go out hiking anytime soon.

Now - back to the plans. We need to have a party for her on Saturday because Daddy will be out of town. He is going fishing in Canada with his friends. Ohhhh, boy, is he gonna be in trouble! Payback will probably involve precious jewels.

I will be in charge of telling you what to do for the party. Details will follow later this week.

Are you taking notes, Calvin? Did you hear me say, I am in charge?

Meeting adjourned. . . . . .


Photo Session ~ Again!

June 3rd 2006 4:13 pm
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Mawmee ~ time for another photo session, please!

I wanted a new main picture on my Catster page - something to show how regal I am - for when I win that Garfield Royal Treatment contest.

I thought the steps would be a nice backdrop today. So, I called for my hair and makeup people, and then my photographer showed up.

All it took was a few clicks of the camera - the camera loves me! Besides, I don't have time for an all day photo shoot. There are more important things to do ~ like bug Calvin and check on Autumn's eye problem.

Next up - get that photo on my Catster page!

Done - thank you Mawmee!

Now, where can I get one of those crowns like Garfield is wearing. . . . . .


The Royal Treatment

June 2nd 2006 5:00 am
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Yesterday I noticed on Catster that there is a new contest where you can win the Royal Cat Treatment!

I definitely want in on that action. After all, I am pretty royal around here and any good treatment is something I crave.

This morning when Mawmee came in to say good morning to me, I was on my newly moved shelf. I'm adjusting to the move, although I did find Calvin enjoying my shelf yesterday!

Back to me ~ Mawmee came over to pet me on the head, and I asked her for a massage. She knows just how to rub my head and I just melt under her touch. I was rolling over and drooling a little. I know drooling is unladylike, but a good massage will do that to a girl.

Mawmee told me that when she was on vacation, she had a massage in a tent on the beach. She said it was the greatest massage she has ever had.

I think I would like to go to a beach, not for a massage, but to check out all that sand!

Rub my other ear, Mawmee. . . . . .


Trixie is the Greatest!

June 1st 2006 3:46 pm
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Trixie, my weather pixie, is my friend. She knows I am afraid of thunder and lightening.

So, this afternoon she warned me that we were going to get a big storm. She was right! Lots of rain and thunder and lightening too! She has her umbrella out ~ it's blue.

I always seek out comfort when the thunder starts. Calvin must have known I was scared because he chased me around the room.

I want comfort, but not necessarily from him! I'm not that scared that I want to start up a friendship with him!

Mawmee picked me up and put me on the sofa with her. We watched television together. Of course, blonde boy had to join us and hog the lap!

Guess what? We saw the Mommy deer this afternoon right before the rain. I guess she decided she should be with the baby so he wouldn't get scared during the storm.

Mawmees everywhere know how to protect their young. . . . . .


I Love the Nightlife. . . . I Like To Boogey!

May 31st 2006 8:32 am
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Nighttime is exciting around my house! When the lights go down, the action starts! Last night there was a lot of action.

Since Mawmee had taken a nap yesterday because of her headache, she couldn't get to sleep last night. She got to listen to everything that goes on with us kitties when the lights go out.

1. Cry, Cry, Cry ~ Violet was crying because I was guarding the door and wouldn't let her in the bedroom. I am the nurse, and I'll decide who gets to see the patient!

2. Run, run, run ~ I think I was chasing somebody!

3. Lick, lick, lick ~ Calvin and his nightly bath ritual!

4. Crunch, crunch, crunch ~ we love to eat in the dark!

5. Claw, claw, claw ~ I like to rake the carpet! Mawmee knew it was me cause the other two were on the bed. Ooops! Note to myself: only do the carpet clawing when there is one cat on the bed. Always best to have someone to blame!

6. Knead, knead, knead ~ Violet gives Mawmee a shoulder massage!

Like I said, I love the nightlife. . . . . .


Take Two Aspirin and Call Me in the Morning

May 30th 2006 7:41 pm
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This afternoon I was upstairs guarding the top of the steps. Mawmee came upstairs looking really bad!

She went over to the bed and laid down. Of course, I asked her what was wrong, and she said she had a migraine headache.

Well, I ran to my bedroom and put on my nurses uniform. I came back into the bedroom and jumped on her bed. Now, you must understand that I never jump on her bed because there are Calvin and Violet germs on that bed!

She was very surprised and asked me to come close so she could pet me.

Footnote: I only get close enough that my humans have to stretch to pet me. It is a skill known only to me in the family. The other two creeps rush right up to get on a lap or be petted. They don't realize that humans want to pet you even more if you are just out of reach. It challenges them, and they enjoy a good challenge.

I felt so sorry for Mawmee that I let her pet me just once, and then I went to the foot of the bed to protect her while she napped. I think I fell asleep too.

Being a nurse is tough duty. . . . . .


Four Paw Salute!

May 29th 2006 5:48 am
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In honor of Memorial Day, the three of us cats and our dog sister, Autumn, asked Daddy to help us with our diaries today.

We give a big 4 paw salute to all the men and women who have served in all branches of the military to keep our country the land of the free!

Here is a list of our military family that we honor today:

Great Grandpa
Pvt. Joseph
WWII Army - France

Cpl. Ted
WWII Marine Corps - Iwo Jima

Great Uncle
Pvt. Joseph, Jr.
WWII Army - Battle of the Bulge

Great Uncle
Pvt. Leo
WWII Marine Corps - Killed on Iwo Jima
Buried in the National Memorial Cemetary of the Pacific (Punchbowl)

Great Uncle
Pvt. Al
Army - Occupation of Korea

Thanks, Daddy, for telling us all about your family!

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