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Lump on my leg

September 8th 2010 2:17 pm
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Mom says I'm a cantankerous cat, who only likes fuss on my terms, which I don't see a problem with that, she also says I'm fat and lazy, what does she expect, I'm a prime example of a feline!!
I'm not the easiest cat to handle to have a good look over and I can get quite nasty when my back legs are touched due to being run over twice before I came to my forever home. Anyway, mom noticed I was sitting a bit funny with one of my back feet sticking out quite a bit and when I got up to walk away I was limping slightly.
Dad picked me up and mom checked my leg, she was shocked to find a large mass covering most of my leg and femur, it was hard and it didn't move it was well and truly attached to the bone.
So today off I went to the vets today, the vet confirmed that it was attached to the bone and as there was no muscle wastage it was a very aggressive form of tumour. I had my heart and temperature checked, both fine, so tomorrow I am back at the vets to have a biopsy taken to find out what we are dealing with as it could be cancer or a type of fibrous tumour. If its cancer, we need to know if its one that spreads or has spread before treatment can be sorted if its not than my leg has to be amputated, sooner than later as the mass will get bigger and heaver very fast and it will be very painful for me.
Its all been a bit of a shock for myself and the family and I am very quite this eve. Mom is worried I will get stressed out with it all and self mutilate, which I have a tendency to do when worried or stressed, have done for years, I already have a large sore on he back of my neck which I did recently. Mom will have plenty of rescue remedy ready.


September 13th 2010 2:07 pm
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I had my biopsy on Thursday, the mass is between the bone and muscle so the vet had to cut through the muscle to get at the mass, several bits were taken from different areas as the mass was different consistencies. I have internal stitches but nothing on the outside. The vet said the mass has grown over my main blood artery in my leg and pushing down on it which inst good as it could stop blood flow at any time.
I was very sore and stiff for a couple days and I wet the bed as it hurt to move, mom said I was very brave and I was also a good boy for not self mutilating due to the stress but on Sunday I couldn't help myself and made an older healing patch bleed, my toes were covered in blood. Mom quietly moped me up and put a little cream on me, knowing it would only be a matter of time before I scratched it all off.
I was supposed to go to the vets this afternoon to have a check up on the biopsy area but mom was worried it would stress me out too much at the moment with me starting to self mutilate again. She phoned the vet and explained my situation and told them my biopsy area is looking good and they said if mom was happy with it then not to stress me out by bringing me in as I might have to see the vet later this week when the results are back.
Mom is a little worried about me at the moment as I am a little teasy and she is wondering if I am starting to get pain in my leg, so she is keeping a close eye on me and Im not eating as much as I normally do. We are all worried about getting the results, mom and dad are trying not to show it but I can see it in their eyes.


September 14th 2010 1:55 pm
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The vets phoned this afternoon with the results.
Simba has a rare form of malignant carcinoma which grows from the cartilage and latched on to the bone, if left untreated will change into a rapidly spreading cancer which hits the lungs and other major organs. Mom couldn't remember the proper name for it as there was a lot to take in. One of the triggers for this type of cancer is trauma, so I guess being hit by a car twice before I came to my forever home hasn't helped.
I have to go in as soon as possible to have my leg amputated and the first available day was Thursday, the vets don't have any other animals booked in for that day so all their attention will be on me. They hope they will be able to remove all the mass, they have to remove the tumour and at least 3cms of clear bone to ensure they have got it all.
Mom asked the vet about my psychological problems and the vets will be able to prescribe me something to help keep me relaxed after the operation.
Not sure if I will be coming home the same day, depends on how things go, I might have to stay for 24 hrs.
Will keep you all up dated and thank you for all your purrs.


September 16th 2010 12:04 pm
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Simba went in to have his leg amputated this morning at 9am, I felt so sick and nervous leaving him there. The vets had made sure there were no other animals booked in or staying in that could upset simba and stress him out.
I phoned the vets at 1pm and was told that all had gone well and that he was just coming round and that they could see no reason why he couldn't come home tonight but to phone back at 4pm to check. Phone at 4pm and all was fine I could bring him home with a selection of meds he has to take. I then got ready to go and collect him when the phone rang, it was the vets, Simba was having a panic attack sort of thing and was throwing himself fiercely round his cage and growling and crying, they thought it was best if he staying in over night so they could monitor him and give him stronger pain relief. I phoned the vets again about 6.15pm to find out if simba had settled down as I was worried sick about him. The nurse said he had calmed down and was more settled after more strong pain relief and had managed to have a bite to eat, so I feel a little more at ease but will be happier when he is home. I have to phone the vets again in the morning to find out what is happening. As far as I know, will find out more tomorrow, all the mass has been removed, he has internal stitches but no external stitches, this is to try to prevent him from paying to much attention to his wound. At the moment,having a plastic collar around his neck has been ruled out as his recent self harming patch is at the back of the neck and the vet is worried that the collar would rub on it and cause more irritation and stress for him. So fingers crossed that when he comes home we will be able to keep him calm.
Thank you again for all your purrs.


September 17th 2010 1:22 pm
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Simba is Home.
He had a rough night at the vets last night but was told when I rang this morning that I could try him at home, he would be ready at 11am.
While the nurse was explaining the operation and his meds to me, simba freaked out in his carrier and made his wound bleed so off he was taken for a check and clean up, and eventually we left the vets. Once home he just went mad, trying to run, jump and flipping around like a fish out of water, which I was told to expect for a while until he gets used to not having a leg in one corner after 10 years. His balance is off and he hasn't quite got the strength in that one back leg to carrying himself yet.
His wound weeps a little when he has these episodes or when he lies on it which is again to be expected, he has a very large wound and there's bound to be a little seepage. He cries out when he lies on the legless side and starts panicking, I just make sure he doesn't hurt himself any more and try to keep him calm.
This evening he has been a lot more settled and sleeping peacefully, think he has worn himself out.
He has pain relief and antibiotics to take and he goes back for a check up on monday morning.
I have explained to him why he had to have his leg removed and that it wont take long for him to feel better and be back to his old self in no time. Think in his own way he understands, after all animals have a better understanding of illness and overcoming obstacles than we do.


September 18th 2010 12:46 pm
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I am so excited to be DOTD, it really has cheered me up and I have had so many lovely comments and gifts, thank you to you all.
I had a more restful night last night, didn't panic so much but I kept waking mom up, think she slept with one eye on me all night. The first thing I did this morning was make my wound weep a little.
I have been very quiet today and haven't moved very much, only to use the litter tray which I fell over in, very embarrassing but dad was there to help me up. At tea time it is time for my pain relief meds, so mom was very surprised to see me come half way down the stairs to get my tea. I was very hungry and couldn't wait for room service. I came down the stairs very slowly but couldn't manage to get back up on my own, mom said it was a great start and at this rate it wont be long until im racing around the place, I think shes on a different planet as I have never been one to race around the place, think I was a sloth in a previous life. Did have a very wierd moment today, had an itch behind my ear, wnet to scratch it and nothing happened.....thought I was lifting my leg but when I looked there was just some twitching around my bottom end, it looked and felt very peculiar, mom had to scratch my ear for me. Time for more recuperating sleep me thinks!!
Thank you all again for everything.


September 19th 2010 1:22 pm
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After all the excitement of yesterday, ive had a quiet today.
Mom woke up about 6.00am this morn and I was not on the bed, she searched upstairs, no sign, then she looked under the bed and there I was. I have been under the bed for most of the day, I come out when im coaxed, then when no ones around I go back under. I think everything that has happened has caught up with me and I have needed time by myself. I have eaten ok today but not as much as the last couple of days. My wound is looking good, no swelling or bruising but it dose weep a little, esp when I have a panic moment or try to get up too quickly.
Tomorrow I have to go back to vets for a check up. I have coped extremely well so far, I have not self mutilated, which was what everyone was afraid of and Im coping with the loss of my leg very well, just need to build strength up in my other back leg, that will come in time.


September 20th 2010 4:35 am
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Well, off I went to vets again today for my check up. Wasn't too happy about going into the cat basket, but I was a good boy in the car and sat quietly, mom was worried I was going to get a bit fidgety bit I didnt.
They are extremely pleased with everything, they said it wasn't what they expected it was sooooo much better. There is no swelling, fluid build up and the weeping seems to have stopped, I don't have any scabby bits either its all looking very clean, they couldn't believe it. I did a little walk around for them, i tried to show off a bit but im still wobbly on my remaining back leg and fell on my bottom a few times but I think they were impressed.
I go back again next Tuesday, but mom still has to keep a close eye on me for any changes because mom was told that sometimes if a cat seems to get over things quickly can result in a set back.
Thank you all for keeping up to date with my progress, it means a lot that so many of you are interested and have been purring for me to get well.


September 21st 2010 3:27 pm
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Its been a quiet day for me today.
I didn't eat my breakfast then went into hiding, mum coaxed me out for my dinner and sat me on the bed, I had a little nibble but not much. Mom was working late to night and dad wasn't home to give me my tea with my pain relief in it so aunty mom came over to give us all tea but I didn't eat hardly any of it. It was nice to see aunty mom and she gave me plenty of fuss and she had nice cuddles with Tilly Mints boys. When mom came home she got us all supper and brought mine to me with my pain relief in it, I was in hiding again. She told me that if I didn't eat my supper then she would have to take me back to the vets and that they would put a thermometer up my bottom, well, I didn't much like the sound of that so I thought I had better eat something, it took me a while but I slowly munched my supper and I managed to eat nearly all of it. She checked my wound to make sure I hadn't damaged anything, all looking well but mom is a bit worried as to why my appetite has died off a bit and that I keep hiding. Shes hoping its because I need quiet time to adjust.


September 23rd 2010 4:48 am
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I didn't do that well with my eating yesterday, hardly ate breakfast or lunch but I did better at tea time and supper. I had the last of my pain relief and antibiotics yesterday so I go solo now. In the early hours of this morning I was sick 3 times but there was nothing to bring up. I had breakfast a bit later than usual as mom waited for my tummy to settle and I ate a small amount. At dinner time I ate again but very slowly, mom sat with me to make sure how much I ate and that I didn't let anyone else eat it. Moms hoping my lack of appetite is due to the fact that Im not doing much exercise as I used to but if it continues much longer I will have to visit the vets to see what is going on and maybe get an appetite stimulant. My wound is still looking good and Im beginning to get a bit of speed up when walking until a land on my bottom.

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