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Blue-Eyed Baby

March 10th 2013 3:18 am
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Right now the best title I could think of for my diary was Bratsky's Brew. This is the first time I ever tried to write anything in my life. My human mom says she will help me if I need it...if Splats will get out of her face half a minute so she can see what I'm doing!

I first met my new human Mom & came to my new forever home on 8-18-2010. The owner of my real mother worked in a store my future human mom goes into all the time & the two became friends. When my sisters & I were born, my kitty mom's owner told my future human mom that she needed to find homes for the kittens & that the male was an orange tabby & white with deep blue eyes. She told my future human mom that my littermates eyes weren't ever as blue as mine & that their eyes were already changing to yellowish green & that she thought my eyes might stay bright blue.

My future human mom had only one young cat at the time, Lacey. All the other cats were adults. She thought it might be good for Lacey to have a playmate closer to her own age so she agreed to stop by & look at the kittens & possibly take the male.

When my new human mom showed up to look at us, I was pretty sure she would take at least ONE of us because she brought a little kitty crate in the car with her. That told me she pretty much intended to take a kitty home with her. When she saw me, she said I had the most vividly blue eyes she'd ever seen on any cat that wasn't a point-color cat. She said my eyes might yet change color but that she hoped they would stay this beautiful vivid blue.

While my new human mom was there, she gave my kitty mother's owner information on area low cost spay-neuter clinics & gently tried to convince her to have my kitty mom & her other kitties all spayed or neutered. My kitty mom's owner said she didn't have time because of her work schedule. My new human mom even offered that if my kitty mom's owner would pay for it, my new human mom would take all the kitties to the low cost spay-neuter clinic & return them home after their surgeries. My kitty mom's human said she'd call my new human mom if she decided to have her kitties altered & that was the end of the subject. My kitty mom's human never called my new human mom about spaying or neutering, but they still remain acquaintances to this day though they rarely see each other coz my kitty mom's human got a different job in another town.

My new human mom also pointed out that us kittens all had herpes virus of the eyes & told my kitty mom's human how to gently clean our eyes. My new human mom said after she got me home & settled, she would come back & bring some eye ointment that my kitty mom's human could use for my littermates eyes. My new human mom then took some pictures of the cats & of me before she loaded me into the little crate. She then took me home.

When we got home, my new human mom settled me into a bigger crate with a litter pan, a soft towel for a bed, my food, and a dish of water. She rinsed out my eyes with a saline eye solution & put kitty eye ointment in my eyes. She also cleaned out my ears (no ear mites-hurray!), dewormed me, and gave me flea drops on my neck. She said I'd have to stay in the crate awhile. Then she took a couple of low cost spay-neuter clinics flyers & a tube of eye ointment back to my kitty mom's owner.

I was a little bit scared being alone for the first time, but this great big black cat named Buddha kept sniffing & checking me out through the front of my crate. He told me calm down, don't be scared, our human is good to us, you will get out of the crate after your wormer & flea drops have had a chance to work, after you show mom you're eating & drinking good & have normal urine & stools, & after your eyes are better. He said he would stay nearby my crate as much as he could until mom let me out & he was as good as his word. He stayed by my crate purring which helped me a lot in getting used to my new home.

to be continued.....


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