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Cuddles' Adventures

My Valentine !

February 14th 2006 3:23 pm
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I have finally found my love !! His name is Tigger and he is soo sweet ! I love him so much and he means absolutely EVERYTHING to me ! I can't wait until our special date tonight for Valentine's Day !!!

I ♥ Tigger =]


My Group !!!

January 23rd 2006 1:43 pm
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Hi everyone !! it has been a really long time since I last wrote !!! Soo... for all of you American Shorthair's out there, I just made a new group called "American Shorthair Club". If you'd like to join, go to "Site Features" on the side panel and click on "Catster Groups" and then the group will be listed under the group name I just gave... then just click JOIN !!!! Or, you can just private message me and somehow I will give you the address... lol !! Thanks and I hope you will join !!


I'm New !!

November 25th 2005 11:48 am
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Hey everyone !! Since yesterday was Thanksgiving, a lot of people came over to my house... including my mom's granddaughter. She loves taking pictures so she took a lot of me, and I felt special !! She said something about putting me on Catster (her dogs are on Dogster. They are in my Family group), but I didn't know what it was since my mum doesn't have a computer !! So, here I finally am on Catster thanks to my wonderful, uhhh "mom's granddaughter" !! And all the pictures you see so far are from Thanksgiving at my own house !!! Soo, I hope you will send me lots and lots of friend requests since I'm new !! I know soon I will be hunting for friends and sending some other kitties requests !! So, I'm liking Catster so far and I hope you can make my stay here even BETTER !!!! Licks, licks from Cuddles !!

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