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How To Clean Up Cat Vomit: 4 Effective Steps

Written by: Christian Adams

Last Updated on January 12, 2024 by Catster Editorial Team

Cat looking on as human spray cleans carpet

How To Clean Up Cat Vomit: 4 Effective Steps

When our cats get sick, we must take proper care of them, but a challenging part comes when they vomit inside the house. Not only do we have to make sure they’re okay, but we also need to react quickly to remove the vomit stain. Although it’s not the most fun job in the world, you’ll have to do it, so why not do it efficiently and permanently remove the vomit? To help you go through a situation like this, we have developed a list of how to clean up cat vomit in four steps.

Keep reading to learn some quick tips and tricks to make the vomit stain disappear and keep your home smelling fresh.

divider-catclaw1 Before You Begin

Try to be quick and clean up as soon as the accident happens. That way, the stain will be easier to clean. Having a mask and rubber gloves while cleaning the stain would be helpful. Also, call a vet or have someone take your cat to the vet to check if everything is okay.

The cleaning will be easier on hard surfaces such as floors, while it might be harder on rugs or furniture.

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How to Clean Up Cat Vomit in 4 Steps

1. Clean up excess vomit

When the actual cleaning process begins, you’ll first need to clean up excess vomit. You can use a knife or anything sharp to scrape the vomit up or use a paper towel to wipe and soak up the vomit. Either way, as we already mentioned, wear gloves while completing this part of the process.

While cleaning, you’ll have a chance to inspect the vomit for any strange objects, blood, or anything else that might be inside. That will help you figure out what’s wrong with your feline, or it will at least give your vet a better clue of what’s going on.

Also, instead of scrubbing, blot so the area you’re cleaning doesn’t get damaged, especially on carpets.

cleaning cat vomit with paper towel
Image Credit: kizzzbeth, Flickr

2. Treat the area

Once you finish cleaning up the excess vomit, it’s time to treat the area so that there are no stains or bad smells. You can buy or make a cleaning solution. When it comes to products you can purchase, we suggest buying a stain & odor eliminator with good reviews.

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You can always make a cleaning solution at home, too. Below are some suggestions for the best DIY solutions for cleaning cat vomit.

3. Baking Soda and Lemon Juice

You probably have baking soda at home, and baking soda is excellent for removing any type of stain so that it will also be handy for vomit stains. You’ll need two spoons of baking soda and  ½ cup of lemon juice to make this solution.

Mix this with lukewarm water and pour it into a spray bottle. Shake it up and spray the affected area, leaving the solution to soak in for 5 to 10 minutes. The stain should be gone, and the solution should eliminate bad smells.

baking soda
Image Credit: NatureFriend, Pixabay


Vinegar is a disinfectant, and it’s highly efficient at killing germs and bacteria. For this solution, you’ll need a cup of vinegar, a cup of warm water, and a couple of drops of liquid detergent.

Mix them up and pour/spray them on the stain, after which you’ll need to blot. If the stain was on your floor or a hard surface, cleaning with this mixture should do the trick and remove the stain.

If your cat puked on furniture or a rug, placing it outside in a sunny area would be best to air it out. Sun also kills germs and bacteria, so your furniture/rug will look and smell brand new.

Salt Solution

If you have nothing handy and want to remove the vomit stain quickly, you can try out a salt solution. Many people don’t know this, but salt is excellent for removing stains, so you can also clean cat vomit with this solution. To make it, you’ll need to mix equal parts of salt and lukewarm water. Once you mix them up, pour them over the stain and gently blot.

Image Credit: rkit, Pixabay

Hydrogen Peroxide

You can make another quick cleaning solution to clean up vomit from hydrogen peroxide. It has strong oxidizing properties and a powerful disinfectant, so after cleaning, there should be no foul odors, and the stain should be gone entirely.

For this solution, you’ll need to mix two cups of hydrogen peroxide, two spoons of baking soda, and a couple of drops of liquid soap. Mix them up, pour them into a spray bottle, and then spray the affected area, leaving the solution on for about 10 minutes.

If the first time didn’t do the trick, you could repeat this process until there’s no more vomit and the area smells nice again.

Steam Clean

If nothing else works, and the area is still dirty or smells bad, it might be best to steam clean it. Steam is terrific for killing germs and bacteria and disinfecting the space. If you do not own a steam cleaner, you can always rent one.

If you tried everything, but the stain is still there, or the area smells terrible, you can proceed to the next step.

carpet steam cleaning
Image By: whitejellybeans, Shutterstock

3. Contact a professional cleaner

When all else fails, but the stain is still there, or the area has a nasty smell, reach out to a professional cleaner. Professional cleaners commonly have upholstery machines that remove even the most stubborn stains. They’re called professional for a reason, so any vomited area will look spotless after they do their magic.

4. Prevent vomiting from happening

You should prevent vomiting from happening so that you do not need to clean vomit stains in the first place. Your feline and its health should always be your top priority, so have regular checkups with a vet and ensure your cat is healthy.

If you notice a slight chance of your cat having health issues, react immediately. Also, cats can vomit when stressed, so try to calm your cat down if you notice it’s getting anxious. Your feline will be happier, and your home will be cleaner.

yellow sad sick cat
Image By: Nikolay Bassov, Shutterstock

Will a cat vomit stain leave a nasty smell?

A cat vomit stain can leave a nasty smell in your home, but that doesn’t need to happen. If you react quickly and remove the stain as soon as it occurs, you shouldn’t have any issues with foul smells.

Depending on where the puking happened, you can take extra steps to ensure that bad smells won’t occur. If the cat vomited on the furniture, clothing, or anything washable, after you clean the stain, put the item in the washer and wash it at a high temperature.

If the cat puked on your floors or a hard surface, you can spray an odor eliminator on the area after cleaning. Also, if the stain occurred on a rug or a carpet, you can have it professionally cleaned.

When should I be concerned about my cat throwing up?

If your cat vomited just once, it’s not necessarily a bad sign. As we said above, cats can sometimes vomit when stressed, so puking doesn’t mean that your feline is sick. Sometimes, it can happen if it eats something strange, has furballs, or just has an upset stomach.

If you notice the vomiting happening multiple times in a short period, that can be an alarming sign. Even when the situation is not serious, we strongly advise taking your beloved furry friend to a vet to confirm everything is okay.

divider-catclaw1 Conclusion

As you can see, cleaning up cat vomit is not too difficult, although it can certainly be disgusting at times! Try to stay calm and take care of your pet first, but of course, clean the area as soon as you’re able. Fast reactions are the most important way to ensure there won’t be smells or stains inside your home. Follow our advice for having a clean home and a happy, healthy cat.

Featured Image Credit: Kristi Blokhin, Shutterstock

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