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Loki, the cat god of mischef


December 11th 2013 4:43 pm
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Now, I want to make sure I am not being subtle. My pet human just brought another citizen into my humble home. She is a tortie, and has long luxurious fur. I may not like it, but that cat has style. Her name, apparently, is Savana, but she and Ember prefer the nickname "savy".

Now,I always like to show that I am the BOSS.My normal solution, at least with Ember?some food stealing and a cuff on the head. But as I approached her food, she hissed at me. why would she have done that?

See ya later, Loki


my name is Loki,and i warn you, my claws are pokey

August 21st 2013 6:10 pm
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the cycle of our diaries are an exchange in between Ember and Loki.for today's story,look at Ember's place of the space for Loki's diary, i put a poem written by him.Now...on with the show!

hi my name is Loki.
My claws are very pokey.
i love my friend Ember
(who's not very slender)
i meow all night
(my humans don't like it)
so i do it anyway.
but,hey, my name is Loki
and i warn you, my claws are pokey


The vet

August 20th 2013 10:20 am
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today i started the day normally.i woke my humans up 4:00 in the morning.i jumped on Ember.I then, i went to ask my humans to let me outside.i gave them my cute eyes that i thought no one could resist.but my human could,apparently,because she then said"I'm sorry, Loki,but we're going to the vet today.we have to keep you inside."Those words struck terror into my heart.the vet,the feline house of horrors!I asked for outside again, but to no avail.this was serious.I had to live up to my name to succeed.First, i knocked several things off the success.getting slightly discouraged,i began to pry apart the open screen.i had almost made the hole big enough when..."LOKI!"shouted my human.drat. I wish i never adopted one.Suddenly, i was picked up.i was placed into a carrier. oh joy.they were taking me to the vet."Help me, Loki!"shouted Ember."er..never cant help me."Suddenly my carrier box tilted.we were on the move.on the move to the vet!EEP!

As the box tilted into the door of the vet,i could smell the fear of countless animals.then the box opened, and the sense of it all rushed in.One human picked me up.another put a pointy thing into me.i looked at my humans helplessly.they were torturing me!then it was over.Ember had her turn.Someone told her she was too fat.then we were off.again.but this time we were off to home,sweet home.

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